Geographic Information System Services (GIS)

With Flatworld GIS services you know where you are today and where you're going tomorrow!

Geographic information systems are becoming strategically important in almost every industry. Organizations of every size can benefit from the integration of graphic and non-graphic data to visualize, analyze and interpret maps, and other spatial information. Construction, engineering, utilities, transport and telecommunications are just some of the areas where GIS services are used for both economic advantage and eco-friendliness. Specific questions addressed include site selection, natural resource extraction, conservation and evacuation planning. GIS applications allow users to query the geographic information system, edit the data used in maps and generate new presentations and views for additional insights.

Flatworld's Geographic Information System Services

We build GIS solutions with state of the art components that best meet your criteria in terms of budget and deadlines. Our project team structure adapts to changes to optimize database design and data collection, conversion and maintenance, and customization for different user applications.

  • Verification of mapping source database quality and consistency
  • Photogrammetric mapping services, including rectification of digital input raster files
  • Harmonization of different input data layers and GIS base maps
  • Technology watch and development according to GIS opportunities and trends
  • Web-enabled access with appropriate access control to embrace all those with a 'need to know'

Associated Services Include

Advantages of Geographic Information Systems Services

  • Optimized cross-referencing and visualization between text-based information (reports, records) and graphical objects (maps, photos, images)
  • Intuitive GIS representations to enhance communications between your own internal teams, stakeholders, business partners and the public
  • Savings in operational expenses through insights on aligning activities with geographical constraints (reduced fuel costs and staff hours in transport and maintenance operations, for instance)
  • GIS applications to suit your systems and staff expertise thanks to the experience of Flatworld engineers in multiple computer programming languages and development environments
  • Full GIS management and reporting tools help consolidate your own geographic information authority status making you the go-to source for information on site, zone and project status and changes
  • Flatworld quality control and survey data vetting for rigorous input data management and corresponding confidence in GIS generated views and results

Serving civil engineering terms with geographic system services

A GIS is the intersection of mapping expertise, IT skills, and business knowhow. Flatworld Solutions combines these factors optimally to design, produce, maintain and update great solutions that fully justify your strategy to outsource geographic information system services. Besides working with you to maximize cost-effectiveness, we also build your business objectives into our actions from the design phase onwards.

The depth of knowledge and expertise in Flatworld's engineers and technicians means we can also support you as you take your GIS into new areas - for instance, linking your GIS to your decision support systems for integrated, end-to-end 'what if' planning and risk management.

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