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Project management is a vast term that includes several functions of planning, organizing and managing resources to ensure that a project's goal is met successfully. However, performing all the functions manually is cumbersome. Certain functions can be performed with the help of a software, which results in increased productivity. Flatworld Solutions' project management software helps you organize all the information related to your project in a better way. Besides, the software can be customized according to your needs.

Most project managers consider 'time management' as a major hindrance while working across projects. They find it time-consuming to perform administrative tasks such as tracking data usage, securing data and communicating with team members, which affects other important functions such as project planning, scheduling, budgeting and finding ways to add value to the project.

Benefits of using the Project Management Software

With Flatworld's project management software, you can augment your team's productivity through the automation of administrative and communication tasks like data access control, revision control, etc. Other benefits of using Flatworld's project management software are:

  • Automation of typical administrative functions
  • Cost-effective multiple project management software
  • Enhanced security, usability, data integrity and traceability
  • Ability to work on multiple projects by using the software
  • Total control of multiple file formats, communications and schedules
  • Lesser time spent on data administration
  • Freedom from performing non-value tasks
  • Enables project managers to concentrate on core functions and add value to the project

Flatworld Solutions' cost-friendly "Multiple Project Data Management Solution" is capable of managing all types of data, including documents, drawings and schedules related to a particular project.

Features of the Project Management Software

  • Easy way of assigning tasks to team members
  • Enables document revision control
  • Easy tracking of tasks assigned to team members
  • The software can be customized based on your requirements

Other Tasks Performed by the Project Management Software

1. Storage of project related data for multiple concurrent projects

2. Storage of data related to:

  • Project documents
  • Revisions history
  • Drawings
  • Reference material
  • Communication

3. Project overview tasks like:

  • Monitoring and controlling the flow of data among team members
  • Managing internal communication tools such as e-mail
  • Reducing network traffic by moderating the flow of data
  • Monitoring and controlling document revisions

4. Project administrative tasks such as:

  • Automaton of information back-up
  • Content management
  • Project schedules
  • E-mail
  • Notice boards
  • User access control
  • Task management

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