Outsource Cabinet Drawing Services using Cabinet Vision Software

Cabinet Drawing Services Using Cabinet Vision Software

Get your cabinets artistically designed using Hexagon Cabinet Vision software at cost-effective prices

One of the most difficult elements in designing a new office space, kitchen, etc. is to visualize the entire space will ensuring the correct cabinets are used so that the entire plan looks flawless. Expertly rendered models for cabinets are not easy to find, since they take time and accuracy to create, and should be good enough to be directly imported into CNC machinery for precision manufacturing and mass production.

At Flatworld, we have assembled a crack team of CAD and CAM engineers who can create high-quality cabinet drawings using the licensed version of Hexagon Cabinet Vision software. We have worked with interior designers, woodworkers, manufacturers, etc. for more than 19 years, and specialize in delivering workshop-ready designs which conform to the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) standards at cost-effective rates.

Our Cabinet Drawing Services

With more than 19 years of experience in the commercial cabinet millworks industry, we understand how the industry works and the requirements associated with it. Unlike most other competitors, we do not just re-draw engineering drawings or models. A lot of thought and effort goes into our cabinet shop drawings so that they meet all your requirements with ease. Whether it is drawing to your internal standards or drawing according to our industry-established standards, our customizable approach and the ability to scale allow you to receive access to the best quality cabinet drawing services.

Our services include -

Custom Interior Design

Custom Interior Design

Our experts work with the cabinet vision software to help create interior designs which meet your exact specifications. The designs created are not only accurate but are aesthetically pleasing as well.

3D Model Rendering

3D Model Rendering

We can create realistic 3D renders for your cabinets which can then be imported into your overall floor plan while adhering to the custom specifications and measurements as provided by you.

Material Optimization

Material Optimization

Our team of CAD engineers can take your existing designs or sketches and create fully-optimized designs which can help you in reducing wastage. We can also create specific cabinet designs which can flow easily into multiple space plans but giving them a neutral aesthetic.

CNC-ready Designs

CNC-ready Designs

By leveraging the S2M center, we provide efficient designs which can be used to write G-code compatible and CNC-ready designs which can then be imported into a variety of different CNC machinery and tools.

Key Features of the Cabinet Vision Software

The Cabinet Vision software helps you eliminate any chance of mistakes in the factory and saves the company's costs by a considerable amount. It helps in increasing the overall productivity and boost the company's turnover. Some of the key features of the Cabinet Vision software are listed here -


Our Team of CAD Engineers for Cabinet Drawing Services

With an extensive knowledge of AWI quality standards, you can rest assured that you are always dealing with the most professional team of CAD engineers when you outsource your requirements to us. We use AutoCAD when required as well as the entire Cabinet Vision suite which contains modules such as AlphaCam for better conformance to client requirements.

Our team has -

  • At least 5 years of minimum experience in cabinetry drawings
  • Expertise in the production of manufacturing codes for multiple countries
  • Experience in working with major hardware players and in the installation of cabinetry
  • Ability to deliver high-quality and detailed shop drawings that eliminate the need for revisions and guesswork
  • Design cabinetry and casework which reflect the way your company really works and goes about your production
  • Hands-on experience with multiple high-end software for more cost-saving

Cabinet Vision Services - Our Software Expertise

At Flatworld, we believe in enabling woodworking, furniture, and kitchen cabinet manufacturers by fully automating their design workflow and ensuring the design can be integrated throughout the manufacturing process easily while increasing productivity across the board.

By using the licensed version of Cabinet Vision Software, we can design all your detailing and designing requirements that require advanced solid modeling technology. We can generate everything from shop drawing, cabinet layouts, cutting lists, material and estimating lists, etc.

Some of the key features which we leverage for high-quality cabinetry drawing services include -

 Full Control Over Multiple Parts
 Exploded Views
 Custom Reports with The Ability to Edit
 Part and Assembly Labor Definition
 Counter Top Construction Definition
 User Defined Intelli-joints
 Import 3D Models for Materials
 Grain Matching
 Counter Top Machining
 MDF Door Creation
 Dovetail Drawer Creation

Our Cabinet Design Process Using Cabinet Vision Software

Over the years having worked with clients across multiple industry verticals, we have managed to fine tune our processes such that all your requirements are met with in-house and with 100% satisfaction. Our process consists of the following steps -

Requirement Gathering  

01. Requirement Gathering

We begin by understanding the exact requirements of the client and the entire scope of the project. Thereafter we create an SLA so that both parties remain on the same page as far as scope and budget for the project is considered

Import 2D Drawings  

02. Import 2D Drawings

We import the 2D drawings transferred securely by the clients through our FTP servers into our cabinet vision software. At this stage of the process, we remove any anomalies or errors as well

Custom Design Creation  

03. Custom Design Creation

Our team of CAD engineers begin with the design phase of the project. If required, they also add CAM operations during this stage of the project, so the render can work well with CNC machinery

QC Check  

04. QC Check

The entire cabinet design and layout is checked by a team of QA analysts who ensure the cabinet designs are as per your specifications

3D Rendering  

05. 3D Rendering

Once we are satisfied with the output, we create a 3D render of the same using the proprietary software. During this stage we can change the viewpoint, the lighting, shadows, etc. for the entire layout

Reporting and Documentation  

06. Reporting and Documentation

We can also create elevations, part shop drawings, and assembly objects as required by our clients. For the same we can generate a complete bill of materials, cut lists, etc.

Project Delivery  

07. Project Delivery

Once we are satisfied with the final output we send back the final deliverable to you in a format of your own choosing

Industries We Serve

Over the years, we have worked with clients belonging to various industry verticals, such as -

Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers
Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers
Furniture and Cabinetry Contractors
Furniture and Cabinetry Contractors
Interior Design Contractors
Interior Design Contractors
Architectural Design Industry
Architectural Design Industry
Modular Furniture Manufacturers
Modular Furniture Manufacturers
Cabinetry Manufacturing Contractors
Cabinetry Manufacturing Contractors
Commercial and Residential Storage Cabinet Manufacturers
Commercial and Residential Storage Cabinet Manufacturers

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Cabinet Drawing Services Using Cabinet Vision Software to FWS?

Flatworld has had an excellent track record of delivering projects even with the toughest set of requirements. This is because we keep our processes streamlined and our knowledgeable team hungry for more challenges. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Highly Cost-effective - Our designs help you to minimize wastage during the production and installation of cabinetries, and our flexible pricing plans ensure you never have to pay extra in the form of hidden fees or revision fees.
  • Data Security - We take the client's data security very seriously. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified company which ensures that all your data is kept safe at all times. The data is accessed only by authorized personnel.
  • Single Point of Contact - When you choose us as your engineering service partner, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will be the single point of contact for all your needs and even resolve any kind of issue that you may have.
  • Accurate Designs -We specialize in the creation of high-quality documents using cabinet vision software. We are aware of the importance of accurate design and precision when it comes to the measurements and specifications provided by you, and ensure we stick to it in every way possible.
  • Hands-on Experience - Our teams have worked on multiple projects with multiple clients across the world, and most times, the requirements tend to vary wildly. Because of our ability to work wonders with the cabinet vision software, we ensure we bring our entire experience into play when designing custom cabinets for you.
  • Exceptional Quality - At Flatworld, we believe the shop and millwork design quality is as important for us as it is for our clients. We emphasize on quality because we pay attention to the smallest details and obsess over the tiniest of human errors. Whether you need us to match your exact specifications or standards, we deliver a final render which is exactly the way you visualized it.
  • Fast TAT - Our turnaround times from start to final delivery are one of the fastest in the industry, but at no stage do we compromise on the quality of the final output. Our streamlined processes and our ability to get the best out of cabinet vision software ensures we always deliver on time.
  • Enhanced Productivity - Given the way we automate the most difficult part of the rendering business, you can focus on the other important tasks at hand and focus on increasing your productivity so as to compete better.
  • Professional Grade Security - We understand that working with international clients requires extreme adherence to industry-standard security protocols and confidentiality agreements. FWS's secure workstations and identification processes ensure you never have to worry twice about outsourcing your requirements to us.

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Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making the communication effortless.

Construction company in US
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Partner with FWS for Exceptional Cabinet Drawing Services

Over the years, our efficient cabinet drawing services have allowed woodworkers, manufacturers, architects, and engineers regain their focus while letting us handle the bulk of the rendering and designing part. For further information on our millworks design services, and how we leverage the computational prowess of cabinet vision software, contact us now!

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