2D Evacuation Plans for an Australian School Safety Organization

Case Study on 2D Evacuation Plans

Flatworld Solutions Exceeded Client Expectations by Providing 2D Evacuation Plans with an Accuracy Level of 100%

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by an organization dedicated to school safety in Australia. They provide services to a community of schools that include -

  • Safety site inspections
  • Work and Health safety training
  • Developing school/building specific evacuation plans
  • Compiling emergency procedures, and more.

The client needed assistance with their 2D evacuation plan drawings using markups on PDF documents. Our rapid response, low price, and ability to meet their deadlines convinced them to use our services.

The Problems

To develop evacuation plans, the team at Flatworld Solutions needed to thoroughly understand the requirements for these types of plans in each country. Evacuation plans often have specific legal issues that need to be addressed, as well as formatting and other specifications. This would require the team to do additional research and learn more about the country-specific requirement before they could begin.

The Solutions

The team started with a trial project. The trial allowed the team to both gauge feedback from the client, and learn more about the details that need to be included in each plan. This helped reduce training time and provide greater understanding for the Flatworld Solutions team. After a short edit process, the team received approval and moved forward with the remainder of the project.

5 resources were assigned to work on the 2D designs. The client sent hand drawn sketches in PDF format, so using both Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD, the team converted these sketches to 2D CAD Drawings. After creating the CAD drawings, the team then added the markups suggested by the client, and then converted the CAD drawings to PDF.

The documents were then reviewed by the Quality Assurance Team, and were sent back to the client for review.

The Results

Despite the problems faced by the team, the project was completed within 10 days, and had a 100% accuracy level, exceeding client expectations. Cost savings to the client was roughly 50% compared to completing the work in-house, enabling them to work on their core business activities.

The client was highly satisfied with the project and assigned considerable additional work to Flatworld Solutions. 10 more resources were assigned to handle the new order, and a long term relationship was established with their company.

For more information about our 2D Drawing services and other engineering services including civil services, please contact Flatworld Solutions today.

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