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The Client

The client is one of the leading port construction contractors based in Morocco. They are an independent marine and dredging contractor and mainly operate for clients across North and Western Africa. They are an ISM-certified company and adhere to all the international safety guidelines and regulations while delivering top-notch port construction services to their clients.

The Requirement

The client was looking to provide port expansion through quality dredging services to one of their customers who wanted to dredge their existing port and increase the depth to allow bigger ships to enter the port. They wanted a service provider who could help them with the virtual visualization of the entire process.

The Challenges

The client was facing a few challenges while implementing the visualization for their port expansion project. Some of the major challenges they faced were -

  1. The lack of skilled and experienced resources who had the skills of modeling and visualizing the entire port construction process.
  2. The client wanted to get the project completed within a short time and present the rendered model and sequence of operations as animation video to the client to get an approval for the construction execution.

Our Solution

Keeping the client's requirements and challenges in mind, our team at Flatworld Solutions devised a project plan for the client. The client provided us the data of their existing port in the form of PDF and AutoCAD files.

We split the project into 3 phases. In the 1st phase, we modeled the existing port dimensions using SketchUp and Revit software and presented them to the client. In the 2nd phase, we created a sequence of the construction process which highlighted each step of the dredging process using the 3DS Max software.

In the 3rd phase, we converted the entire visualization into a video form which showed the entire dredging process using the Fuzor construction simulation software.

The Result

Our team delivered the required visualized models to the client and the video which was created by our team. The client was extremely delighted to see the results and has promised to continue the 4th phase with us in the coming months. The client was impressed not only to see the quality of the models but also the cost-effectiveness of the entire project as well as ability in adopting multiple CAD and visualization software.

Outsource Port Construction Visualization Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing the best quality port construction visualization services and a series of other civil engineering services to global clients. We have some of the most talented and skilled virtual visualization experts who can understand each client's specific requirements and provide them with customized services. We leverage the latest modeling and visualization tools and software while delivering superior quality services to clients.

If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective port construction visualization service provider, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today!

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