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For most civil projects, a map is the starting point. A map is essential to commence a project of any size - be it a small construction work or a large mining/infrastructure project. Mapping is used extensively by the oil and gas industry, the construction industry, landscape architects, surveyors, etc. Traditionally, mapping requirements were fulfilled using conventional surveys. The process required the use of heavy ground equipment and was inherently slow. Later, aerial mapping using satellite imagery came to be used extensively. However, this process was riddled with inaccuracies and is now considered obsolete. To overcome these shortcomings, increasingly, drone mapping services are being used.

Drone 3D mapping services collect data 90% faster than traditional methods and have become widely popular for mapping. Such mapping can produce detailed 2D maps that can be used to fill in the imaging gaps in maps obtained via satellite imagery. Drones equipped with RGB (for photogrammetry) and multispectral/thermal/LIDAR sensors provide high-resolution maps at relatively low costs compared to human-crewed aircraft. Associated software tools help visualise the site in 2D or 3D, undertake measurements, and store data. This information can further be used to generate highly accurate measurements and volumetric calculations.

Our Aerial Mapping Services

Flatworld Solutions offers mapping and GIS services, including geospatial database management. Our services are flexible and can be personalised for every client to meet their specific business requirements.

The mapping services offered include -

  1. Topographic mapping services

    Topographic mapping services

    For the calculation of volumes and terrain slopes. Flatworld measures elevations at various points with 3D models that can either be topographic or bathymetric or a mix of both.

  2. Planimetric mapping services

    Planimetric mapping services

    We offer a range of solutions, including digitising artificial and natural features in the planimetric maps and scaling them accurately in 2D or 3D formats.

  3. Cadastral mapping services

    Cadastral mapping services

    All the details of properties in each area can be provided. As a part of the mapping services, physical maps can be scanned and digitised.

  4. LIDAR mapping services

    LIDAR mapping services

    In this service, LiDAR digital terrain models are used to integrate geophysical information for geologically unstable areas such as dams.

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Mapping Services?

Some of the benefits that you can obtain from our aerial 3D mapping services include -

  • Affordable Pricing Packages

    Our highly affordable and flexible pricing packages suit varied business objectives and budgets perfectly.

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified mapping firm and take all steps to handle your data securely.

  • Superior Quality Services

    We provide our clients with error-free mapping services and ensure that they are of superior quality.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    We can deliver high-quality quality mapping and spatial services within a short turnaround time.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team at FWS comprises some of the most talented and skilled mapping experts who take care of all your requests with ease. We are trained to work on the latest and the best mapping software and deliver the best services.

Client Success Story

Flatworld Provided UAV and LiDAR Mapping to a Canadian Company

Flatworld Solutions Provided Construction and Elevation Drawings for Top European Architectural Consulting Firm

We gave an Italian architectural business with 100% correct construction and elevation drawings. By saving time and money, it hastened the completion of the client's projects.

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FWS Provided HVAC Modeling for a 19-Story Building for an MEP Contractor

FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering and Construction Consulting Company

We provided radius mapping services to a construction company in New York. Our team of highly skilled civil engineers demonstrated their abilities by completing the project on schedule.

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I must say I was surprised at the level of both competency and commitment that the team there delivered.

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Our proven aerial drone mapping services will support your business needs by saving you time, effort, and cost. We come backed by a track record of trusted, high-quality work across geographies for various industries. This has made us the preferred agency for businesses to outsource mapping services.

To drive superior business results, please contact us if you would like to know more about our mapping services and how we partner with our clients as an aerial mapping service provider.

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