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The Game Changes!OCT 3rd
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Outsource Revit Family Creation Services

Revit Family Creation Services

Our BIM modeling experts provide intricate and customized Revit families for MEP, architecture, and structural projects, at cost-effective rates

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide Revit family creation services where our CAD and BIM specialists implement parametric and non-parametric design changes. We create objects in Revit that can be instantly modified by changing mass, dimension, material composition, and so on. We deliver high-quality Revit services to all types of engineering and architectural companies across the world.

Our expert engineers use Revit to make BIM-ready sketches that can be quickly modified and used in the BIM environment. Even small to medium-sized construction projects can benefit from our Revit creation services.

Revit Family Creation Services We Offer

We have been among the industry leaders for the last 19 years as a top civil, structural, and architectural service provider. Hundreds of clients have preferred our suite of Revit family creation services to get BIM-ready designs. Our Revit solutions include:

  1. Revit Creation for Building Structure

    Revit Creation for Building Structure

    We design families of a structure in a 3D environment to give you an exploded view of columns, trusses, beams, joints, and more. We design each structural element using different materials but in the exact dimensions specified in the plan. This lets you choose cheaper alternatives without compromising structural safety and integrity.

  2. Revit Creation for Architectural Design

    Revit Creation for Architectural Design

    We use Revit to create high-quality families like windows, doors, floors, walls, furnishings, and more. We design every prop with the exact parametric data like material composition and dimension.

  3. Revit Family Creation for MEP

    Revit Family Creation for MEP

    Our Revit modelers create 3D MEP models for lighting fixtures, air conditioning, piping, air ducts, electrical cabling and switchboards, and more by calibrating parameters like material composition and dimension.

  4. Revit Creation for Critical Systems

    Revit Creation for Critical Systems

    We provide Revit services for plants where design specifications need to be accurate to prevent catastrophic failures. Our Revit modelers provide 3D CAD designs for boilers, equipment, storage tanks, and pumps.

  5. Revit Creation of Custom Designs

    Revit Creation of Custom Designs

    We accept custom orders where our Revit creation services will help the placement of shop fittings. As an extension of family creation, we also handle dynamo scripting to create exceptionally accurate computational models.

The Revit Family Creation Process We Follow

We ensure transparency in the workflow and pricing by disclosing timely reports and explaining the service in detail. This allows you to understand our way of handling the outsourced Revit services. Our process is as follows:

We will get in touch with the client to understand their project challenges and collect the data for Revit family creation services
We verify the data to check if it's accurate and workable
We will propose the final list of service we will perform and seek the client's approval
Once approved, the project is delegated to the team and NDA is signed
The project team will use Revit Family creation software like 3D CAD to design families of components are structures
The designs will be furnished for validation from the client
If no changes are necessary, the designs will be finalized and sent in any preferred format

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Revit Family Creation Services to FWS?

We understand why Revit creation services are outsourced. Most clients look for cost and time savings from a customized Revit creation solution. We deliver just what the client requires within the SLA. Outsource Revit services to us and get the following benefits:

  • ISO Certified Revit Service Provider

    Our customized Revit creation services comply with the ISO 9001:2015 regulations and you are always guaranteed robust designs.

  • High-quality Services for Better Supply Chain Management

    Being a top Revit creation service providing company, our services are 100% accurate and verified before sign-off.

  • Affordable Rates

    We offer Revit services at affordable rates. You can customize your order so you don't pay for extra services you didn't need.

  • Robust Tools and Technology

    We have the best-in-class infrastructure that comes equipped with the best CAD design tools and simulation technology to eliminate errors.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Our support is round-the-clock so you can always find an agent to convey your project-related concerns or get your queries answered on time.

  • 100% Data Security

    We ensure 100% ISO/IEC 27001:2013 regulations so you rest assured that your data is not used in ways not mentioned in the NDA.

  • Scalable Service

    We have the bandwidth to handle parallel projects without affecting any deadlines and quality. So if you prefer to scale and we'll help you with it.

  • Timely Delivery of Services

    We honor committed deadlines and finish projects within the stipulated time. You can count on us to get your project delivered on time.

  • Experienced Team of Revit Professionals

    We have a team of Revit creation experts who are adept at sophisticated family creation tools like 3D CAD and deliver on time.

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After extensive research, we selected and engaged Flatworld Solutions to prepare full-color renderings of our luxury custom homes in Florida. Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making the communication effortless. Their production department revised renderings when necessary, to ensure our complete satisfaction.

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Outsource Revit Family Creation Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, we offer professional Revit solutions that are highly precise and safe for complex architectural projects. Our custom Revit solutions guarantee peace of mind as we deliver results on time. We also offer a wide range of architectural services as we are industry-leading providers of engineering solutions with 19 years of experience.

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