Outsource Electronic Circuit Design Services

Electronic Circuit Design Services

Get access to high-quality and reliable electronic circuit design services provided by experts at cost-effective prices

High-quality circuit design is the artery of design for electronics. With the development of ICE's in electronics, various electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, and transistors are connected through wires to enable the flow of electricity. Circuit design is almost like an art form, as efficient designs can help designers in future modification and enhancement of the circuit.

Flatworld's professional electronic circuit design services include several core services such as PCB schematic design, PCB design, circuit modeling, and simulation for analog and digital electronics. We leverage our access to cutting-edge technology and an experienced team of engineers to turn your concepts into exceptional circuit designs while supporting full calculations and simulations based upon your requirements.

Our Electronic Circuit Design Services

At FWS, we have an electronic design team that is experienced in digital circuit and logic design and has worked on the design and schematics for microcontrollers, networking and communication systems, industrial control systems, power control, and many more. We can also create component libraries according to IPC-7351A standards which help to simplify the entire manual process of entering PCB parts through symbols, footprints, and mapping pins.

Our services include -

  1. Digital Circuit Design Services

    Digital Circuit Design Services

    We create digital circuit designs to address various project requirements. ICW makes sure that the designs include all technical information and every detail required by the specific electronic circuit design project.

    Many electronic circuit design projects require the development of custom digital signal processors (DSPs) that might not be possible in routine, off-the-shelf DSPs. At the same time, not every company has the time, the money, or the expertise to work on a complete ASIC. At FWS, we can quickly develop a working solution for a digital circuit that can then be easily updated as your requirements change during the developmental process.

    We have years of experience in creating digital circuit designs as an established electronic circuit design service provider using VHDL for FPGAs. We can also work on low-level device drivers that are essential for applications to interact properly with the hardware. Our services include -

    • Low-power embedded microcontroller circuitry design
    • Communication interfaces for HDMI, SDIO, Ethernet, CAN, USB, Ethernet, etc.
    • Linux processor circuitry design
    • High-speed circuitry design
  2. Analog Circuit Design Services

    Analog Circuit Design Services

    Most analog circuits are made from essential building blocks such as capacitors, diodes, transistors, transformers, OPAMPs, and other passive components. Our analog circuits form the front end for multiple complex data analysis electronics, testing instruments, and measurement instrumentation such as signal conditioning, signal filtering, signal amplification, and other drivers. Our expertise in complex analog circuit design stems from our ability to develop multiple high-end electronic instruments that are precise & accurate and serve as the perfect front-ends for your entire electronic circuit design. Our services include -

    • Low-noise and low current analog circuitry design
    • Audio circuitry design
    • Battery circuitry design
    • Amplifier and signal conditioning circuitry design
    • Motor control circuitry design
  3. Wireless and RF Circuitry Design Services

    Embedded System Circuitry Design Services

    Wireless technology today is rapidly expanding, and there is a growing need for electronic circuit design services that are specific to wireless applications. FWS is an electronic circuit design services providing company that can tackle modern IC technologies while emphasizing practical designs for high-performance wireless devices and networking modules. We can work on circuitry designs for -

    • Carrier partnerships for mobile product development
    • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac circuitry design
    • Bluetooth and BT smart circuitry design
    • GPS, GLONASS, A-GPS circuitry design
    • Zigbee, DigiMesh, and other mesh WiFi networks design
    • RFID and NFC circuitry design
    • Antenna design
  4. Embedded System Circuitry Design Services

    Embedded System Circuitry Design Services

    Our engineering team can help create circuit designs for embedded systems for both large mechanical and electrical systems. We take care of all your requirements, from concept to prototyping, feature enhancement, etc. with the help of our electronic hardware design for customized product solutions. Our offerings include -

    • Stand-alone embedded circuitry design
    • Real-time embedded circuitry design
    • Networked appliance circuitry design
    • Mobile device circuitry design
  5. Circuit Simulation Services

    Circuit Simulation Services

    We leverage our expertise with advanced simulation software to simulate the working of analog, digital, mixed, wireless, and RF circuits. We can help out with stress and worst-case analysis while helping with any custom analysis models and simulations.

  6. PCB Design and Layout Services

    PCB Design and Layout Services

    Based upon your requirements, we can design PCBs to your specifications and produce prototypes that allow you to understand the entire layout easily. PCB designs usually require various levels of complexity in DRC techniques. We can also work on 3D representations of the finalized product design, and generate simulation reports when necessary.

  7. FPGA Circuit Design Services

    FPGA Circuit Design Services

    FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) design is extremely important when it comes to configuring electronic circuits on hardware. Based upon client requirements, we can accommodate logic blocks that can be configured in any way you want. Our FPGA designs are used for high-performance systems, such as medical, defense, and aerospace applications. Our FPGA circuits can be easily repurposed and reprogrammed based on your requirements. We have the expertise and the necessary tools to undertake complex FPGA designs and ensure successful output every single time.

Our Expertise in Using Circuit Design Software

Designing multiple circuits requires access to high-quality software tools. We leverage several software programs that are extremely helpful during the prototyping phase as well as the industrialization and manufacturing phases. Our software expertise covers the following -

Autodesk EAGLE KiCad Fritzing DesignSpark Library EasyEDA Upverter PCBWeb ExpressPCB Plus TinyCAD Osmond PCB

Our Electronic Circuit Design Process

Flatworld has always focused on working with clients to create schematic architecture for circuitry in the fastest possible time. Over the years, our team has refined and optimized the circuit design workflow, which is as follows -


01. Project Consultation

Senior PCB and circuitry design engineers meet with your representatives to discuss and advise on the overall scope of the project. Based upon the project requirements, we request for files and the necessary arrangements are made


02. Standards Review

The lead circuitry designer for the project reviews the requirements, checks necessary standards, and regulatory requirements as well as the safety-critical guidance before proceeding ahead. This ensures the design is compliant from the outset, removing future complications


03. First Draft

Our team gets to work with specialist CAD and PCB simulation software to create circuit designs


04. Quality Check

We have dedicated quality measures set up for the entire design lifecycle, ensuring all drafts are checked for correctness, compliance with necessary standards, and if they meet the project requirements. These drafts are then sent to the client


05. Client Feedback

During this stage, our clients can request for any modification or revision which are then accommodated easily. This information is then passed on to the project team who can then plan all the desired changes


06. Last Mile Revision

Revisions and finishing touches are made to the designs after being surveyed by the lead designer to ensure all regulations and standards are correctly adhered to


07. Final Submission

A final check is performed for all the files and then sent over to the client. At this point too, we can fit in minor corrections if required

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource Electronic Circuit Design Services to Flatworld Solutions?

With years of experience and a crack team of designers working with us, we can work on multiple PCB prototypes in as little as two days from receiving the initial requirement. Our development teams come with a broad range of skillsets to handle a wide range of electronic circuitry designs, including specific design service support, design integration, product testing, and product certification, among others. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Cost-effective Services

    At FWS, we have always been able to maintain competitive pricing by leveraging our well-tested and efficient workflows which combine well with our customizable service offerings which ensure you always know what you are paying for.

  • Verified Quality of Output

    All our electronic circuit designs comply with RoHS, CE, FCC, and UL requirements. This ensures our designs stand up to every single internal and external quality measure, and can be verified with internationally recognized certification.

  • Engineering Expertise

    Electronic circuit designing and execution is a complex undertaking and requires specialist knowledge with hands-on experience with schematic design architecture. At FWS, our engineers are trained in modern tools and techniques and ensure the circuit designs stay compliant and work as intended.

  • 100% Accuracy in Design

    Precision in electronic design takes on key significance because of its innocuous nature. While one may not see it, entire components can break down due to faulty design architecture. Our thorough verification and validation procedures during the design process ensure you never have to face such issues.

  • Complete In-house Turnkey Solutions

    From product design documentation to manufacturing documentation and physical prototyping, we can undertake all these tasks under a common service umbrella, ensuring you never have to look elsewhere for your requirements.

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