Outsource 3D Architectural Visualization Services

3D Architectural Visualization Services

Our 3D architects create custom visualization experience for your clients to explore interiors and exteriors of your proposed project at cost-effective prices

It can be difficult to visualize a proposed project with engineering and technical drawings. To describe is one thing and visualizing is another. With that said, Flatworld Solutions offer 3D architectural visualization services that combine art, technology, and science to create surreal imaginings modeled using 3D rendering software architectural design concepts.

At Flatworld Solutions, we create well-calculated and illustrative 3D architectural visualizations representing constructions in its finished state. At FWS, a team of highly skilled 3D modelers, animators, and programmers come together to create a one-of-a-kind 3D architectural visualization that helps all stakeholders like customers, investors, architects, and interior decorators.

3D Architectural Visualization Services We Offer

With 20 years of experience, Flatworld Solutions is a veteran 3D architectural visualization service provider. We offer a custom solution to your needs so you get the best value cost and time-wise. Here are the 3D architectural visualization services we offer -

  1. 3D Visualization of Exteriors

    3D Visualization of Exteriors

    We design breath-taking exterior visualization of your projects complete with roads, landscapes, people, automobiles, and detailed building layout in a finished state. We work with you to understand your project plan and meticulously design every detail as per the blueprint. This gives your stakeholders an instant perception of what the project would appear to end-users.

  2. 3D Visualization of Interiors

    3D Visualization of Interiors

    Creating detailed interior visualization takes incredible skill and experience. At FWS, our 3D architectural visualization team collaborates to create an elaborate interior with furniture, fixtures, household electronics, and even small home decors like flower vases and wall portraits. With such incredible detail in 3D, buyers will find the experience quite mindblowing. Also, it provides an illustrative idea of what your project demands from architects and interiors designers.

  3. Lighting


    To create a realistic render of the interior, we use software that simulates the light entering the building interiors. We add illumination with precision so the visualization depicts how the daylight transitions affect the illumination inside the building. The details we represent through 3D architectural visualization services are 100% accurate because we use HRDI probes while applying lighting effects to the model.

  4. Texturing


    Being a top 3D architectural visualization services company, we know every project demands a unique style and texture. Therefore, we use our texturing skills to create a bespoke exterior texture as per your needs. We apply the correct color, luminosity, transparency, glossiness, reflection, and many other properties to your project using a high-end 3D rendering tool.

  5. Isometric Rendering

    Isometric Rendering

    Ours is a leading architectural 3D visualization and rendering company because we create a complex and detailed environment map using a light probe. The renders we create using 3D rendering software is exceptionally accurate because we perform 3D scanning and photogrammetry to simulate illumination around objects in the interiors. We create a detailed geometrical model of the scene that are photo-realistic. Every individual layer is composited to create a dynamic view.

  6. Aerial View Rendering

    Aerial View Rendering

    Our visualization isn't solely focussed on the interior and immediate exteriors, we also provide a detailed 3D architectural visualization from an elevated angle to give you an aerial perception of what your projects will appear when finished. It lets you catch unseen elements for modification if needed.

3D Architectural Visualization Process We Follow

We follow a transparent business model that makes it easier for you to verify the progress we achieve on your outsourced 3D architectural visualization project. The process is self-explanatory as it doesn't involve mumbo jumbo. Here is the process behind 3D architectural visualization services -


01. Scope of Project

When you outsource 3D architectural visualization, our experts will evaluate your needs through requirement discovery. They will interact with you to find scope and feasibility


02. Architectural Visualization

As per the SLA, the project will commence and the 3D architectural visualizations will be created by incorporating feasible designs and models


03. Peer Review

After implementation, the project will be thoroughly reviewed by a team of QA experts and if any design chances are necessary, it'll be implemented before being certified for handover


04. Green Signal

Being a top 3D architectural visualization services providing company, we follow the safest practice to send the final 3D architectural visualizations securely via SFTP or VPN

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Why Outsource 3D Architectural Visualization Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Our visualization experts are familiar with the requirements of architects. They carefully understand the needs before delivering a precision solution. When you outsource your 3D architectural visualization services to us, we check everything including the feasibility to ensure 100% satisfaction. Here are some reasons that make us a leader among all 3D architectural visualization companies -

  • Quality Assurance

    We offer the best architectural visualization services we make zero compromises on quality. We always check what we have implemented ad verify the design specs in the SLA to establish a 100% match.

  • Value for Money

    We understand the reason for choosing our services is to reduce the overhead cost, so we justify your reason by offering a custom quote based on your custom need. This way you'll be paying only for what you need.

  • State-of-art Technology

    We use technology from requirement discovery to implementation and delivery. We live and breathe technology at our ODC. Using the best 3D visualization software we implement breath-taking visualizations.

  • Certified Experts

    At FWS, 3D architectural visualization experts who meet your expected qualifications are available to handle your projects. They have years of experience in creating a one-of-a-kind solution.

  • Customization of your Choice

    Send us your list of customizations. However complex, we will implement it as per your needs.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    We understand that the time constraints are among many reasons for choosing us, so we keep our end of promise by delivering results within the stipulated time.

  • Complete Confidentiality

    We give you peace of mind by complying with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 data security standards. It means your business data stays confidential in our possession.

  • Scalable Services

    3D architectural visualization is a scalable solution. You can request to scale and we'll be glad to help you out.

  • All-round Support

    All round the year we offer continuous support so that you'll be assured to find a human agent to get a relevant response.

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Friend Climate Control has been using Flatworld Solutions for our HVAC requirement for over 6 months now. Flatworld has been very consistent in quality and has maintained or exceeded delivery schedules. When we required them to send in the project on an urgent basis, they have readily done it for us always. Flatworld has been very flexible working the cross-continental timing and logistics issues. We have a very productive partnership.

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Outsource Structural Steel Detailing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Choosing a leading architectural services company like FWS for 3D architectural visualization helps you find qualified architects from our in-house talent to work in cahoots to give you a cohesive solution for complex architectural challenges. Our team handling structural engineering services work flexibly in their capacity to help you have a robust 3D architectural visualization solution. Your experience with us will be an extraordinary one where we fulfill all your project goals on time.

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