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The Game Changes!OCT 3rd
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Design for Manufacturing Services

Stiff competition and the passion to excel have urged companies to opt for technologies that bring about product variations and also reduce time and cost significantly. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services offered by Flatworld Solutions focuses on reducing the number of parts, standardization of parts, modular design and the use of standard design features besides maintaining a simple and symmetrical product design.

  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Automotive

Flatworld Solutions' Key Offerings

  • The company's design for manufacturing (DFM) team ensures that 2D drafts and 3D models of concepts are developed by using the latest CAD tools, bearing in mind fits, clearances and tolerances, operating conditions, etc.
  • Finite Element Analysis is done (if required) to evaluate the design keeping in mind various loading conditions. This helps in reducing the number of prototypes required to evaluate the design
  • Material optimization helps reduce costs in terms of inventory usage; besides, the best material available is used, keeping in mind the requirements of the customer
  • Design solutions are offered to the customer based on the existing infrastructure with respect to jigs, fixtures and machineries. However, products are designed in simple tooling and manufacturing processes, which conform to safety and environmental standards
  • Tools for designing and the design process are optimized

Software Employed by Flatworld Solutions

  • Ansys
  • Inventor
  • AutoCAD
  • Pro/Engineer
  • SolidWorks

For new product design FWS can be involved in early design to get advice on design for manufacture. As part of this process we will review design drawings, process and product for manufacturing related issues prior manufacture. For high volume manufacturing we look for opportunity to optimize costs and eliminate defects. We work closely with your product design team to ensure that DFM optimizations are carried forward to future projects.

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