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Digital planimetric mapping provides accurate yet simple horizontal distance measurement. Applications are varied. They include planning for new projects as well as assessment of existing properties by government tax agencies, maintenance agreement by service companies, and cataloguing of assets by utility companies.

The clarity and usefulness of planimetric maps depends on the quality of the source data and the technique used to extract the details. Aerial photography can be digitized to form a GIS (geographical information system) base, levels of detail for selected objects chosen and a planimetric map constructed. When you outsource planimetric mapping to Flatworld solutions, you can be sure of a high-quality, cost-effective service.

Planimetric Mapping Projects We Undertake

planimetric feature collection

Flatworld Solutions has successfully delivered several Planimetric projects which required Updating Old Planimetric Data / Features, Planimetric Feature Collection, etc. using new aerial images.

Flatworld Planimetric Mapping Services

Aerial photos are analyzed to identify the planimetric data, using advanced software tools and the expert eyes of our experienced staff. Through photogrammetry, we can recover the exact positions of surface points. Stereo imagery allows the definition of each map feature 3-dimensionally in terms of vectors (lines) and points. We then generate a vector map with corresponding map symbols.

  • When constructing a planimetric map, we ensure that topology and geometry remain consistent between all map object classes for high quality and precision
  • We apply custom software development and coding wherever appropriate
  • At your option as our client, you then receive either 2D or a 3D vector map in the CAD format that you require
  • Regular update services are made available to maintain planimetric and GIS mapping at optimal accuracy

Associated Services Include

The Advantages Offered by Flatworld Planimetric Mapping Services

  • High quality, high speed digitizing, and mapping process
  • Optimal blend of leading edge mapping technology and expert in-house skills
  • Robust, well-defined workflows for guaranteed turnaround times
  • Cultural and natural features shown precisely to horizontal scale
  • Planimetric map presentation (look) adjustable to suit user application and preferences
  • Smart, cost-effective updating from new aerial photos where required
  • Wide range of map objects including buildings, parking lots, roads, road edges and center, curbs and gutters, trails, utility poles, signs, fencing, vegetation, and water areas

Serving Civil Engineering Teams with Planimetric Mapping and Related Services

Accurate planimetric maps play an important role in many business and engineering decisions. As areas change with the addition or transformation of transport and utility networks, conservation areas and constructions, it becomes increasingly necessary to update the maps of those areas. Periodic review and updating by Flatworld's skilled staff can part of a cost-effective overall strategy for you to outsource GIS mapping to us. If you already have existing mapping, we can update this for you by overlaying and comparing with the latest aerial photography. By completing the process using fewer resources, we can pass cost-savings on to you as well.

Flatworld solutions has a great experience digitizing planimetric data from aerial photography for use as a base layer of a GIS. With speed and consistency intrinsic to our data processing, we produce accurate and aesthetically pleasing planimetric data that can meet any GIS requirements.

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