Outsource Construction Documentation Services

Construction Documentation Services

With a singular focus on quality, we deliver construction documentation with focus on quality and cost-effective project management

Modern-day construction is extremely systematic in nature and requires coordinated procedures from a multitude of people including architects, draftsmen, designers, contractors and laborers. In order to ensure better coherence between multiple teams and shifts, it is extremely important that all construction steps are documented properly in order to ensure error-free workflows.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you document a site's progress and provide regular feedback related to adherence and changes, then our world-class construction project documentation services are ideal for your needs. We combine our client-first philosophy with cutting-edge technology to customize our solutions for a variety of different requirements. Having worked with architects, builders, and contractors around the world, we ensure our construction documents are able to communicate the desired intent to on-site engineers, manufacturers, architects, design professionals and construction suppliers.

Our Construction Documentation Services

Armed with a team of visual construction documentation specialists, we offer detailed project management, site supervision, and other ancillary construction consulting services as per your requirements. For most of our projects, we leverage BIM to prepare comprehensive construction documents or CD sets while enabling builders and contractors to redefine their onsite processes and streamline the efforts required. Our intelligent, digitally-generated documents also make use of video sequencing, 3D models and integrated graphics, as per your project requirement. Our services include -

  1. Architectural Construction Documentation

    Architectural Construction Documentation

    As your chosen construction documentation service providing company, we help create several architectural documentation for site drawings, floor plans, etc., as per your requirements. The CD sets created for architects are usually more detailed than the concept design drawings. These construction documents can readily serve as project blueprints while illustrating every technical aspect and construction specification with the necessary due diligence and while following necessary building codes. Our construction documentation specialists further ensure that the construction drawings we create allow you to gain a clear view of the entire building, how it's made, materials used, and the technology implemented. We can create -

    • Doors and Windows Schedule Sheets
    • Finish Drawings and Documentation
    • Architectural Interior Elevations
    • Building Sections Documentation
    • General Architecture Notes
    • Landscape Documentation
    • Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP)
    • Roof Plan Documentation
    • Wall Sections Documentation
    • Architectural Site Plans
    • Architectural Floor Plans
    • As-Built Documentation
    • Elevation Documentation
    • Architectural Detail Sheet
  2. Structural Construction Documentation

    Structural Construction Documentation

    One of our key projects for builders as their construction documentation service provider is structural construction drawings and documentation. These are extremely important to show particular locations, sizes, spacing and materials specification for all the structural elements in the project. Our contract documentation in construction also details out each and every structural member next to each another while ensuring the structural CD sets are exactly in line with the perspective of your on-site engineer. Each location, beam anchoring and assembling detail, columns, slabs, girders, footings, and others are exhaustively detailed and illustrated. Our services are ideal for reinforced concrete, steel, precast fiber, brickwork, and other structural materials. Our services include -

    • Overall Beam Layout
    • Blockworks Documentation
    • Overall Column Layout
    • General Structural Notes
    • Structural Roof Layout
    • Structural Framing Plans
    • Structural Foundation Plan
    • Overall Slab Layout
    • Structural Foundation Details
  3. MEP Construction Documentation

    MEP Construction Documentation

    Our construction project documentation services also include highly specialized MEP construction drawings which accurately locate, identify, and surmise the installation details of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) elements throughout the project. Our team of MEP modeling consultants prepare integrated MEP CD sets by effectively collaborating with your on-site engineers, ensuring everything from brand specifications, MEP placement, and identification details of all equipment, parts, and fixtures are ably illustrated in the construction documentation.

    We offer construction documentation for the following MEP trades -

    • Air Conditioning Equipment and Ducts
    • Heating and Ventilation Equipment
    • Mechanical Equipment
    • Plumbing Equipment
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Firefighting Equipment
  4. Measurable 3D Imagery Documentation

    Measurable 3D Imagery Documentation

    Our construction documentation services include state-of-the-art measurable 3D Images which provide you with the ability to remotely measure project dimensions with extremely high levels of accuracy. These 3D Images are ideal for builders, owners, contractors, site architects, and engineers who need instant access to accurate and detailed construction measurements. All these 3D images are linked to interactive and highly detailed project plans and can be accessed both online as well as offline to speed up critical construction workflows.

    Our 3D imagery documentation reduces risk and liability, and reduces the need for on-location verification while eliminating the requirement for destructive discovery which is sometimes essential to a project. Our 3D images can help you document the following -

    • Pre-slab Construction Conditions
    • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems
    • Underground Utilities
    • Hydronic Heating Systems
    • Finished Conditions
  5. Construction Photo and Imagery Documentation

    Construction Photo and Imagery Documentation

    We are pioneers in the construction photo documentation industry and our full-service construction site photography services are extremely helpful for construction projects which require regular on-site follow-ups and check-ups. We generate high-resolution imagery of the project and then make it available in inspection-grade detail, indexing the same according to your project plan, by location, date, and any other customized format as requested. Our services include -

    • Exact-built Photo Documentation
    • Construction Site Progress Photo Documentation
  6. Construction Site Video Documentation

    Construction Site Video Documentation

    Our construction site video documentation services include high resolution (4K and 8K) captures of site-specific operations as requested by the client. This specialized service allows your project supervisor, maintenance team, and building managers to administer regular feedback and enhance the speed of operations.

    With our help you can reduce overall project liability and easily validate insurance claims, while maintaining a comprehensive record of the construction progress. This is especially useful in the post-pandemic period where you can supplement technical manuals and hands-on experience with in-depth site videos taking your employees through the entire process.

Our Construction Documentation Process

At FWS, we believe that our intelligent and sophisticated construction documentation can elevate your project by reducing manual errors, mitigating risks and helping your contractors navigate the technical specifications of the project design with ease.

Our in-house construction documentation experts can handle multiple construction documentation once the BIM model is reviewed and finalized. The entire process from start to finish is extremely simple, as we make outsourcing an easy task through our professional and experienced client service managers. The process usually consists of the following steps -


01. Construction Progress Review

For starters, we review the clients' project ideas, their exact requirements and the vision of the project to identify where our expertise can fit in and how we can make value additions


02. Construction Inspection

We review and inspect the construction site by photographing it to understand the landscape terrain, accessibility, aesthetic specifications, MEP, etc., so as to prepare a comprehensive internal review report for maximum performance. The findings are then discussed with the client before formally presenting them with the concept


03. Begin Documentation

The lead documentation team including project consultants such as civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers leverage their understanding of the project design and building systems to create an efficient documentation strategy


04. Documentation Review

All our construction documentation produces detailed drawings and other value adds which allow you to review them in real-time as often as you need them

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Why Outsource Construction Documentation Services?

Our construction documentation services allow our clients to enhance their project ROI while sticking to tight construction timelines. The main advantages of choosing FWS as your construction documentation partner include -

  • End-to-end Solutions

    We provide our clients with end-to-end solutions for their construction projects through our turnkey solutions which ensure all their project requirements are met with under the same umbrella. This results in better cost savings for our clients.

  • 24/7 Support

    With access to multiple delivery centers which work based on your timelines, you receive access to round-the-clock support for all your construction documentation needs.

  • Professional and Experienced Team

    We have a crack team of individuals who have worked in this niche field for more than 5 years, and have worked on multiple construction projects around the world making them ideal for any specific requirement.

  • Flexible Processes

    Our entire suite of flexible and tailored solutions ensure we can provide the best services for construction documentation of whatever size without compromising on delivery quality.

  • Detailed Project Management Tools

    One of the key benefits of our services lie in how we are able to create a centralized pool of resources which you can leverage as and when you want for effective project management.

  • Cost-Effective Services

    By streamlining the entire process of documentation, we are able to plan and execute our tasks with ease, further resulting in better cost-savings for you through the entire duration of your project.

  • Efficient Communication

    We assign a dedicated project lead who ensures all the communication remains centralized while further promoting close follow-ups with the central teams on both client and project-side for complete sync.

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Construction documentation is extremely vital in order to ensure your building project remains flawless throughout and is a commercial successful.

With more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in producing precise, top-notch construction documentation which leave little scope for confusion and ensures all your on-ground teams are always in complete control of the process.

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