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Remote Sensing Services

Get access to cost-effective means of monitoring surface features with increased coverage as you decrease safety risks

When your project involves assessing large-scale information about certain phenomena and objects, you need spatial services that saves you time and costs and proves to be a better alternative to traditional physical survey. However it is an intensive task that requires access to expensive technology and equipment. This is when collaborating with an expert remote sensing services company can help you have access to all the information you need without having to invest in tools or hiring full-time professionals. Flatworld Solutions offers you professional geospatial remote sensing services that provide you with rich and detailed data of weather, vegetation, land use, and forestry to meet your requirements.

Equipped with the latest software and tools, such as ENVI, ERDAS, ER Mapper, and IMAGINE, among others, Flatworld Solutions is a seasoned remote sensing service provider with extensive experience. Our team of experts have hands-on experience and knowledge of using these tools to help clients with varying needs, from city planning and archaeological investigations, to military observations.

Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers a variety of GIS and remote sensing services to help you have the required data for your project. Our services include -

  1. Optical Sensing

    Optical Sensing

    Our optical sensing process involves forming the images of the surface of earth with the help of near infrared sensors and short-infrared sensors. This is done by the detection of solar radiations that the targets reflect on the ground.

  2. Infrared Sensing

    Infrared Sensing

    Infrared sensing is a useful means of sensing when you need to measure the temperatures of earth's land and sea surface. We can also help our clients in detecting forest fires with our thermal infrared sensing solutions.

  3. Microwave Sensing

    Microwave Sensing

    Microwave sensing is immensely useful in the fields of oceanography, hydrology, and meteorology. With this type of sensing, you can have access to data on water and ozone content of the atmosphere. This is done by using passive microwaves, which can help in measuring atmospheric profiles.

  4. Radar Sensing

    Radar Sensing

    Radar sensing also uses microwave radiations to scan the earth's surface. However, some of the benefits of using radar sensing over others is that it allows you to observe the surface of earth at night as well as on cloudy days.

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Remote Sensing Services?

Some reasons to choose us include -

  • • Affordable

    Flatworld Solutions provides you with the latest cutting-edge services at very budget-friendly costs while keeping technological excellence and client satisfaction as our main priority.

  • • Expertise

    We have extensive services in our service portfolio through which we can assist you in obtaining rich and detailed data of weather, vegetation, land use, hazard identification and forestry.

  • • Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company and providing adequate encryption for our clients' data has always been a foremost priority for us.

Client Success Story

Flatworld Provided UAV and LiDAR Mapping to a Canadian Company

Flatworld Solutions Provided Construction and Elevation Drawings for Top European Architectural Consulting Firm

We gave an Italian architectural business with 100% correct construction and elevation drawings. By saving time and money, it hastened the completion of the client's projects.

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FWS Provided HVAC Modeling for a 19-Story Building for an MEP Contractor

FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering and Construction Consulting Company

We provided radius mapping services to a construction company in New York. Our team of highly skilled civil engineers demonstrated their abilities by completing the project on schedule.

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