Outsource Engineering Change Order Services

Engineering Change Order Services

Manage your engineering changes with ECR, ECO, and ECN and boost your design and manufacturing productivity at cost-effective prices

Even the best technical design has some scope for error, defect, or improvement which gives rise to the need for corrective measures. To ensure sound product development and a sustainable modification life-cycle, an Engineering Change Order is a crucial document. Quite literally, it gets all the stakeholders on the same page and helps choose the most conclusive approach to bring about the changes.

Flatworld is an ECO engineering change order service providing company that specializes in higher-order change management of products, components, assemblies, and manufacturing processes. Our team combines experts from technical, finance, consulting, and management backgrounds to offer the most accurate and effective engineering change solutions. If widespread experience and unrivaled expertise are what you are looking for, you are at the right place.

Our Engineering Change Order Services

A product that is already on the market could be rejected by the masses for its unreasonable price, unfamiliar make, or uncompelling features. A product that is still in the design or production process can prove to be unsustainable or unstandardized. Regardless of the position of the product in its life cycle, Flatworld specializes in finding the core of the problem and brings it to resolution through our engineering change order services.

Our engineering change order and management services include -

  1. Design and Model Changes

    Design and Model Changes

    These changes are required when serious redesign and refurbishing of the product is required. This includes correcting defects, enhancing functionality, upgrading models, and much more.

  2. Component Replacement

    Component Replacement

    Right from inspection of the component and procurement of a replacement to all the ancillary product modifications that will be required to fit the replaced component, we cover every aspect of component changes.

  3. Procurement and Typography Changes

    Procurement and Typography Changes

    These include the kind of changes that have nothing to do with the product itself but can have a great impact on costs, sales, marketing, and other factors. Our network integrates an expansive range of technical components suppliers from across the globe while our procurement team ensures inventory management and agreement negotiations.

  4. Cost Reduction Changes

    Cost Reduction Changes

    These changes encompass approaches that include reducing material costs by fixing procurement, reducing or replacing materials to reduce costs, and optimizing machinery and equipment to maximize productivity, among others.

Under the above-discussed brackets, our engineering change order service providing company curates end-to-end solutions by leveraging the following specialized services -

  1. Identifying Scope for Equipment Redesign/Remodeling

    Identifying Scope for Equipment Redesign/Remodeling

    Identifying the underlying problem may be the first step, but identifying the scope and extent of improvements required is the second, and the most important step in engineering change management. Our experts specialize in developing corrective plans for redesigning and remodeling products.

  2. Identifying Problems with Manufacturing Processes

    Identifying Problems with Manufacturing Processes

    At Flatworld, we understand that it's not always the product. The cause of substandard products, wastage, or prodigality could be within the manufacturing process. We specialize in conducting a thorough evaluation to identify and resolve the same.

  3. ECR, ECO, and ECN development

    ECR, ECO, and ECN development

    The transition between these three documents is crucial to the entire engineering change management process. With a forthright approach, we ensure every single factor that is affected directly or indirectly by the change is taken into account while developing these documents.

  4. Data and Product Lifecycle Management

    Data and Product Lifecycle Management

    The better the tools, the greater the precision. The secret to our unparalleled success rate is our expertise with tools like SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, Inventor Vault, and Team Center that helps us manage data and product lifecycle with ease and accuracy.

  5. Getting Approval from Correspondence and Legal Compliance

    Getting Approval from Correspondence and Legal Compliance

    Our entire work methodology is highly iterative, meaning that, at every step of the process we ensure each stakeholder is taken into the loop. This involves taking approval from all the technicians, designers, and legal authorities concerned.

  6. Outsourcing Components for Replacement

    Outsourcing Components for Replacement

    We take pride in being a complete engineering change order service provider and therefore, manage all outsourcing and procurement needs for the entire change process in the most cost-effective manner.

Our Engineering Change Order Process

Irrespective of the industry, domain, or nature of changes required, engineering change management predominantly works around developing three documents - ECR, ECO, and the ECN. From identifying the problem at the grass-root level to providing complete support during execution, here's a step-by-step break-up of how we operate -


01. Identifying the Problem

We conduct a high-level assessment of the product/process to identify the areas that require changes. Our team also determines the extent of change and the approach of correction/ replacement


02. Developing an ECR

An Engineering Change Request is raised to assist the change execution. Herein we list all stakeholders involved, resources needed, costs, benefits, and risks


03. Review and Approval of ECR

Our sitting review committee assesses the challenge in tandem with the engineers on the client execution side. Through this iterative process, we reach a consensus on the final executable approach


04. Developing an ECO

We combine the modifications approved in the previous step with BOMs, task lists, technical designs, and other detailed particulars in an Engineering Change Order that equips the final execution


05. Review and Approval of ECO

This step is for the final ECO draft to be double-checked for all factors one last time and get approval from the senior management


06. Drafting and Circulating the ECN

Finally, we raise the Engineering Change Notice that is meant to intimate all stakeholders of the changes and the corresponding time slots. We make sure everyone is prepared in time


07. Execution Support

Throughout the change implementation process, our team is on stand-by for any assistance - technical or communicative - as and when required

Industries We Cater To

Our expertise spans a diverse range of industries and sectors including -

Oil and GasOil and Gas
Consumer ElectronicsConsumer Electronics

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why is Flatworld the Ideal Engineering Change Order Service Provider for Your Project?

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, a diversely dispersed global client base, and a success rate like no other, Flatworld has emerged among the market leaders in engineering change order services. Here's what makes us better than the best -

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    Engineering change orders, when managed inefficiently, can lead to a drastic increase in costs due to rework and reproduction. Our engineering change order services, on the other hand, not only come at a reasonable price but also offer solutions that can drastically cut down on costs without compromising on quality.

  • Quality Control Best Practices

    Whether the changes involve defect detection and correction or functionality enhancement, these measures can upturn the landscape of any product. We recognize this responsibility and implement best practices to keep quality and safety in check at all times.

  • Expertise with Most Cutting-Edge Data Management Tools

    We work to eliminate errors and maximize optimization so that the change brings out the best in the product/process. For this purpose, our team is trained and experienced with the most futuristic tools and technologies.

  • Semi-automated Processes

    We leverage these technologies to automate crucial parts of our workflow, particularly those pertaining to calculations and requiring precision so that we can further ensure accuracy and efficiency.

  • Fast Turnaround

    We have a team spread across the globe and they are conversant with local standards and policies. With their experience, technological support, and commitment to quality, we provide customized solutions at the fastest turnaround times.

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Engineering change management is fundamental to determining a product's success in the market. At Flatworld, we take pride in the highly disciplined and systematic nature of our workflow that makes the entire engineering change order process more time and cost-efficient. With Flatworld's assistance, you can refurbish your product's functionality, performance, and marketability with the assurance of obtaining the highest standards of quality.

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