Outsource Retail Visual Merchandising Services

Retail Visual Merchandising Services

Enhance your product visibility in the retail space to drive better sales via greater audience engagement at cost-effective prices

Are you on the lookout for new techniques to attract customers? Do you need a retail visual merchandising partner to help you get the visibility? Retail visual merchandising is an age-old technique that most brands use to stand out even in crowded markets. Unappealing and ineffective store displays are blamed for retail outlets to go under. With the tougher competition, we use innovative visual displays such as decorations, store layouts, display products, and much more to enhance your visibility.

Flatworld Solutions is a top retail visual merchandising services provider. We specialize in visual merchandising and use modular design techniques to attract customers. We are a premium visual merchandising agency having tie-ups with multinational and upscale boutique brands across the world. Our retail visual merchandising services can create great customer experiences for your brand.

Retail Visual Merchandising Services We Offer

Over the years, as a leading retail visual merchandising solutions provider, we have provided superior retail merchandising services to multiple national and international vendors. Our suite of offerings has been adapted to changing market requirements. We begin our work from the façade and window displays, before moving to the interior. We use a splash of colors which that appeal to eyes and reflect your brand statement. Our retail visual merchandising services include -

1. POP Deployment

POP Deployment

POP (Point-of-purchase) materials such as banners, posters, brochures, etc. play a key role in captivating shoppers, especially in public places. Deployment of POP materials can be time-consuming and demands an acute understanding of shopper's behavior.

Our well-trained retail merchandising team follows the industry's best practices to ensure better visibility of your retail store. If required, we also regularly supplement our clients with timestamped photos, geolocation codes for transparency, and real-time updates on the execution.

2. Product Display

Product Display

Product displays play a functional role in influencing shoppers. This is especially true for high-involvement products because product displays call the attention of shoppers, trigger buying intent, and drive impulse purchases. We help in creating stunning product displays which not only draw the attention of passers-by but also gives frontage to your brand by placing it atop of their mind.

3. POSM Designing

POSM Designing

Our visual merchandising solution for retailers include commissioning high-quality artwork and designs that lend a much-needed personality to your marketing communications. With an experienced team of creative designers, we create captivating designs peppered with a brand message. We take care to ensure that the design of POSM is in sync with your brand value.

4. POSM Production

POSM Production

The world of retail marketing is extremely dynamic and has stringent deadlines for production planning and execution. We have best-in-class production capability and work with multiple vendors around the world for a wide range of Point-of-sale materials to suit all requirements. We can create everything from roll-up standees, cut-outs, canvas standees, stickers, posters, danglers, buntings, wobblers, etc. based upon your requirements.

5. In-store Branding

In-store Branding

We work with brands and execute multiple in-store branding projects which ensure better recall value and purchasing decisions being made by your customers. Our team of in-store branding experts helps to deliver everything from in-store space identification and placement designs, accurate measurements, printing and deployment services, etc.

6. In-store Fixture Hygiene

In-store Fixture Hygiene

Having worked with retail outlets across industries such as telecom, FMCG, apparel, consumer durables, etc. we have the expertise to deliver retail visual merchandising which fits your need perfectly. We can create asset recce databases to help brands with the timely production of new fixtures, in-store brandings, trans-lights, etc. This will eradicate chances of mismatch while ensuring all the current in-store branding are maintained spotlessly.

7. In-store Fixture Audit

In-store Fixture Audit

We perform stringent quality checks and update our clients about the condition of various fixtures at retail stores. This unique visual merchandising solution for retailers will enable you to consistently maintain your brand's visibility. We also assist in conducting fixture audits such as SIS audit, fixture availability audit, etc.

8. Retail Maintenance

Retail Maintenance

With our help, you can be safely assumed that your new product remains fully stocked and the branding and collaterals that go with it are always maintained to their full potential. We also ensure all retail endcaps are set properly & are labeled correctly, the display stands are regularly maintained, safety recalls are maintained properly, etc. Some of the other relevant services that we offer include -

 Continuity merchandising services
 Surge projects for new launches
 Planogram (POG) maintenance
 Seasonal support based on the requirement
 In-store zoning
 Display resets
 POS placement
 Display building and replenishment

The 5 Important Elements of our Visual Merchandising Solutions

Visual merchandising companies usually stick to a tried and tested method wherever they work. We believe that each client and brand is different, and geographic separations directly lead to different consumer mindsets. Whether you're changing your retail displays or creating new ones for a new product launch, we can help you achieve impactful, recognizable, and memorable visual merchandising for all purposes. The 5 elements we keep in mind as a premier retail visual merchandising service providing company include -

  1. Focusing on the Color

    Color co-ordination is extremely powerful and can make or break your visual displays. We have seen many times that even with hastily put-together, erratic displays, colors which work well make the entire display stand out. We leverage a strong design fundamental to work with contrasting colors which catch the attention of your customers and never let go.

  2. Creating a Focal Point

    In several years of customer research and marketing-based activities, we have accurately perceived what customers want, what they look at, and where their attention converges. A retail store is populated with products from multiple brands, so how do you stand out from the pack? This is where the focal point really matters, where we examine displays from various angles to determine where customers are likely to focus. We always hinge on ideas to ensure complete attention to your products and not the distracting designs.

  3. Displays as Storyboards

    Our display directly talks to your customers by conveying your brand message and value. We use powerful signages that highlight your product benefits and price advantage through carefully crafted CTA. Our displays work with or without worded callouts, and we use striking imagery such as lifestyle graphics to convey your brand story to your customers.

  4. Impactful Merchandise Display

    A well-designed display exposes the customer to as much merchandise as possible. Over the years, we have realized that the more products a customer sees from your brand, the more they are likely to place an order. We design displays for your products by ensuring they don't block narrow corridors and small spaces.

  5. Leverage Empty Spaces

    A large portion of the floor space in retail stores remain underutilized. We ensure that our clients can make the best use of the space available to display customer testimonials, lifestyle graphics, etc. which can help your customers connect with your products in a better manner.

Our Retail Visual Merchandising Process

To ensure transparency in the workflow and cost, we will work side-by-die with you to help you understand how we handle the outsourced retail visual merchandising services. Our process is as follows -

We will work with you to discover your needs. Will analyze your retail space to understand the dimensions, layout, and challenges (if any) to draft a detailed SLA
We will collect data points for further analysis and solution implementation
Our team managers will cut out the task to the professionals with relevant experience in retail visual merchandising. Additionally, NDA will be signed
The team will use informative insights to design your retail space to boost brand visibility
The versatile blueprint will be proposed for your final approval
Once approved, we will commence design and modification to ensure maximum visibility of your products and services in the competitive retail space
The quality of the implementation will be evaluated by our in-house quality control specialists to ensure that the implementation is in spec with the SLA
Call, email and web chat support will be provided after execution of services in case you feel the need to reach us

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Retail Visual Merchandising Services to FWS?

We stand apart from most of our competitors because we work smarter and focus on your product KSPs to deliver a unique experience to the customers. We understand your goals and deliver customized in-store solutions to maximize growth and revenue generation. By partnering with us you can benefit from the following -

  • ISO Certified Retail Visual Merchandising Services Provider

    Our customized programs ensure we can deliver the highest execution rates for all your retail visual merchandising requirements. Our services comply with the ISO 9001:2015 regulations and have the potential to improve the footfall in your retail store.

  • High-quality Services for Better Supply Chain Management

    Our end-to-end solution includes high-quality point-of-sale merchandise designing, deployment, and routine maintenance. This enables our clients to benefit more from our services which offer a holistic appeal to customers.

  • Affordable Rates

    Having worked with clients across the globe, we understand their requirements and offer pricing plans that suit their requirements. This means zero hidden costs and a pricing model which fits your budget and growth plans.

  • Robust Tools and Technology

    We have a world-class infrastructure that enables our retail visual merchandising experts to have access to the best software, hardware, and security systems to design retail merchandising with care and precision.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We cover national and local retailers across the USA, UK, and other countries, ensuring our wide network coverage can help you reach out to customers across the country. Our reporting structure is extremely flexible and ensures you are always on top of the retail visual merchandising currently in place for your brand across multiple stores.

  • 100% Data Security

    Sharing data with us is not only fast and efficient but also safe. We take great care to ensure that your data is in safe hands. Guarding our infrastructure is robust security software that keeps security risks at bay. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company because we follow the safest data management practices that can free you from all concerns.

  • Scalable Service

    Our senior executive team has years of experience in retail merchandising and leverage their experience to continually scale the service to the client's requirement.

  • Timely Delivery of Services

    We use proprietary store intelligence software that manages all the aspects of your POP campaigns - right from production to maximizing the return of your marketing efforts. All that in a quick TAT. We deliver on promises without stretching the TAT.

  • SPOC

    We provide a full-time dedicated professional who can liaise with the visual merchandising team to bring you fresh updates. You can get 360-degree support from our SPOC anytime, anywhere.

  • Experienced Team of Retail Visual Merchandising Professionals

    Our teams consist of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the retail field. Our designers are experts who understand modern design philosophy that enhances the look and feel of your product displays.

Client Success Story

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Provided Retail Space Drafting Services to a Project Management and Planning Company

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FWS Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Visualize House and Office Spaces

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After extensive research, we selected and engaged Flatworld Solutions to prepare full-color renderings of our luxury custom homes in Florida. Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making the communication effortless. Their production department revised renderings when necessary, to ensure our complete satisfaction.

Construction company in US
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Outsource Retail Visual Merchandising Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, we are in the habit of building retail visual merchandising solutions which work according to your needs and company goals. Creating a better ecosystem for your products means selling them properly and selling them well. That is where our custom retail visual merchandising solutions work for your betterment. This service which is part of our architectural services can add value to your business without spending an exorbitant fee.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed in life.

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