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The Client

The client we served is a leading provider of geomatics solutions and is staffed by experts and scientists that have in-depth expertise in the area of geomatics. They aim to help firms from various industries obtain and leverage high-quality geospatial data. They provide pre-defined services as well as custom solutions to help meet evolving customer requirements. They also specialize in capturing and analyzing data from LiDAR sensors and other similar equipment.

They have expertise in acquiring high-quality geospatial data, LiDAR data processing, precision agriculture services, accurate photo interpretation, and much more. They also provide ongoing training sessions on the use of LiDAR equipment and thermal cameras as well as on photogrammetry.

Client's Requirements

The client requested for help on one of their LiDAR mapping projects. They had acquired LAZ satellite images that contained about 656k railyards and they wanted us to precisely measure and highlight all the railyards.

Client's Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was the stringent level of accuracy required. The tolerance range as specified by the client was only a three-meter limit for each segment of track. We had to precisely calculate to the LAZ images' 3rd decimal point to obtain the required level of accuracy.

In addition to the high level of accuracy required, the client also wanted the project to be completed and delivered within a tight timeframe of 45 days.

FWS' Solution

Based on the project requirements, we decided to assign 8 highly skilled and qualified civil engineers to help complete the project on time and with the required accuracy.

Our Process

The project was challenging on many levels and we knew we had to follow a well-defined process to deliver it according to the client's stringent specifications. The process we came up with is as follows:

  1. After understanding the requirements in detail, we did a trial run on a short 2.2 km section of track. We then shared this output with the client for feedback and to sort out minor issues.
  2. We then calculated that it would take 8 civil engineers working side by side to finish the project on time and to specifications. We formed the team and briefed them thoroughly on what needed to be done.
  3. The team analyzed the LAZ satellite images and scaled them appropriately.
  4. We then measured all the relevant distances while always checking that the tolerance level was not breached. We sent the data for QA after each milestone.
  5. After measuring all the rail tracks properly, we sent across the final images and measurements to the client.

The Result

The client was delighted with the results. The client saved a lot of time and money and also obtained the services of highly competent civil engineers on the project. The client was also very pleased with the accuracy level of all the measurements and the timely delivery of all the project files. The client was so happy that he engaged our services for a new ongoing project.

Outsource UAV and LiDAR Mapping to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of UAV and LiDAR mapping services, as well as a comprehensive range of other civil engineering services, to clients from across the world. We are also ISO 9001:2015 accredited, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will always receive high-quality engineering services from us. All our engineers are leaders in their fields and fully abreast of all the latest developments and best practices.

Contact us now to discuss your LiDAR mapping or other engineering requirements and we will be glad to help.

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