CAD Drawing and Detailing for a Construction Consultation Firm

Case Study on CAD Drawing & Detailing for UK Client

A UK-based construction company saves almost 40% in-house costs by availing Flatworld Solutions' CAD drawing and detailing services

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a construction consultancy firm that specializes in project management for its property clients. The company was in need of a partner that could create affordable, detailed, and accurate CAD Drawings of older residential homes for restoration purposes. The drawings would be presented to the Housing Council for approval, so accuracy was key to the success of the project.

The client found Flatworld Solutions through our company website. Our experience, low costs, and ability to meet their requirements convinced the client to use Flatworld Solutions for our CAD drawing services.

The Problems

The greatest challenge presented by these CAD drawings was the extensive detailing that was required with each drawing. Every building had its own minute details, and each one of these details would need to be accounted for within the CAD design. Ensuring all of the details about each building were addressed would prove to be a significant undertaking.

In addition, the client was missing some information about the buildings, such as the height of the buildings, etc. When this occurred, the team at Flatworld Solutions had to find other means of calculating these details, such as counting each brick of the property. This required considerable accuracy, patience, and problem solving.

The Solution

Our first step was to have a free trial sent to the client for approval. The client was satisfied with the trial project, and directed Flatworld Solutions to move forward with the project. 4 resources were assigned to work exclusively on the project.

The team received all of the necessary information in order to get the project started, including the Ordinance Survey (OS) map, building dimensions, and plot numbers from the client. Using AutoCAD, the team then scaled the buildings and drafted the CAD designs, with each and every detail accounted for.

Our Quality Assurance team then checked the details of the work for accuracy, and the final designs were then sent to the client via Dropbox.

The Results

The client reported that the CAD Drawings had an accuracy level of 100% - exceeding expectations. They also reported that their costs were decreased by 40%. The client was so pleased with the Flatworld Solutions team that they outsourced more work to our engineers right away.

At Flatworld, we are always striving to offer the highest quality engineering services, including specialized civil engineering services to clients across the globe. For more information about our construction drawing services, please contact Flatworld Solutions today.

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