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Vacuum Casting Services

We provide an extensive range of polyurethane to choose from and supplement it with excellent finishing service

Vacuum-assisted casting is a highly popular technique used to develop exact copies of original patterns. The technique finds use in several industries. In recent times, the scope of its application is expanding by leaps and bounds. This is because of its strategic advantages of designing exact replicas in a quick time and low costs.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading vacuum casting company with over 2 decades of experience in providing top notch services to industries around the world. Our comprehensive understanding of vacuum casting technology and vacuum casting machines helps us deliver high value services for multi-industry use. We have earned a reputation for developing vacuum-assisted casting products that meet mechanical property requirements, dimensional accuracy, and clean look.

Our Vacuum Casting Services

Vacuum-assisted casting is an advanced technique used to develop superior quality prototypes of small plastic parts. The technique uses two-component polyurethanes and silicone molds to make these lasting products. Over the years the technique has become very popular because it enables developing end-use products at great speed and reasonable costs.

Our vacuum casting prototyping services include, but are not limited to -

  1. Casting for Automotive and Aerospace Parts

    Casting for Automotive and Aerospace Parts

    Common aerospace parts that can be manufactured are specialty alloys such as silicone bronze or beryllium copper. These are used in building aerospace and automotive parts with distinct roles and specifications.

  2. Plastic Parts and Prototypes

    Plastic Parts and Prototypes

    Our services can be used to develop small plastic parts that are integral to a larger plastic product. These plastic products are used by different industries for equally diverse industrial purposes such as medical devices, prosthetics, and consumer goods.

  3. Decorative Objects

    Decorative Objects

    Our casting can be used to make a wide variety of decorative objects. The objects are created in mass from an original master show piece. Some such objects include room decorative items like statues, wall plaques, custom ornaments with low shelf life etc.

Advantages Of Vacuum-assisted Casting

Vacuum-assisted casting is much sought after because of multiple reasons. These include -

  • Low Cost for Mold

    It helps in generating exact matching products at a low cost. The costs can further be lowered by outsourcing it to an offshore company.

  • Quick Time

    Prototypes can be created in mass in almost no time. This is because of the easy availability of polyurethane resins.

  • High-Quality

    Prototypes generated are always of high-quality. The cast copies have a consistent appearance with the required properties.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Vacuum-assisted Casting Services to FWS

Some benefits of working with us include -

  • Quality and Speed

    We combine latest technologies with experience to deliver custom vacuum casting services within a quick turnaround. Our delivery times can be as quick as 7 to 14 days.

  • Additional Services

    We provide additional supplementary services with our casting services. This includes complementary finishing services such as texturing, machining, printing, media blasting, painting etc.

  • No Minimum Order Value

    We do not demand a minimum order volume. Likewise, we do not want us to meet a minimum dollar value threshold for availing our casting services.

  • Design Support and Remote Flexibility

    If your products are being made on a tentative basis and without a final design, we provide the necessary design details.

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Flatworld Solutions has always been very responsive to all requests and eager to learn our processes and standards. We believe that this partnership brings value to both companies and that value will only grow as the relationship evolves.

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Outsource Vacuum Casting Services to Flatworld Solutions

When you choose Flatworld Solutions you bank on experience and expertise. As a specialized casting service provider, we offer an exceptional range of carefully selected polyurethanes for vacuum-assisted casting.

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