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Electrical Engineering Services

Work with our experienced electrical engineers to build the right electrical systems, design them correctly, and install them at industry-wide best rates

Whether you want to design and engineer the right electrical systems or get it installed, Flatworld Solutions' electrical engineering services can help you achieve the desired results. We provide a wide range of electrical engineering services at most affordable rates. Our solutions optimize and integrate all the components of a power system, and make sure that your products are aligned to your business goals.

Electrical engineering services at Flatworld Solutions are designed to keep your systems efficient, reliable, safe, and always up-to-date. We are backed by a team which uses high-end equipment and design tools to meet all the interfacing requirements. Our custom electrical engineering services will help your electrical designs perform safely and smartly, at a modest cost.

Electrical Engineering Solutions We Offer

At FWS, we have invested in state-of-the-art software, including CAD, MicroStation, AutoCAD, ProDesign, SmartDraw, etc. Our electrical engineering experts comply with all the international compliance standards and each drawing endures strict quality inspection to make sure that the highest quality of electrical schematic is rendered to the customer. A few of the many electrical engineering solutions we offer include -

  1. PCB Design and Layout Services

    PCB Design and Layout Services

    Flatworld Solutions offers design and layout services for clients looking for assistance with their printed circuit boards. Our PCB design layouts are undertaken by engineers who have all the necessary certifications and experience. Schematic capture, PCB Design, PCB Layout, Component Footprint, and Capture Prototype Procurement are some of the PCB Solutions we offer.

  2. Electrical Design and Layout Services

    Electrical Design and Layout Services

    When planning your electrical layout, it's important to confirm accurateness, otherwise, the foundation will be faulty and there will be several problems in the future. If you outsource electrical design services to us, you can leverage the expertise of our experienced team to meet your needs and receive the right output. Our electrical design and layout services accommodate low, medium, and high voltage services.

  3. Electrical Instrumentation Services

    Electrical Instrumentation Services

    Our industrial instrumentation services / electrical instrumentation services undergo rigorous quality and load checks and are acclaimed for its precision and accuracy. Outsourcing electrical instrumentation services may seem a daunting task for several organizations, but, a fresh third-party perspective of your requirements/problems might just make things much easier.

  4. Electrical Schematic Drawing Service

    Electrical Schematic Drawing Service

    Our team can produce electrical schematic/wiring diagrams for multiple industries, including electronics manufacturers, aerospace, industrial engineering, etc. They can create detailed wiring drawings that will clearly show each circuit component and corresponding technical information and make sure that the schematic diagrams are 100% precise.

  5. Electrical 2D Drafting Services

    Electrical 2D Drafting Services

    As a leading electrical engineering service provider, we provide 2D electrical drafting services to global firms working across different verticals, including, security services, architecture, product, networking, and more. Our CAD designers can create field layout, power distribution, small circuit diagrams, and more.

  6. Electronic Circuit Design Service

    Electronic Circuit Design Service

    Our industrial electric design services include electronic circuit design services for automated circuits, embedded circuits, etc. Our electrical engineering team and consultants combine advanced technology with their experience to deliver unmatched service. They can help you with designs, calculations, simulations, etc.

  7. Electrical Equipment Support Services

    Electrical Equipment Support Services

    The installation, calibration, and use of various electric appliances entail vigilance, thus, if you need support services for installation or operation of any electrical equipment, you can reach out to us.

  8. Smart Panel Layout Drawing Service

    Smart Panel Layout Drawing Service

    As an integral part of IoTs, smart panels enable businesses to manage and monitor their energy consumption in an intuitive way. As a prominent electrical engineering service providing company, Flatworld Solutions provides cutting-edge smart panels to design solutions for several technologies. We can provide customizable smart panel layouts and schematics by using the latest software and tools.

  9. Field Instrument Location Services

    Field Instrument Location Services

    We provide the right location, plans, charts, etc., to create the finest design to help you achieve the right success rate. Our team methodically studies the requirement and later design the appropriate mechanisms to give you the correct results.

  10. Power Distribution Services

    Power Distribution Services

    Our team has the ability in determining the exact power distribution that you may require at your facility. By choosing us to outsource electrical engineering services, you can avail our engineer's expertise in the distribution of power lines in the right way to improve distribution efficiency.

  11. Control System Architecture Services

    Control System Architecture Services

    By outsourcing electrical engineering services, you can leverage our control system architecture services. We can provide the best architecture and electrical engineering services for instrumentation and control systems.

Our Electrical Engineering Capabilities

Most of the electrical design solutions are under-thought or over-done. Years of domain experience has taught us that poorly done designs slow down installations and increase operational costs. Therefore, at Flatworld Solutions, we take care of all the electrical drafting needs of General Contractors, Architects, and Developers, and make sure that our electric solutions help them get the best performance from their electrical devices. Our electrical CAD services are offered using the latest AutoCAD software. Most of our designing work is done remotely by the best electrical engineers in order to save cost and time and bring in the best performance.

Flatworld Solutions offers electrical solutions to Commercial, Industrial Businesses, and Residential Set-ups, which includes -

 Troubleshooting Issues
 Conceptualization and Designing
 New Constructions
 Maintenance and Support
 Lighting Services

Other Services You May Be Interested In

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Electrical Engineering Services?

Flatworld Solutions is usually the first choice of leading outsourcing vendors looking to outsource electrical design services. Here are the key reasons that make our clients prefer us over the competitors -

  • Affordable Electrical Engineering Services

    We provide the lowest possible rates in the industry, which are based on the complexity of the project, skill, and expertise of resources, etc.

  • ISMS Compliant Engineering Solutions

    We have been accredited with the prestigious ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. Therefore, our processes, employees, and systems follow the ISMS norms, and you can expect 100% safety adherence from us.

  • High-quality Service

    Our electrical engineering team undergoes rigorous training to meet our customers' expectations. With the experience of working on thousands of engineering-related projects, we can ensure the highest level of quality.

  • Economies of Scale

    If you want to increase demand or reduce delivery, you can always contact us. With the right set of tools, system, software, and expertise, we can tailor the service to your needs.

  • Flexibility

    As part of our commitment to deliver electrical engineering solutions that appease clients, we can provide our services as a main contractor or sub-contractor. We can ramp-up or ramp-down our team based on your requirements, at a short notice.

  • Transparency

    Flatworld Solutions offers a completely transparent method of working. We uphold the highest level of standards and ensure that your decision to outsource electrical engineering design services to us was the best.

  • Adherence to Industry Standards

    Our electrical engineering consulting services ensure complete adherence to industry standards. Flatworld Solutions complies with various international standards like DIN, IEC, ANSI, IEEE, ISO, CENELAC, and customer-specific standards.

  • Convenience

    We align our work and schedule based on each customer's needs and requirements. Also, our past records are a testimony to our attention to detail and safety procedures we adhere to.

  • Round the Clock Support

    By choosing us as your electrical engineering service provider, you can have 24-hour access to electrical engineers with vast expertise in the field.

  • Faster Time-to-market

    We conduct regular meetings with our field staff to ensure that they conform to all the applicable industry standards. Thus, with efficient, high-quality, and on-time engineering solutions, we ensure faster time-to-market.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided MEP Design and Drafting Services to a Major Australia-based Electric Service Firm

Flatworld Solutions Provided MEP Design and Drafting Services to a Major Australia-based Electric Service Firm

Read the case study to know how Flatworld Solutions provided comprehensive MEP design and drafting service that enabled the client to intuitively use MEP designs.

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Outsource Electrical Engineering Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Customers always appreciate great service, and at Flatworld Solutions, we always tread an extra mile to bring a smile on our customers' faces.

Outsourcing electrical design solutions is no longer a "last resort" for organizations; in fact, it is becoming one of the most preferred ways of working in the electrical industry. If you are looking for electrical engineering services that guarantee quality and assure perfection then try outsourcing electrical engineering design services to Flatworld Solutions. We guarantee that you will cherish your decision!

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