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Are you looking to ensure the success of your Building Information Model (BIM)? If so, you need to develop an effective BIM Execution Plan, and Flatworld Solutions (FWS) can help you come up with a comprehensive and highly-functional BIM Execution Plan.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of BIM execution planning services for clients from all over the world. Our BIM Execution plans will explain in detail how the information modeling aspects of the project will be carried out. We develop both pre- and post-contract BIM execution plans and do so as a direct response to the EIR (Employer's Information Requirement). Our BIM Execution Plans, or BEP for short, will detail the project deliverables specified by the contract and the information exchange requirements stipulated in a BIM protocol, such as a CIC BIM protocol.

Our BIM Execution Planning Services

As a leading BIM execution planning service provider, we provide end-to-end BIM execution planning services. Our BIM Execution Plans are documents that highlight how the BIM is going to be implemented across the project, including information on things like what information is going to be shared, what items will be modeled, the IT requirements, and so on.

We work with project owners to develop comprehensive BEPs to address all the relevant issues to ensure that the benefits of the BIM are realized - across their firms as well as on specific projects.

Our BIM Execution Planning Services include -

Pre-contract BEP

Pre-contract BEP

We help prospective suppliers develop a high-quality BEP at the tender stage (before the contract is agreed). This BEP will include relevant details such as the proposed approach, capacity, competence, and capability to meet the EIR. Our pre-contract BIM Execution Plans are designed to address all the Employer's Information Requirements (EIR). The EIR will usually set out the information required by the employer at places in a project where key decisions need to be made.

Post-contract BEP

Post-contract BEP

Our pre-contract BIM Execution Plan will address everything requested in the EIR and laid out in the Project Implementation Plan (PIP), project goals for coordination and collaboration, information modeling, and key project milestones and where these all fit in with the broader project program. Our BEPs will also lay out how the project's information model will be put together and delivered.

Why Outsource BIM Execution Planning Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We are a leading BIM execution planning service providing company and can provide you with just the custom BEP that you require. Some other reasons to choose us includes -

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Outsource BIM Execution Planning Services to Flatworld Solutions

Whatever be your BIM Execution Planning requirement, we can help. As a leading provider of BIM Execution Plans, we have onboard highly-experienced and successful engineers that provide top-quality services at extremely cost-effective rates.

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