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The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by an established furniture company in Australia. The company almost exclusively supplies commercial furniture, with customers spread out across healthcare, government, defense, hospitality, and other corporate industries.

The client was looking for 3D modeling and rendering service that could convert photos into proper 3D models. They also needed value additions to existing models, and different variants/environments of all types of furniture. Further client had a prerequisite that the service provider should have the knowledge of ergonomics and proper dimensions since these renditions would be used across various marketing collaterals and media.

They elected to use Flatworld Solutions due to our combination of price and experience in 3D modeling/rendering.

The Challenges

Flatworld Solutions faced with several challenges while working on this project. Some of the problems that we encountered included -

  • Communication and Coordination Issues - Several images lacked clarity in terms of proportionality, texture, and material
  • Low Resolution Files - Often due to availability, the only files that the client was able to send over were low resolution, making it more difficult to render correctly
  • Extensive Work - With hundreds of images and many different environments and variants needed, the amount of work would require many skilled resources

These challenges required a considerable amount of planning and communication on the part of Flatworld Solutions.

The Solution

Our Solution

In order to address the above-mentioned challenges, Flatworld Solutions first established a workflow pattern to better incorporate the client's feedback. We placed some of our best 3D modeling experts on the task - those capable of working with low-resolution images successfully, adding esthetic value, and catering to each need of the client. We Further ensured that the renditions we offer could be effortlessly used across various media as marketing collaterals according to their requirement.

The Result

The Result

The client was extremely satisfied with the work delivered by Flatworld Solutions. They found considerable savings as compared to the time when they were using other local artists, and experienced a faster turnaround time than they were expecting.

They received all of the products in their desired environment and elected to use Flatworld Solutions for future work.

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Flatworld Solutions is a reputed company providing comprehensive engineering services including 3D furniture modeling to clients world-wide with great accuracy. We have the experience, team, infrastructure, experience, and expertise to meet diverse engineering requirements of our clients, and successfully deliver to their expectations.

If you want to know more about this case study or success story on 3d image recreation for furniture store, contact our experts. For more information on how we can customize 3D modeling and rendering services for your work processes, contact Flatworld Solutions today.

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