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Professional 2D Drafting Services

Create accurate and innovative engineering design drafts with our specialized 2D drafting services.

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Businesses worldwide grapple with the omnipresent challenges of 2D drafting, such as a lack of specialized 2D drafting expertise, high operational costs, and challenges in managing and updating drafts. Outsourcing 2D drafting services to a professional service provider like us enables you to develop site plans, refine concepts, and draft designs without the dependence on conventional drawing tools.

Our 2D AutoCAD drafting services simplify the drafting process and enhance communication within teams and with clients. This allows for easy sharing of ideas, promoting effective collaboration. Furthermore, we provide customization options for drawings and templates, ensuring clarity and accuracy in your projects.

Experience excellence in design with our outsourced 2D drafting services. Contact us today and let us help you transform your vision into reality.

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    Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making communication effortless.

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    Construction company in the US

    AutoCAD 2D Drafting Services We Offer

    With a team of highly skilled drafters, advanced technology, and innovative techniques, we are equipped to handle the most complex drafting needs with ease and precision. Our proficiency extends to serving a diverse clientele across the globe, adhering to international standards of quality and precision. Some of the top services we offer include -

    1. MEP 2D Drafting

      MEP 2D Drafting

      Experience excellence in engineering with our MEP 2D Drafting services. Our team of professionals, adept at the latest CAD software, deliver detailed drafts of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, ensuring smooth project execution.

    2. Facade 2D Drafting

      Facade 2D Drafting

      Make a lasting impression with our facade 2D drafting services. Using top tier drafting tools, our expert drafters craft detailed and precise drafts of your building's exterior, enhancing its visual and functional appeal.

    3. BIM Drafting

      BIM Drafting

      Optimize your construction process with our BIM drafting services. Our experienced professionals employ sophisticated BIM tools to create accurate 2D drafts, facilitating efficient project planning and execution.

    4. 2D CAD Conversion

      2D CAD Conversion

      Boost your design accuracy with our 2D CAD conversion services. We transform your sketches, blueprints, or old CAD designs into standardized 2D CAD drafts, ensuring consistency and precision in your project.

    5. Interior Design CAD Drafting

      Interior Design CAD Drafting

      Realize your design aspirations with our interior design CAD drafting services. Our skilled drafters, proficient in contemporary design software, create detailed and aesthetically pleasing interior drafts to match your unique style and functionality needs.

    6. As-Built Drawings

      As-Built Drawings

      Document your project's outcome effectively with our As-Built drawing services. Utilizing the latest CAD software, our experienced drafters capture every modification, providing an accurate record of your completed project.

    7. Construction Drawings

      Construction Drawings

      Drive your construction process seamlessly with our construction drawing services. Our team of professionals, adept at using innovative drafting technologies, creates detailed drawings that accurately convey project requirements, leading to efficient construction.

    8. Isometric Drawings

      Isometric Drawings

      Visualize your project in-depth with our isometric drawing services. Our skilled drafters use advanced software to create accurate representations of your designs, improving project understanding and execution.

    9. MicroStation Drafting

      MicroStation Drafting

      Harness the potential of MicroStation with our drafting services. Our seasoned professionals, proficient in this platform, deliver high-precision drafts to cater to the diverse demands of infrastructure projects.

    10. Technical Detailing

      Technical Detailing

      Achieve meticulous precision in your project with our technical detailing services. Our expert team, skilled in advanced drafting tools, delivers comprehensive, precise details that minimize construction errors and streamline project operations.

      Apart from these, we also offer -

    Tools We Use

    SolidWorks SolidEdge MicroStation Unigraphics NX Pro-E WildFire  Inventor AutoCAD Siemens NX Kenesto Autodesk CREO

    Our 2D Drafting Workflow


    01. Requirement Analysis

    We start with collecting detailed project requirements from clients to ensure our drafting aligns with their needs.


    02. Project Planning

    Based on the requirements, we formulate an effective plan outlining the drafting process, timeline, and resources.


    03. Draft Creation

    Our expert drafters, using advanced CAD tools, commence the creation of detailed and precise 2D drafts.


    04. Review and Refinement

    Each draft is thoroughly reviewed and refined to ensure optimal accuracy and consistency with project requirements.


    05. Final Submission

    The final drafts are submitted to the clients, and we accommodate any further revisions or changes as per their feedback.

    Sectors We Cater To

    1. Aerospace


      Our 2D drafting provides accurate and detailed drafts, aiding in the design and manufacturing of aerospace components for improved safety and performance.

    2. Automotive


      Through precision in automotive component drafting, we help enhance the efficiency of production lines and reduce manufacturing errors.

    3. Energy, Process, and Plant

      Energy, Process, and Plant

      Our 2D drafting facilitates the design of energy-efficient systems and process plants, promoting sustainable practices.

    4. Glass Surveying

      Glass Surveying

      We assist in the accurate representation of glass structures, ensuring precise fabrication and installation, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

    5. Mold, Tool, and Die

      Mold, Tool, and Die

      Detailed 2D drafts of molds, tools, and dies can streamline manufacturing processes, reducing production time and cost.

    6. Plastic and (Fiber-reinforced Plastic) FRP

      Plastic and (Fiber-reinforced Plastic) FRP

      Our 2D drafting aids in the design and manufacturing of plastic and FRP products, enhancing precision and reducing material wastage.

    7. Schools and University

      Schools and University

      We assist in creating detailed drafts for educational infrastructures, contributing to efficient construction and space utilization.

    8. Hospitals


      Our services facilitate the design of patient-friendly and operationally efficient hospital infrastructure, contributing to improved healthcare delivery.

    Who Benefits from Our Custom 2D Drafting Support?

    • Construction Companies

      Our services assist construction companies in accurate project estimation, facilitating cost-effective and timely project completion.

    • Designers

      Our 2D drafting helps designers in transforming their concepts into detailed drafts, fostering design clarity and implementation.

    • Engineers

      With our detailed 2D drafts, engineers can better understand and interpret complex designs, improving design implementation and efficiency.

    • Manufacturers

      Our 2D drafting services provide manufacturers with highly accurate drafts that help reduce production time and cost.

    • Contractors

      Contractors can benefit from our 2D drafts in precise project planning, efficient material procurement, and effective project execution.

    • Architects

      Our 2D drafting helps architects in precise space planning and design visualization, fostering creativity and design accuracy.

    Why Are We the Preferred 2D Drafting Services Company?

    We are not just service providers; we are your strategic partners in 2D drafting services. With a proven track record of delivering on tight schedules, we help you maintain impeccable quality and accuracy. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets us apart in the competitive world of 2D drafting.

    • Modern Infrastructure

      We have access to top-notch drafting and engineering design equipment, a huge workspace, professional CAD experts and more to meet international standards.

    • Stringent Workflow Management

      We have a complete understanding of the design, manufacture, service, and obsolescence phases of the product lifecycle. In order to give top-notch services, we adhere to a streamlined process to comprehend all the project's components.

    • Highly Scalable

      We offer highly scalable services to our clients. As and when the client needs arise, we quickly ramp up the requirements and expand the number of resources on the project.

    • Quality Assurance

      We perform multiple quality checks against client detailing to ensure 100% accuracy in the 2D design output. Hence, you can be assured that only authorised individuals have access to your data.

    • Global Delivery Centres

      We have set up multiple delivery centres in key nations to satisfy the engineering needs of our international clients.

    • Latest Software and Technologies

      We make use of the most recent techniques and technologies to deliver 2D designs that are highly accurate and flawless.

    • Affordable Pricing Options

      Unlike competitors, we charge clients based programs used, the complexity of the project, and the number of designs delivered. This guarantees that our customers receive excellent services at incredibly low prices.

    Engineering Disciplines Fostered by Our 2D CAD Drafting Services

    Improve the efficiency of your engineering projects with our comprehensive 2D drafting support. From architectural designs to electrical systems, we deliver precise drafts that transform ideas into tangible realities.

    • Architectural 2D Drafting Services

      From detailed floor, ceiling, and roof framing blueprints to foundation plans, we empower architects and firms with accurate 2D drafts, simplifying project execution.

    • Mechanical 2D Drafting Services

      Our mechanical 2D drafts, including mechanical components, plumbing and piping, fabrication, and installation drawings, fuel precision in product design and systems installation.

    • Structural 2D Drafting Services

      Providing high-standard structural 2D CAD drawing services, we assist in designing accurate beam sections and secure joints, enhancing construction safety and stability.

    • Electrical 2D Drafting Services

      Our electrical 2D drafting services cover complete electrical site plans, lighting and power system plans, and more for better implementation and electrical safety.

    Additional Services You May Benefit From

    Architectural Engineering Services

    We provide a wide range of architectural engineering services, including working drawings, interior design, master planning, and 3D modeling.

    Civil Engineering Services

    We offer exceptional civil engineering services to construction corporations, real estate developers, and architectural design firms.

    Electrical Engineering Services

    We provide extensive electrical engineering services to take care of all your electrical requirements, such as electrical design, drafting, and panel design.

    Structural Engineering Services

    Our structural engineering service specialists have a variety of skills that enable us to offer unmatched designs and frames required for a successful project.

    Infrastructure Engineering Services

    We are experienced in providing government compliant, environment friendly, and high-quality infrastructure engineering services to clients around the globe.

    BIM services

    We are a globally known BIM services providing company offering customized solutions to architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) businesses.

    Outsource 2D Drafting Services for Improved Accuracy and Drafting Precision

    As an experienced 2D drafting company, we are committed to delivering superior quality and precision to our global clientele. Our team excels in converting raw point cloud data into meticulously detailed 2D CAD drafts. Using state-of--art technologies and specialized expertise, we assure you of high-quality results that meet your expectations. Our specialized skills, innovative tools, and dedicated team work relentlessly to ensure precision and consistency in every project. We help optimize your design processes, allowing you to concentrate on other vital aspects of your business.

    Seize the opportunity to transform your drafting processes with our professional services. Partner with us for your 2D drafting needs and embark on a journey towards precision-driven growth and success.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How long does it typically take to finish a 2D drafting project?

    The project timeline for 2D drafting depends on the project's complexity and volume. A simple project might take a few days, while a complex one could take several weeks. We assess the project scope to provide a realistic timeline upfront.

    What positive outcomes can we expect when we outsource our 2D drafting needs?

    By delegating 2D drafting tasks to an external service provider, businesses can access specialized expertise, advanced tools, and technologies. It allows them to save on operational costs, reduce turn-around time, and focus on their core business activities.

    What kind of 2D drafting tools and software are in your toolkit?

    Our team is proficient in using advanced CAD software like AutoCAD, TurboCAD, and MicroStation. We also use high-end computers and peripherals, ensuring optimal precision and speed.

    How can we access your 2D drafting services?

    Engaging with us starts with a discussion to understand your project's scope. We then provide a proposal including the cost, timeline, and deliverables. Once the proposal is accepted, we initiate the drafting process, keeping you updated at every stage.

    What is the pricing model for your 2D drafting services?

    Our pricing varies based on the project's complexity and volume. We provide a comprehensive quote after evaluating the project scope. However, we ensure our prices are competitive, offering you the best value for your investment.

    Do you accommodate modifications or revisions to the 2D drafting if necessary?

    Absolutely, we believe in collaborative work and accommodate revisions and modifications as per client feedback. We ensure the drafts meet your exact specifications before final delivery.