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The Client

The client we served is a leading UK-based retail visual merchandiser. The client combines specialist industry manufacturing knowledge with expert technical product design as well as program management proficiency to achieve greater cost savings than traditional supply chains. The client works with existing suppliers' supply chains and products, but still consistently delivers double-digit cost savings. The client's openness, integrity, and uncompromising nature change the manner in which their customers think about their commercial supply strategy. With a new approach to design, program management, procurement, and deployment, the client place the effective realization of the retail environment fully into their customer's hands. The client also drives tangible savings into existing supply chain relationships by using cloud data management tools and innovative collaboration.

Client's Requirements

The client takes the inputs from their customers and comes up with the design concepts. Once approved by their customer, they assign the project to us. We are expected to perform design modeling and drafting of display fixtures as well as woodwork/millwork for display fixtures. The client didn't want to train people and hire in-house owing to the huge resource cost. They instead wanted to partner with a reliable third-party provider of high-quality services.

The client provides the concept model and image sketches and, for the output, expects conceptual design, modeling, drafting, assembly-level drawings, and part-level drawings with the complete production package in PDF and CAD file formats as well as in the DXA file format for CNC production.

Client's Challenges

The client wanted us to devote only 1300 hours and to spend only USD 20,000. In addition, the client wanted a high-quality output within 2 months. The challenges we faced were understanding the construction methods of millwork for display fixtures, wood fixtures, and, glass, acrylic, and metal fixtures. We also needed the knowhow of the methodologies and materials and their utilization.

FWS' Solution

We assigned a team of 10 experienced members to the project. We then went about gathering the relevant know-how about the millwork construction methods as well as the methodologies and materials and their utilization. We used the Autodesk Inventor 2019 software package to perform the work.

Our Process

We followed the process described below for the provision of our services -

  1. We took up a trial at a discounted rate.
  2. After the trial was successful, we received the concept model, images, and sketches of the area and the display fixtures.
  3. We worked on the detailed engineering.
  4. We met the design intent.
  5. We created the component-level design and suggested a complete assembly makeover.
  6. Finally, when approved, we created the DXA files for CNC and cut list and bill up materials.

The Result

We successfully delivered high-quality services to the client within the budget and on time, pleasing the client greatly.

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At Flatworld, we have the habit of building great retail visual merchandising solutions that work according to the needs and goals of your company. We create a better ecosystem for your products by helping you sell them more effectively and efficiently. Our custom retail visual merchandising services will always keep you and your brand at the forefront in order to help you achieve greater sales targets. This service is part of our architectural services and can add value to your business without you having to spend an exorbitant amount.

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