LiDAR Mapping Services

Fast and cost-effective LiDAR map outsourcing tailored to your budget and needs!

Flatworld outsourced mapping services include mapping from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) survey data. Both ground and aerial LiDAR data can be integrated. Aerial data gathered in this way uses laser reflection from the earth's surface captured by sensors in an aircraft. This allows the precise elevation and location of objects to be determined on different scales, making aerial LiDAR an effective approach for creating accurate topographical maps.

The same data also allows the production of planimetric maps, slope/aspect views, DEM (digital elevation models), DTM (digital terrain models) and DSM (digital surface models). This makes it particularly well-adapted to forestry, oceanography and emergency management map applications. Aviation safety and coastal erosion mapping also benefit.

Flatworld's LiDAR Mapping Services

Flatworld puts the power of specialist LiDAR map automation systems at your disposal. We keep pace with LiDAR innovations such as multiple intensity returns and increased pulse repetition rates to produce increasingly accurate and cost-effective maps and images. We can also combine LiDAR with other survey data and GIS input to produce geomorphically-oriented mapping and imaging, as well as advanced 3D models.

  • Floodplain mapping, with flood hazard prediction, hydrology and hydraulic mapping
  • Forest inventory for tree heights, timber and biomass volumetric calculations
  • Transport and utility corridor mapping
  • 3D construction and urban modeling
  • Land-use (socio-economic activity/activities) and land-cover (grass, asphalt, trees, bare ground, water, etc.) classification

Associated Services Include

Advantages of Our LiDAR Mapping Services

  • Fast turnaround on maps and other LiDAR derived mapping deliverables to make the most of rapid LiDAR data gathering
  • Accelerated LiDAR data processing for speedy bare earth maps and automated 3D breaklines
  • Flexible integration of LiDAR data with digital orthophotos, and multispectral, hyperspectral and panchromatic (black and white) imagery
  • Reliable generation of 3D models and volumetric determination
  • Accurate production of ortho-rectified DEMs from LiDAR data
  • Variety of bare earth output formats including ASCII, CAD, ESRI and LAS
  • Optimized LiDAR point cloud densities according to desired accuracy, speed and budget levels

Outsource LiDAR Mapping and Related Services to Flatworld Solutions

Unlike aerial photography that depends on fine weather conditions to be useful, good quality LiDAR data collection can also be done in sub-optimal (including cloudy) conditions. Flatworld experts work with survey crews to determine the detail and density to be achieved. If your project has tight deadlines, but simply requires good rather than ultimate quality levels, a matching level of survey and processing criteria can save on processing and personnel resources. That means you can get the result you need faster and at lower cost. Our mapping engineers and technicians work with you to make sure that each LiDAR mapping solution is right-sized for optimal return on investment and successful projects.

To outsource LiDAR mapping services to Flatworld solutions, contact our executives, they will be glad to assist you. Let's get started!

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