Outsource Plumbing and Firefighting Services

Plumbing and Firefighting Services

Get access to smartly engineered designs that enhance the efficiency of your plumbing and firefighting systems at cost-effective prices

Is your building or housing project in need of a water plumbing and fire protection system that can reduce wastage and prevent fire damage? Are you weighing options to outsource plumbing and firefighting services to optimize manual or automatic fire extinguishing systems? If so, your search ends with Flatworld Solutions. We understand that plumbing engineering designs today need to be sustainable and developed in a way which keeps depleting water resources and water bills in mind.

Our plumbing and firefighting services for residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure help in the development and optimization of natural water, sprinkler water, sewerage, and other domestic water management systems. Our plumbing design and drafting cover everything from automatic fire alarm systems, replacing plumbing risers, designing backflow preventers, and greywater recycling systems, among others.

Plumbing and Firefighting Services We Offer

Over the years, we have helped design and draft multiple comprehensive systems for various facilities over multiple projects. This, in addition to our ability to focus on compliance regulations with each individual client's fire and life safety standards, BIS, NBC, NFPA codes, building/fire codes, etc. ensures we can deliver the highest quality plumbing and firefighting services. These services include -

  1. Plumbing Design Services

    • Equipment datasheets for plumbing related equipment
    • Insulation selection for piping materials
    • Schematics for gas services
    • Plant room layout
    • Calculations for hot & cold-water capacity
    • Calorifiers, pumps, water storage tanks sizing & selection
    • Medical gas & vacuum piping design
    • Fuel gas piping design
    • Piping for water services
    • Water services schematics
    • Soil & waste schematics
    • Soil & waste system layouts
    • Water services layouts (plans & details)
    • Design of gravity-based soil & waste systems
    • Fixture design services
    • Paper to CAD conversion
    • Plumbing schedule
    • Water supply layout design
  2. Firefighting Design Services

    • Sprinkler, smoke detection, and gas suppression design
    • Water storage capacity calculation
    • Pump size calculations
    • Gas quantity calculations
    • Fire suppression system design
    • Schematic diagram design
    • Sprinkler/ foam/water spray/hydrant/ system design
    • Fuel gas management design
    • Paper to CAD conversion
    • Wet and dry riser designs
    • CCTV access control
  3. Utility Design Services

    • Utility assessment services
    • Piping & accessories design
    • Piping layout design
    • Tender and bill of quantities
    • Fire protection system
  4. Domestic Water Design Services

    • Water requirement calculations
    • Load unit calculations
    • Schematic diagrams design
    • Cold and hot water layout drawings
    • Design requirement documentation
  5. Sewage Water Design Services

    • Design specifications for sewage
    • Stormwater discharge calculations
    • Stormwater drainage designs and diagram
    • Design of layout drawings

Plumbing Design and Drafting Process We Follow

As a premier plumbing and firefighting services providing company, we understand how important it is for our clients to partner with a reliable service provider who can help them move towards enhanced productivity while keeping the costs in check. At FWS, we follow a streamlined process which has been honed over the years to provide the best possible results in any scenario. Our process includes -


01. Project Scoping

  • Document Gathering - We receive all inputs from our clients which are required for the project
  • Design Strategy Proposal - We send out a proposal with a draft of the overall design strategy
  • Budget Strategy - Once approved, we also create a budget for the manufacture of the parts required for the design
  • Optimize Proposals to Current Standards - We ensure the draft proposal which has been approved follows the rules, regulations, and existing standards

02. Design & Development

  • Design Creation - We create the first renders in CAD and other software modules as per the project requirements
  • Optimization and Improvisation Strategy - We create the entire design to optimize it for use in real-world scenarios while improvising where required
  • Final Design Approval - We send the final renders to the client for approval
  • Create Material Invoice - We list out all materials required for construction based on approved design

03. Execution

  • Design Implementation - We implement the design and work with your team to bring your requirements to life
  • Monitor Work Progress - We monitor the work progress and provide you with regular status updates
  • On-Site Checks - We perform regular on-site checks to ensure everything is going properly

04. Quality Assurance

  • Testing and inspection - We inspect all the manufactured elements created and inspect them for regular wear and tear
  • Standard Compliance - We check all elements to ensure they follow national and international standards
  • Delivery Certification - We sign off on the manufactured parts and help in securing a delivery certification for the same

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Plumbing and Firefighting Services to FWS?

Over the years, we have worked with clients across the globe who share our passion for innovative plumbing and firefighting solutions which are efficient, sustainable, and more importantly, fool-proof in case of any mishap. With our help, you can aim to achieve better productivity while regaining your position in the market. When you partner with Flatworld for plumbing and firefighting services, you can gain from the following -

  1. ISO Certified Plumbing and Firefighting Services Provider

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified plumbing and firefighting services provider. Our services have reached over 50000 clients worldwide and we aim to cover even more geography in a fleeting time.

  2. 100% Data Security Compliance

    We are compliant with multiple international laws and statutes, ensuring your designs never face problems when seeking approval from municipal councils, etc. Our stringent data management policy will ensure maximum safety of your data. Your personal data will not be used in ways other than mentioned in the SLA.

  3. High-quality Designs

    We have worked with clients from different countries and are always apprised of country-specific regulations and requirements. This means the plumbing and firefighting designs we create for you remain truly unique while fulfilling your needs.

  4. Scalable Services

    The plumbing and firefighting services we offer are highly scalable. The flexibility to scale as per your needs will let you take complete advantage of our offerings when you need additional resources or designs to handle a surge in requirement.

  5. On-Time Delivery

    One of the highlight features of our service is our ability to deliver on time, no matter how complicated the project might be on paper. This is the primary reason why most of our clients come to us for repeat business.

  6. Cost-effective Solutions

    Our pricing matches your expectations, and we never charge for what we do not provide. Over the years, we have created a pricing structure that works well whether you are a large multinational conglomerate or a small rural business. At the end of the day, you always pay only for the work involved, without and hidden surprises.

  7. SPOC

    We provide a dedicated point of contact to maintain a taut interaction with our clients. You can get our SPOC to assist you with query processing or in case you have priority needs to be addressed.

  8. Full-time Professionals

    We have a team of highly skilled plumbing and firefighting design experts with decades of experience in the design process. Our team is trained in state-of-the-art modeling software and are competent to handle simple and complex requirement with ease. We bring to the table what most of our competition cannot, providing expert design and selection of plumbing and fire protection design, detailing the clients with installation, and creating draft recommendations for concept drawings and preliminary design data.

  9. Software Mastery

    Our team of professionals is expert in AutoCAD and other related software and proprietary modules. This means faster design delivery and more accurate drafts which do not require frequent back-and-forth.

  10. Better Productivity

    At the heart of all the plumbing and firefighting designs, we create lie our ability to increase productivity at an improved rate for our clients.

  11. 24/7 Support

    We offer brisk support to all our clients via their preferred methods so that they can get quick support irrespective of the time zone.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Piping Instrumentation Indexes Diagram

Piping Instrumentation Indexes Diagram

With piping instrumentation indexes diagram we helped a coastal refinery client. This enabled the client to shrink installation space, enhance safety, and save 50% cost.

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FWS Provided Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering (RE) Services

We enhanced the efficiency of a supplier and manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with reverse engineering services. Our services significantly lowered the client's operational cost.

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Outsource Plumbing and Firefighting Services to Flatworld Solutions


FWS has undertaken CAD project work for us for development in Florida. I must say I was surprised at the level of both competence and commitment that the team there delivered. The project was delivered on time and to a very higher level of both quality and satisfaction.

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Our mechanical engineering services are renowned for their efficiency and the way they can help our clients secure leverage over their competition. In our company, each service system is designed carefully and follows a process which ensures your ideas can turn into realistic plans. Our focus is to create designs which are handy for both end-users and architects and helping our clients progress from project concept to handover while owning 100% of the process.

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