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In its simplest form, 3D rendering can be likened to photography, or even cinematography, wherein lighting and scene staging allows a 3D image to come to life. While many confuse 3D rendering for 3D modeling, there are subtle differences between the two. Also, a creator has a large amount of creative control while using 3D rendering to showcase how a particular product or scene is 3D rendered and projected onto the screen.

3D Rendering - Changing the Landscape of Mechanical Product Design

As technology advances by the day, 3D rendering plays an increasingly important part in the mechanical design process, allowing creators and designers alike to optimize and display mechanical models before hitting the market. The 3D rendering importance also lies in the way it helps drive innovation, while allowing manufacturers to achieve better quality results and faster time-to-market.

A well-designed mechanical product 3D rendering should preferably include -

  • A proper description of the exact 3D model geometry
  • Proper references to geometrical shading
  • Light source specifications, including position, type, orientation, etc.
  • Specifications for virtual camera placements

3D rendering of a mechanical product can not only add realistic lighting, shadows, textures, colors, etc., but also allow creative designers the flexibility to create an abstract mechanical render for showcasing products in a contemporary fashion.

Advantages of Using 3D Rendering for Mechanical Product Design

There is a reason why more than 90% mechanical design engineers turn to 3D rendering tools for high-quality mechanical product design. 3D rendering takes a long time, and requires sophisticated hardware which can work continuously for months, and in some cases, even years! But the end result - a polished, high-quality render, ensures the hard work translates into functional and aesthetically pleasing product designs. Mechanical product 3D rendering can -

  • Help designers and manufacturers weed out and remove product imperfections before final production, thereby saving a lot of time and money. This is especially useful when the product in question has an intricate design, or features multiple parts which need to work together, such as PCB boards
  • Allow thorough experimentation while designing the look and feel of the mechanical product, including textures, colors, etc., without having to develop separate prototypes
  • Use pre-defined HDRI scenes to ensure better lighting and motion blur effects, which can then be reused again and again
  • Presents convincing design proposals in an effective manner to stakeholders and investors, as well as create advertising material

The Future of 3D Rendering Technology in Mechanical Product Design

For over a decade, the only real challenge faced by 3D rendering was the raw power of the hardware platform, as the process requires expensive, tough-to-maintain CPU's and graphic processors. However, recent advances in 3D rendering technology are ensuring that the traditional, complicated workflow of 3D mechanical rendering is challenged by real-time rendering engines and more powerful, intuitive software.

NVIDIA is currently pushing graphics cards which can leverage the power of the GPU to render faster images, while supporting 24GB of VRAM, a standard unheard of even 2 years ago. Others are following suit as well such as Chaos V-Ray RT, cebas finalRender, Otoy Octane Render, etc. Cloud-based rendering is also finding a new foothold with the help of tools such as Zync, which leverages both local and cloud rendering for speedier result.

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As a leader in 3D mechanical rendering, modeling and drafting services, we offer you solutions customized to your requirements, able supported by professional and experienced designers and engineers. By connecting every phase of the mechanical design process with the help of our seamless digital models, you can test, rebuild, and prototype faster than ever before.

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