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Are you looking to develop Revit families or custom components in other software? Are you looking for a provider that can help you change the geometry of BIM objects across BIM object families? Are you looking for a reliable vendor that uses specific workflows to ensure that the BIM object families have the correct level of detail within them? If so, we can help.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of BIM component creation services. Our BIM component families are COBie compliant and have the ability to be customized to incorporate specific EIRs (Employers Information Requirements) according to specific parameters. This ensures that the developed BIM object families are compliant with international standards and satisfy all project requirements.

Our BIM Component Creation Services

As a leading BIM component creation service provider, we provide an entire range of BIM component creation services. We provide custom Revit family creation services and family creation in other software. Custom Revit creation refers to the process of developing a library of the building or mechanical components such that any change to a family type is instantly reflected throughout the project that uses that family type. For example, if the dimensions of a door are changed, the dimensions of all doors of the same family are instantly updated. Such families are called parametric families.

Our BIM component creation services include -

Geometry Services

Geometry Services

We use basic commands like sweep, extrusion, blend, etc. and combine these as void and solid forms to make sure that the geometry of the component accurately matches the desired geometry. We perform cut/join of overlapping forms to achieve adequate geometrical relevance for the object being represented.

Modeling Services

Modeling Services

For modeling, we use commands in the Family Editor module where we create shaped forms out of form tools. In this environment, we combine and put together components in a logical sequence to ultimately create a robust family that closely reflects the object being represented.

LOD Matrix Services

LOD Matrix Services

One of the most crucial decisions to make is which family template best represents the object to be modeled. Our engineers have sufficient experience and expertise to choose the best templates.

Information and Parameters Services

Information and Parameters Services

We use the LOD Matrix to represent how components are represented in the project based on the LOD requirements of the project or client. We can represent components in both 2D and 3D and provide varying levels of detail that can be selected or modified during the tenure of the project. We also provide varying LOI (Level of Information) for the components depending on the nature of the project.

Component Database Services

Component Database Services

We provide parameters related to the material being used, its geometry, and visibility to make the component more suitable for use. We provide component-related information, such as size, type, URLs, and model number. Therefore, when the family is loaded in a project, users can control how the family behaves and looks.

Why Outsource BIM Component Creation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a leading BIM component creation service providing company, we provide services on par with international standards. Our key differentiators include -

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Success Stories

Outsource BIM Component Creation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of BIM component creation services. We provide world-class services at extremely cost-effective rates and within quick turnaround times, making our services difficult to match.

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