Outsource Mechanical BIM Services

Mechanical BIM Services

We offer cutting-edge mechanical and other BIM designing solutions that include mechanical ductwork, piping, equipment, HVAC system models and drawings at cost-effective prices

Mechanical BIM services are an integral part of BIM modeling services and offer significant insights into the various attributes of mechanical equipment like size, shape, dimension, and material, etc., needed to examine and analyze the construction process. The BIM models help your mechanical teams in making well-informed decisions about structural processes and design and improving the overall structural quality.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a market expert in the MEP BIM domain and specializes in mechanical BIM services offering cutting-edge solutions and technical expertise to assist in obtaining 3D data-rich and sophisticated mechanical BIM models.

Our Mechanical BIM Solutions

Our team of specialists fully understands the value of high-quality and accurate BIM services for construction processes and makes sure that the MEP and mechanical BIM models undergo rigorous quality checks so that the final model is error-free. While developing mechanical BIM models, we follow specified standards to ensure the accuracy of geometry, workflows, and scheduling. The standards include -

  • ASHRAE standards
  • NBN standards - S21-200, S21-201, S21-202, S21-203, N S21-207
  • NFPA codes
  • IECC
  • AS 1668.2
  • AS/NZS 3666
  • NBC code

Being a global mechanical BIM service providing company, we offer our services across the world including countries like the US, UK, Europe, UAE, Australia, and others. Our complete range of mechanical BIM services includes -

  1. HVAC Modeling Services

    HVAC Modeling Services

    HVAC modeling includes services like -

    • Designing layout plan drawings
    • Constructing and drafting HVAC system plan drawings
    • Developing details, schedules, schematics, legends, and control diagrams
    • Building mechanical equipment layouts and elevation drawings
    • Shop and as-built drawings, and addendums
    • Equipment piping sizing
  2. Mechanical Duct and Duct Fittings Modeling

    Mechanical Duct and Duct Fittings Modeling

    Duct fittings are an important part of BIM modeling to ensure ventilation of the building through a free and uninterrupted movement of air. It includes services like -

    • Preparing ductwork layouts
    • OQ of Ducts, Duct Fittings
    • OQ of Mechanical Equipment, Diffusers, Grills, etc.
  3. Modeling of Mechanical Equipment as per Submittal or Cut-sheet Provided

    Modeling of Mechanical Equipment as per Submittal or Cut-sheet Provided

    We extend BIM models that match the exact types of equipment used during your construction processes so that the designs of the systems come out as accurately as possible.

  4. Mechanical Equipment Detailing

    Mechanical Equipment Detailing

    At Flatworld, we provide intricate and fully detailed drawings and documentation of mechanical equipment which includes -

    • Section drawings
    • Isometric, riser diagrams, details, schematics, and schedules
  5. Mechanical Piping 3D BIM Model

    Mechanical Piping 3D BIM Model

    This involves -

    • Piping Spool Drawings
    • Sleeve/penetration drawings
    • Shop drawings and as-built diagrams
    • Equipment modeling
    • Drafting services for compressed air and medical gas systems
  6. Mechanical Components Modeling

    Mechanical Components Modeling

    Our experts understand the dynamics and mechanisms of various connectivity aspects of mechanical BIM and offer precise components modeling based on their pivotal experience in the field for effective design.

  7. BIM Walkthrough and Rendering Services

    BIM Walkthrough and Rendering Services

    We have exceptional capabilities to enhance BIM modeling services with virtual reality technologies. We offer 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and even 7D BIM+ VR technologies that can be leveraged for a wide range of project needs. Apart from walkthrough simulations, we also provide rendered views of the models to help you understand the design as intimately as possible.

  8. Modeling of Fire Protection Systems

    Modeling of Fire Protection Systems

    Our fire protection models can greatly help you in minimizing potential fire risks. The services include -

    • Developing systems in 3D models
    • Drafting fire alarm and fire suppression systems
    • Designing efficient sprinkler placement systems
  9. Penetration and Parametric Drawings

    Penetration and Parametric Drawings

    We also offer builders' work drawings, i.e., penetration or sleeve drawing allowing integrated mechanical models to offer complete transparency of final designs. We also use parametric modeling to simulate the operations of systems and objects in real-life.

Our Mechanical BIM Process

We are an outsourcing company recognized for its exceptional quality services and faster turnarounds. Do you know how we achieve it? We have a well-structured and streamlined work approach that includes the following steps -


01. Requirement Analysis

The preliminary step towards offering mechanical BIM services is to understand your needs and expectations from the project


02. Drafting a Plan

Based on the work scope, we devise a rough plan for BIM modeling


03. Client Feedback

The plan is then sent to you for approval and any suggested changes are accommodated


04. Designing

Once the plan is finalized, we design the BIM models using the most relevant technologies and tools


05. Multi-level QC

The BIM models undergo multiple internal checks and are sent to you for final validation


06. Submission

The drawings and models are documented and submitted in the preferred format of your choice

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Us as Your Mechanical BIM Service Provider?

Partnering with us for all types of MEP and mechanical BIM services comes with a lot of advantages. The key ones are listed below -

  • Stringent Quality Measures

    BIM models are a crucial part of construction and quality control is highly important to ensure error-free construction and processes. We levy strict quality management systems to provide accurate designs that deliver the right output.

  • Economical Services

    At Flatworld, we believe in providing quality within your budget. We offer flexible packages that can be customized economically as per your unique needs.

  • Customized BIM Designs

    Offering tailored BIM models that perfectly match all your design needs is what we do best.

  • Assured Data Security

    We have a zero-tolerance policy towards data leakage and have best-in-class data protection systems in place to maintain complete privacy and confidentiality of your data and sensitive information.

  • Extensive Industry Experience

    We have a specialized, qualified, and experienced team with extensive experience across the sectors of MEP and BIM.

  • ISO-certified and Conversant with International Standards of BIM

    Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we comply with various international standards and codes of conduct like ASHRAE, NBN, NBC code, etc.

Customer Success Stories

FWS Provided Point Cloud BIM Service to Create As-Built Model of 24-Floor Extension

FWS Used Point Cloud BIM Data to Create an As-Built Model of a 24-Floor Extension

We leveraged highly accurate point cloud laser scan data to create a single Revit model to allow our clients to extend a 4-story building into a 24-floor residential space at cost-effective rates.

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FWS Provided 3D Walkthrough and Visualization Solutions to an Irish Brewery

FWS Provided 3D Walkthrough and Visualization Solutions to an Irish Brewery

FWS provided state-of-the-art 3D architectural walkthrough services to an Irish client in just two weeks at cost-effective rates.

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