Technical Drawing Services

Technical Drawing Services

Prevent inaccuracies and project delays with our technical drawing services.

Contact us to experience time efficiency and meticulous accuracy in every project.

Discard the constraints of misinterpreting design specifications and creating inaccurate technical drawings that lead to costly errors and project delays with our professional technical drawing services. Being an experienced technical drawing company, we specialize in engineering drawing services and help you overcome these hurdles.

Delegating your technical drawing and design requirements to us gives you access to our skilled technicians and engineers adept at producing detailed, error-free tech drawing and design solutions. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure meticulous accuracy and adherence to international standards. Our services help mitigate risks associated with inaccuracies in technical designs, enhance your project execution speed, and ultimately, strengthen your competitive advantage.

Outsourcing technical drawing services to us assures the precision and expertise that your technical drawings demand.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Retail Space Drafting Services to a Project Management and Planning Company

Provided Retail Space Drafting Services to a Project Management and Planning Company

We crafted custom retail space & drafting solutions for a client from Florida. We performed design optimization to their existing shop layout, & helped achieve customers' confidence.

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FWS Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Help a Client Visualize House and Office Spaces

Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Visualize House and Office Spaces

A Boston-based client delegated retail space designing services. We enabled them to visualize real estate space in a ready-to-move state. The client was glad to have approached us for the service.

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Clients Speak

We believe that this partnership brings value to both companies and that this value will only grow as the relationship evolves.

Operations Engineering Manager,
Manufacturing company in the US

Our Technical Drawing and Drafting Services

As an end-to-end technical drawing service provider, we offer a full spectrum of technical drawing solutions to our global clientele. Whether it is for a construction site or a prototype product development, we specialize in creating fully inclusive drawings. Our major services include -

  • General Arrangement (GA) Drawings

    General Arrangement (GA) Drawings

    With the use of state-of-the-art software like Bentley Systems, our experienced drafters offer detailed General Arrangement drawings. We help you visualize the overall project layout, facilitating better planning and coordination among stakeholders and ensuring streamlined project execution.

  • Technical Illustrations

    Technical Illustrations

    Capitalize on our expertise in producing high-quality, comprehensive technical illustrations. Our skilled team uses advanced tools like AutoCAD and Inkscape to translate complex technical information into easily understandable visuals, significantly improving your product usability and customer satisfaction.

  • Architectural Drawings

    Architectural Drawings

    Be it civil engineering projects like road and infrastructure designs or equipment design, we are one of the leading engineering design service providers with a specialization in creating tailored drawings for various kinds of projects. We also offer services like converting paper drawings to CAD, CAD prelim sketches, and 2D/3D drawings as per the client's needs.

  • As-built Drawings

    As-built Drawings

    We offer a full range of technical drawing services including machine drawings, schematics, arrangement drawings, assembly technical drawings, casting and molding drawings, and fabrication drawings amongst many others as per the client's specific project needs.

  • Isometric Drawing

    Isometric Drawing

    Capitalize on our expertise in creating high-quality isometric drawings. Utilizing industry-leading software like SolidWorks, our experienced team offers a detailed 3D visualization of your project, facilitating a better understanding of your design and aiding in effective project planning.

  • Prototypes Drawings

    Prototypes Drawings

    Harness the power of our prototype drawing services backed by a team with extensive experience in design and engineering. Using state-of-the-art tools like SolidWorks and AutoCAD, we help bring your ideas to life, facilitating faster decision-making and streamlining your production process.

  • Shop Drawings Services

    Shop Drawings Services

    With the use of advanced tools like MicroStation, our expert engineers deliver precise shop drawings. We ensure your design's intricate details are well-documented for accurate fabrication and assembly, contributing to an efficient and error-free project execution.

  • 2D CAD Technical Drawings

    2D CAD Technical Drawings

    Utilizing software like TurboCAD, our proficient team of drafters delivers precise 2D CAD technical drawings. We provide a comprehensive view of your project, improving coordination and communication among your teams and enhancing overall project delivery.

  • Assembly Drawing

    Assembly Drawing

    Leveraging advanced tools like Fusion 360, our expert team of drafters offers detailed assembly drawings. We make sure the interrelation of various parts is clearly illustrated, aiding in efficient assembly and reducing time-to-market.

  • Fabrication Drawings

    CAD Models and Designs

    Utilizing cutting-edge tools like Tekla Structures, our proficient drafters create precise fabrication drawings. We ensure every detail, from dimensions to materials, is accurately represented, facilitating smooth and error-free fabrication, and aiding in reducing production time and costs.

Our Technical Drawing Arsenal

SolidWorks AutoCAD Unigraphics NX MicroStation

Our Technical Drawing Work Process

At Flatworld, we are committed to quality services and timely deliveries. We achieve the same by following a thoroughly tested and tried approach that involves the following key stages with scope for modification as per the specifications of a particular project -


01. Needs Discussion

We ensure that our entire team is in sync with the client's needs and performance expectations for the project for which we have a formal meeting discussion where the client and the designated team understand each other along with defining the work scope.


02. Import Files and Information

We gain access to any existing drawings and relevant information from the clients that may further help in creating accurate technical drawings.


03. Create Technical Drawings

Our team gets on with the execution and builds the first draft of technical drawings.


04. Client Feedback and Revision

The draft is then sent to the client for perusal and any suggested changes are incorporated in the diagrams.


05. Final QC

The revised drawings undergo rigorous internal quality and accuracy checks before being sent to the client for a final nod.


06. Submission

The finalized drawings are then submitted to the client in the formats of their choice.

The Range of Engineering Disciplines Covered by Our Design Expertise

  • Energy, Process, and Plant

    Energy, Process, and Plant

    Technical drawing services enhance efficiency and safety in energy, process, and plant operations by providing precise design plans.

  • Shipbuilding


    Our technical drawing services enable precise design and construction in shipbuilding, reducing errors and ensuring vessel safety.

  • Automotive


    Technical drawing services ensure precision in automotive design and manufacturing, reducing faults and enhancing vehicle performance.

  • Civil


    Technical drawings provide critical blueprints in civil engineering, enhancing communication among stakeholders and ensuring accurate project execution.

  • Millwork


    Our technical drawing services provide precise designs for millwork projects, enhancing fabrication accuracy and installation efficiency.

  • Aerospace


    Technical drawings facilitate meticulous design and assembly in the aerospace industry, enhancing performance and adherence to strict regulatory standards.

  • Parking Structures

    Parking Structures

    Our technical drawing services assist in the efficient design and utilization of parking structures, enhancing capacity and ease of navigation.

  • Commercial, Residential, and Industrial

    Commercial, Residential, and Industrial

    Our technical drawing services streamline commercial, residential, and industrial construction, ensuring accurate building specifications and efficient construction.

  • Glass


    Our technical drawing services assist in precise glass fabrication and installation, reducing wastage and ensuring aesthetic appeal.

  • Manufacturing


    Technical drawing services optimize manufacturing processes by providing accurate part specifications and reducing production errors and waste.

Target Audience Benefiting From Our Services

  • Construction Companies

    Our technical drawing services streamline construction companies’ projects, ensuring accurate building specifications and effective resource management.

  • Manufacturers

    Our technical drawing services optimize manufacturers’ processes, providing accurate part specifications that reduce production errors and wastage.

  • Architects

    Technical drawings aid architects in presenting accurate and detailed designs, improving project understanding and accelerating approval processes.

  • Designers

    Designers leverage our technical drawing services for precise visual communication, enhancing design understanding and facilitating project execution.

  • Contractors

    Contractors benefit from our technical drawing services, providing detailed plans that ensure accurate construction and efficient project timelines.

  • Engineers

    For engineers, our technical drawing services ensure precision and clarity in design, enhancing collaboration and reducing errors.

Why Hire Flatworld as Your Technical Drawing Service Provider?

Flatworld provides a comprehensive range of reliable and project-oriented technical drawing services to make your development process seamless and more effective. Here are the advantages you get when you onboard us as your technical drawing service providing company -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    Our services do not come with hefty price tags and are affordable for small, medium, large-scale, and startup businesses alike. We can also tailor-make the service package as per your unique needs and budgets.

  • Advanced Drawing Software Support

    We use best-in-class software systems like AutoCAD, Creo, Unigraphics, CATIA, Solid Edge, etc., to produce only high-quality drawings for all your design needs.

  • Communicate your Ideas Effectively

    A robust and well-executed drawing can become the go-to guide for your development team, giving a perfect reality to your imagination, thus helping you in explaining your concepts more clearly to your teams.

  • Proficient Team

    Our team capabilities are unmatched. We have super-specialized and experienced teams for all your project needs to offer you the best.

  • Complete Assurance of Information Privacy

    We place high regard on data and information safety and levy all kinds of safety control systems at all levels to ensure that your data is secure.

  • Provision for Multiple Revisions

    Our design team diligently works to provide exemplary results and will not shy away from revising and modifying the drawings multiple times until you get the desired output.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

2D Drafting Services

Experience enhanced accuracy with our 2D drafting services, designed to expertly craft your ideas into clear, comprehensive designs that streamline your processes.

Architectural Illustration Services

Elevate your project presentations with our architectural illustration services, providing vivid, high-definition illustrations that enhance understanding.

CAD Services

Stay ahead of the curve with our CAD services, utilizing cutting-edge software to produce intricate, error-free designs that streamline your workflow.

SketchUp Modeling Services

Transform your ideas into reality with our SketchUp modeling services, delivering interactive, 3D models that enhance project visualization.

Outsource Technical Drawing Services to Enhance Design Accuracy

We understand that technical drawings are the backbone of any engineering project. So, our team of experienced drafters uses cutting-edge technology to translate your vision into precise, easy-to-understand technical drawings. We specialize in an array of drafting disciplines, providing a comprehensive solution for all your technical drawing needs. Partnering with us eliminates the risks associated with inaccurate designs, helps speed up project execution, and gives you a competitive edge in the global engineering landscape.

Switch to outsourcing technical drawing services now. We help you part ways with project delays and inaccuracies, pioneering a paradigm shift with our tailored solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the turnaround time for technical drawing projects?

The turnaround time for our technical drawing projects varies depending on the complexity and volume of the task. However, for an average project, we typically deliver within 5 to 7 business days, ensuring quality and precision.

How can you benefit by outsourcing your technical drawing needs?

By outsourcing your technical drawing needs to us, you gain access to expert drafters, cutting-edge tools, and a reduction in project timelines. This not only ensures precision in drawings but also allows you to focus on your core competencies, enhancing overall productivity.

What software and tools are used for technical drawings?

Our team uses industry-leading software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Revit for creating accurate technical drawings. These tools allow us to provide detailed, precise, and high-quality drawings that meet your specific requirements.

How can you get started with technical drawing outsourcing?

Starting with our technical drawing outsourcing is simple. Contact us to discuss your project requirements, and our team will guide you through our efficient process, ensuring we understand your needs and deliver drawings that exceed your expectations.

What is the cost associated with outsourced technical drawings?

The cost of outsourced technical drawings depends on the project's complexity and volume. However, outsourcing is a cost-effective solution, enabling you to reduce overheads and focus resources on strategic activities.

Do you modify technical drawings if needed?

Certainly, we believe in delivering perfection. If any changes are required in the technical drawings, our team will make the necessary modifications until you are completely satisfied with the final output.