Outsource Construction Sequencing Services

Construction Sequencing Services

Develop a reliable construction schedule and 4D model to minimize wastage, cut down costs, and optimize your sequence of construction activities at cost-effective prices

Looking for a reliable construction sequencing service provider to trust your project with? With sustainable construction gaining greater impetus by the day, the focus has shifted not only to the sustainable use of material and energy but also to the sequence of construction activities. Most construction companies partner with specialists to evaluate sites and designs for better erosion and sediment control while also availing their services for end-to-end construction sequencing. However, to find a construction sequencing expert reliable enough to hand over your project's directional control to is not a cakewalk.

Over the years, thanks to the varied solutions that we offer, the distinguished services that we deliver, and the reliable support that we provide, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has emerged as a leading construction sequencing company in the market. Some of the highest league professionals in the construction industry are a part of our team and they set records of quality and safety standards, project after project. Outsource construction sequencing services to us for a safer, stabler, and secure construction schedule.

Our Construction Sequencing Services

Construction sequencing is a broad umbrella that involves considerations of various dimensions, functional factors, and even unpredictable natural variables to make a fairly accurate and timely sequence of construction activities. Our team holds expertise in most of the major construction sequencing services and sub-services under this bracket. Our construction sequencing and management services include -

  1. 4D Construction Sequencing Services

    4D Construction Sequencing Services

    Construction sequencing is the 4th dimension of any Building Information Model (BIM) that involves visualization and sequencing of construction activities with consideration of factors like erosion and sediment control (ESC), time, and constructability. With the use of advanced 4D BIM modeling tools, we create accurate simulations for identifying phases of the project and managing and scheduling the material sequence as well as the construction process. Our services help construction engineers, contractors, planners, and architects minimize any conflicts in the workflow and make the construction process smooth.

  2. 5D BIM Cost Estimation Services

    5D BIM Cost Estimation Services

    Generally considered a part of a 4D model, cost estimation is the 5th dimension of BIM. With the most accurate sequencing model in hand, our experts work around the exact time, workspace area, complexity of installation of stabilization measures, and frequency, among other facets required for this model.

  3. 4D Scheduling and Progress Monitoring Services

    4D Scheduling and Progress Monitoring Services

    Our team considers all of the above factors to develop an optimized schedule that assists architects in the design phase. We then walk shoulder to shoulder during the execution by providing complete monitoring and maintenance support to ensure prompt deliverables in case of any variables in the plan.

As an experienced construction sequencing service providing company, our services span out from the design phase till the project's end and involves the following solutions -

  1. Identify Time Gaps

    The foremost priority of our team is to provide a detailed and fairly accurate time estimate to the design and execution teams on the site. Flatworld uses the most cutting-edge software and years of experience to identify time gaps in current estimates and the optimized ones.

  2. Identify Possible Workplace Clashes

    With regard to space optimization, we identify the potential for workplace clashes using modeling and simulation. Resolving conflicts ahead of the construction process further helps sharpen our time frame, increases productivity, and greatly improves the site logistics plan.

  3. Identify Schedule, Sequencing, or Phasing Issues

    Most constructions are phased and the sequence of one construction activity over the other can be land-disturbing, disrupting, or cause other issues. We identify such predictable variables, leave legroom for unpredictable variables, and make stabilization plans beforehand to make sure the issues are resolved if and when they arise.

  4. Equipment, Material, and HR Planning

    Right from monitoring the procurement status of materials, assessing equipment health and safety standards, to planning human resource contribution and availability to ensure maximum optimization of potential, our specialty lies in holding such details in high regard to produce efficient large-scale results.

  5. Constructability Analysis

    Our design experts scrutinize every aspect of the construction design and execution plan to identify possible obstacles, subsequent delays, cost overruns, and other factors.

  6. Accurate Cost Estimation

    Having taken into account all of the above, a final cost report is drafted. Our aim is not only to be highly accurate in our calculations but also to be cost-effective at the same time. We strive for quality and eliminate as much wastage as possible.

  7. Risk Mitigation

    An indispensable part of our services, risk mitigation involves uprooting risks entirely by resolving the cause of the problem, arranging risk transfer in terms of insurance, and planning effective action to avoid disruption of the flow of activities.

Our Construction Sequencing Process

Construction sequencing primarily follows a schedule that involves the completion and stabilization of one entire portion before moving on to the next. That is one of the reasons why methodology holds pivotal importance in this process. At Flatworld, we determine the sequence of activities according to the site requirements; however, our typical construction schedule observes the sequence of activities in the following manner -


01. Site Inspection and Assessment

Before analyzing the construction designs, we first conduct a thorough site inspection to evaluate various functional aspects. This gives us a better idea of the compatibility of planned activities with the required erosion and sediment control, land disturbance, and possible pollution of nearby water bodies, among other important factors


02. Listing and Outlining Activities

Our next step involves coordinating with the on-site architects and construction managers to outline the series of construction activities involved. We then develop the constructability analysis


03. Scheduling and Sequencing

Considering all variable and invariable factors, phasing, and prioritizing time and cost, we develop a clockwork schedule that the design and execution teams can follow


04. Drafting the Final ESC Plan

Once we have a clear idea of the sequence of construction activities, we can easily identify where, when, how, and how much stabilization will be needed. The installation of measures for ESC and other aspects is then planned


05. Quality Assessment and Approval

Our schedules and plans with optional variations are assessed for quality and security by our team of experts. As an additional measure, we also insist on feedback by construction engineers and zero in on a plan that holds maximum consensus


06. Update and Modification of Plans During Execution

Finally, most construction projects require changes due to unpredictable variables like weather, unexpected erosion, instability during principal development activities, and installation of measures. We are always well-prepared for unforeseen circumstances and modify the plan concerning time, cost, material, and risk management

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Why is Flatworld Solutions the Ideal Construction Sequencing Service Provider?

Every step of the construction process is crucial to the durability and longevity of the entire structure. We understand that refined sequencing is one of the fundamental pillars in ensuring that the process is robust. When you outsource construction sequencing services to us, you sign up for world-class services backed by the following advantages -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    We provide our construction sequencing services at highly affordable rates, which helps you save on costs while still receiving the highest quality services for your project.

  • Global Brand Reputation

    Flatworld takes pride in maintaining a prominent global presence with successful projects and satisfied clientele in different parts of the world.

  • Team of Expert Engineers and Managers

    Construction sequencing is about more than just scheduling. Our team brings together the best technical and management experts to deliver a sequencing schedule that is precise, effective, and highly reliable.

  • Quality Control and Adherence to Schedule

    Our quality control and management system is ISO certified and is lauded by clients worldwide. We stick to the timelines and always deliver what we have promised within the pre-set timeframes.

  • Adherence to Risk Protocols and Safety Standards

    We have a strict risk control and safety assessment integration protocol in place. We strictly operate according to the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard.

  • Experience in Making Cost and Time-effective Models

    We have unparalleled experience in developing 4D construction sequencing models that meet the highest quality standards while being profitable. The excellence in optimizing resource potential and time management that we bring to the table ensures that the quality remains uncompromisingly world-class and the wastage costs are cut down to the minimum.

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Outsource Construction Sequencing Services to Flatworld Solutions


We believe that this partnership brings value to both companies and that this value will only grow as the relationship evolves.

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When outsourcing these services, the credibility, brand value, and years of experience of the construction sequencing service provider are crucial for decision making. Flatworld stands tall in each of these aspects and more, to be one of the most sought-after construction sequencing companies in the world.

Reach out to us today to get end-to-end construction support for your budding project.

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