Outsource Technical Drawing Services

Technical Drawing Services

Get access to world-class and highly accurate 2D and 3D technical drawings at cost-effective prices

Technical drawings are an inseparable part of the design process, whether it is for any product development, architectural construction, or even a runway fashion collection; technical drawings serve as guides for the teams to give shape to the designer's imagination. At Flatworld, we have a huge team of CAD designers, architects, engineers, fashion illustrators, graphic designers, and other experts with in-depth knowledge and proficiency in creating error-free and precise technical drawings as per the client's requirements.

As a specialized technical drawing services providing company, our teams can draft and model 2D/3D drawings or illustration designs in any given field and have complete software-hardware support to ensure high-quality and accurate technical drawings that enable precise product development. In detailed drawings, we use standardized symbols and language to make it easy for the construction and engineering team to comprehend the diagrams without any further need for interpretation, making the entire process simpler and more effective.

Our Technical Drawing Services

As an end-to-end technical drawing service provider, we offer a full spectrum of technical drawing services to our global clientele. Whether it is for a construction site or a prototype product development, we specialize in creating fully inclusive drawings. Our major services include -

  1. Architectural Drawings

    Architectural Drawings

    We assist in providing complete architectural drawings starting from preliminary drawings, schematic diagrams, and construction working drawings to presentation and interior design drawings. These drawings can be in the 2D or 3D format and be as detailed as needed by the client including complete information about dimensions, size, and other crucial variables.

  2. Electrical Drawings

    Electrical Drawings

    We offer a comprehensive range of CAD electrical drawings for corporate as well as individual clients. Our team is fully equipped to handle electrical drawing projects of any scale and in all the possible fields including drawing designs for buildings, power stations, appliances, computer systems, lighting, industrial plants, electronic circuits, telecommunication systems, signal processing equipment, microelectronics, automotive, aircraft electronics, etc.

  3. Engineering Designs

    Engineering Designs

    Be it civil engineering projects like road and infrastructure designs or equipment design, we are one of the leading engineering design service providers with a specialization in creating tailored drawings for various kinds of projects. We also offer services like converting paper drawings to CAD, CAD prelim sketches, and 2D/3D drawings as per the client's needs.

  4. Mechanical Drawings

    Mechanical Drawings

    We offer a full range of technical drawing services including machine drawings, schematics, arrangement drawings, assembly technical drawings, casting and molding drawings, and fabrication drawings amongst many others as per the client's specific project needs.

  5. Medical Drawings and Infographics

    Medical Drawings and Infographics

    Flatworld has a team of medical illustration experts that can create precise medical illustrations for publication, education, and digital usage purposes. Our range of designs includes both traditional as well as digital drawings to create top-notch illustrations. Our list of drawing types encapsulates surgical, editorial, biological, molecular, educational, and other illustrations.

  6. CAD Models and Designs

    CAD Models and Designs

    We are one of the market leaders with a highly experienced and vast team of CAD and AutoCAD designers to offer a complete range of design and CAD drafting services. We extend accurate 2D/3D modeling, drafting, conversions, revisions, and designing services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our Technical Drawing Work Process

At Flatworld, we are committed to quality services and timely deliveries. We achieve the same by following a thoroughly tested and tried approach that involves the following key stages with scope for modification as per the specifications of a particular project -


01. Needs Discussion

We ensure that our entire team is in sync with the client's needs and performance expectations for the project for which we have a formal meeting discussion where the client and the designated team understand each other along with defining the work scope.


02. Import Files and Information

We gain access to any existing drawings and relevant information from the clients that may further help in creating accurate technical drawings.


03. Create Technical Drawings

Our team gets on with the execution and builds the first draft of technical drawings.


04. Client Feedback and Revision

The draft is then sent to the client for perusal and any suggested changes are incorporated in the diagrams.


05. Final QC

The revised drawings undergo rigorous internal quality and accuracy checks before being sent to the client for a final nod.


06. Submission

The finalized drawings are then submitted to the client in the formats of their choice.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Flatworld as Your Technical Drawing Service Provider?

Flatworld provides a comprehensive range of reliable and project-oriented technical drawing services to make your development process seamless and more effective. Here are the advantages you get when you onboard us as your technical drawing service providing company -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    Our services do not come with hefty price tags and are affordable for small, medium, large-scale, and startup businesses alike. We can also tailor-make the service package as per your unique needs and budgets.

  • Advanced Drawing Software Support

    We use best-in-class software systems like AutoCAD, Creo, Unigraphics, CATIA, Solid Edge, etc., to produce only high-quality drawings for all your design needs.

  • Communicate your Ideas Effectively

    A robust and well-executed drawing can become the go-to guide for your development team, giving a perfect reality to your imagination, thus helping you in explaining your concepts more clearly to your teams.

  • Proficient Team

    Our team capabilities are unmatched. We have super-specialized and experienced teams for all your project needs to offer you the best.

  • Complete Assurance of Information Privacy

    We place high regard on data and information safety and levy all kinds of safety control systems at all levels to ensure that your data is secure.

  • Provision for Multiple Revisions

    Our design team diligently works to provide exemplary results and will not shy away from revising and modifying the drawings multiple times until you get the desired output.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Retail Space Drafting Services to a Project Management and Planning Company

Provided Retail Space Drafting Services to a Project Management and Planning Company

We crafted custom retail space & drafting solutions for a client from Florida. We performed design optimization to their existing shop layout, & helped achieve customers' confidence.

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FWS Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Help a Client Visualize House and Office Spaces

Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Visualize House and Office Spaces

A Boston-based client delegated retail space designing services. We enabled them to visualize real estate space in a ready-to-move state. The client was glad to have approached us for the service.

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Outsource Technical Drawing Services to Flatworld Solutions

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