Outsource Indoor Mapping Services

Indoor Mapping Services

Get access to easy-to-use and intuitive indoor maps to guide visitors, employees, travelers, and residents with the precincts of an area at cost-effective prices

Mapping of indoor spaces is the process of creating maps for internal navigation. It helps to create digital positions of objects inside buildings, venues, offices, or a society. It assists users to find their destination in a large area. These maps are installed in phone applications or kiosks within a building. The map uses the basic principle of calculated path mapping to establish the shortest route between the place of location to the destination in real time. It acts act as a mobility enabler to restrooms, classrooms, elevators, stairwells, entry/exit areas, restaurants, cafeterias etc.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in providing indoor maps to clients around the world. Our expertise in mapping extends from creating complex layout designs to building floor plan designs in a way that makes direction finding efficient, simple and clear.

Our Indoor Mapping Services

Our indoor mapping & navigation services include -

  1. 2D Indoor Maps

    2D Indoor Maps

    2D indoor maps are two-dimensional images charted on the surface of geometric objects. Every point in the map is viewed from overhead. It is commonly developed with the help of spot heights, contour lines, shading etc. Bitmaps are the simplest 2D maps; other 2D maps are created procedurally.

  2. 3D Indoor Maps

    3D Indoor Maps

    With 3D indoor maps, we provide a 360-degree view of indoor building plans and layouts. It presents visualization of lengths, widths, and height in a more realistic way and makes finding more intuitive. Our 3D mapping service uses photographs and vector graphics to create a real-life like depiction.

  3. Customized Indoor Maps

    Customized Indoor Maps

    This service helps in creating different types of maps for different users. We have experience creating different maps for the same society such as navigation map for employees, maps for visitors, and indoor maps for facility managers.

  4. Key Places Maps

    Key Places Maps

    These indoor maps are developed only to highlight the key parts of an area. The key parts are primarily the point of interest. These include entrance, exit, elevator, club house, security desk, ATM, play area, visitor center etc.

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Indoor Mapping Services to FWS

As a specialized indoor mapping service provider, we offer a range of benefits. These include -

  • Expertise

    From creating maps for societies, to layouts and from office complexes to buildings, we have experience in meeting all types of map needs. We also use the latest indoor mapping software & technology.

  • Software & Technology

    Our mapping services integrate your map requirements with today's technology. These include location-such as SDKs, APIs to link with other systems, and HTML content from the web.

  • Linking with IoT Devices

    We have experience in assisting companies to create smart indoor maps by integrating their maps with IoT devices.

  • Scalable Maps

    We build maps to serve your needs for tomorrow. We make scalable, mobile, and global maps.

  • Integrate Location-Based alerts

    We enable you to integrate location-based alerts into your maps. As a result, we help airport security get real-time alerts when travellers enter certain areas.

  • Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

    Our mapping services integrate indoor and outdoor mapping in a seamless fashion. This facilitates use of the maps in airports, large working complexes etc.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering, Expediting, and Construction Consulting Company

FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering, Expediting, and Construction Consulting Company

A leading New York-based engineering, expediting, and construction consulting company wanted us to handle their radius mapping requirement. Our team of civil engineers completed the task within a month.

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FWS Provided UAV and LiDAR Mapping to a Canadian Company

Flatworld Solutions Provided UAV and LiDAR Mapping to a Canadian Company

A highly reputed client providing geomatics solutions required help with a LiDAR mapping project where we had to measure and highlight about 656k railyards. We provided timely and cost-effective services.

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Outsource Indoor Mapping Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Flatworld Solutions' mapping and navigation services are designed to make mapping intuitive, flexible, scalable, and all-screen friendly. We aim to come up with indoor building plans that meets your use cases in the most professional way. If you are looking for the best indoor mapping company your search ends here.

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