6 Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Reverse Engineering

Laser Scanning Benefits in Reverse EngineeringDespite the slow economic environment of the Engineering Industry, the 3D laser scanning market has shown tremendous scope for growth. The laser scanning market was evaluated at $2 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $4 billion by 2018.

Reverse engineering as we know it today, involves the "un-building" of components to determine the actual fabrication process of the object. This helps in re-designing various components and reduces the resources needed as compared to building the device from scratch. By using the latest 3D laser scanning technology, reverse engineering processes can be streamlined and completed faster. Although an evolving technology, 3D laser scanners can leverage their precise point capture technology to scan and detect all the surface points, and extrapolate the data to reconstruct the entire object under consideration.

How 3D Laser Scanning Has Revolutionized Reverse Engineering?

Traditional reverse engineering methods involved the manual measurement of dimensions, and then use the same in CAD to complete the product outline. However with 3D laser scanning services, the scanner can detect thousands of surface points in few seconds. This improvement in speed ensures a particular task can be finished in double quick time, thereby revolutionizing the field of reverse engineering.

This reduction in time also helps in reducing the overall design life-cycle during product development, and encourages faster duplication of existing machine parts. Today, with rapid advancements being made in the field of 3D reverse engineering, replicating a complex surface using conventional or manual methods is nearly impossible. 3D laser scanning has simplified this task and changed the face of reverse engineering.

6 Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Reverse Engineering

3D laser scanning in reverse engineering is widely used in today's world. Using this method comes with a series of benefits. Here are some of the 3D laser scanning benefits:

  1. Reduces Manual Intervention: As the laser scanner scans the object externally and gives the exact shapes and dimensions of the internal structures, manually dismantling the object can be avoided. This reduces the errors caused due to manual intervention by a large extent
  2. High Precision: Using the method of laser scanning in reverse engineering gives a very high level of precision. The 3D laser scanners measure every space accurately so every angle is precisely calculated with very little room for errors
  3. Easy Re-designing: Since there is no need to de-construct the entire structure if there is a flaw in the design, the 3D model scanned by the scanner can be used to redesign the structure for future while promising better performance and part alignment
  4. Cost Reduction: By simply and easily re-designing objects one can avoid wastage of time while increasing the scope for better designs. This results in saving a considerable amount of money for the company
  5. Versatility: 3D laser scanners nowadays come equipped with the latest technologies and are compatible with different platforms and devices. Engineers have to work around different obstacles to prepare a 3D design. The multi-platform compatibility of 3D laser scanners helps them prepare 3D designs accurately
  6. Increased Productivity: Using 3D laser scanning can help your staff be more productive. As a result, along with faster completion times, your engineers can take up multiple projects at a time without getting overloaded with work

Leverage Flatworld's 3D Laser Scanning Technology for Enhanced Reverse Engineering Services

Flatworld Solutions has been providing high-quality Engineering services for more than a decade now. Our experienced team of engineers is equipped with the latest laser scanners in the market and state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the best reverse engineering services at affordable rates.

Post scanning of each and every part of the product, our experts will also offer suggestions to improve the design and overall quality of the product. Get talking to one of our representatives right now and let us know your requirements!

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