Flatworld Provided Point Cloud BIM Service to Create As-Built Model of 24-Floor Extension

Case Study on Point Cloud BIM Service to Create As-Built Model

The Client

The client is based in the United States and supplies industrial and institutional services that include unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) techniques, as-built modeling via laser scans, and multiple variations of engineering drawings. This large enterprise began with CAD-based techniques and evolved to the current emphasis on BIM-based procedures.

Challenges Faced by the Client

In conjunction with a project that involved renovating a 4-floor building into 24 floors of residential space, the client sought to create as-built drawings of the current structure to facilitate constructing additional floors. Another goal was the conversion of point cloud laser scanned data to a building information model that was more precise.

The project entailed multiple challenges -

  • Original scan files involved erratic quality and accuracy
  • Point cloud data did not provide a sufficient level of detail
  • Actual building pictures were required to support BIM
  • Large original data files were difficult to transfer
  • To support their initial BIM project, the client needed help with timelines, milestones, technology and assessment of project scope

FWS' Solution

The Flatworld Solutions' team developed a comprehensive approach that built upon their BIM expertise -

  • Detailed preliminary explanation of achieving BIMs model using point cloud data
  • Assignment of four building information model experts to the project - each responsible for a separate BIM model component
  • Mutual development with the client to meet project targets and measure feedback on deliverables
  • BIM experts analyzed five angles and portions of floor-wise laser scans (original client inputs)
  • Conversion of multiple laser scans into a single Revit (BIM software) model
  • Prepared conceptual model for client review and approval prior to final BIM model development
  • Client feedback was incorporated into the final model
  • The required level of detail was achieved
  • Results were delivered via Dropbox

The Results

Successful building information modeling requires flawless and timely support - this was a key component in the project described above as well as any other project carried out by the Flatworld Solutions' team. Additionally, our clients could reduce their renovation and construction costs by 20 to 30 percent due to our cost-effective support services.

Our engineering experts understand the difficulties and challenges of BIM modeling. Flatworld Solutions incorporates technical expertise, communication skills and comprehensive management that will facilitate advanced building information modeling requirements.

If you need Building information modeling for surface reconstruction of designs, then contact Flatworld Solutions to discuss your project needs. Join us and take a closer look at the efforts we take to lower your outsourcing expenses while delivering top-notch results straight from our experts that are a cut above the rest.

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