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Geothermal Engineering Services

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Earth is an exceptional source of energy. 99.9% of this energy is held at a temperature higher than 100 degrees, making it an extremely efficient source of renewable energy. Our geothermal engineering services intend to tap into this enormous reservoir of heat for our client's exceptional requirements. this cost-effective and sustainable energy alternative is harnessed owing to our unique geothermal engineering solutions. Our solutions include geothermal design, installation oversight, as well as commissioning as per our client's requirements for geothermal heat exchangers, open and closed-loop systems, hybrid load balancing loops, etc.

Compared to most existing methods of generating power (oil, coal, or nuclear), geothermal sources have extremely low carbon emissions, reduced wastage, and minimal physical footprint. Our geothermal engineering solutions aim to safeguard the planet while ensuring our clients always receive the highest quality service and deliverables for this niche, but growing energy source.

Our Geothermal Engineering Services

FWS is a leading geothermal engineering service providing company with decades of experience in working with multiple geothermal energy sources. We offer a comprehensive suite of geothermal consulting, engineering, and design services that ensures 100% adherence to local and international laws.

From geothermal exploration, field evaluation, reservoir modeling, construction, and drilling, raising tenders for drilling, etc. we cover all the bases that our client may require for a holistic approach towards our geothermal services.

Our services include -

  1. Load Profile Calculations

    Load Profile Calculations

    Accurate load profile calculations are the building blocks of comprehensive geothermal design. More often than not, engineers tend to be conservative in their load's profile analysis which then results in oversized loads. This in turn makes the entire design and deployment of the geothermal product expensive. Therefore, we believe that it is extremely important to calculate accurate loads of profiles that take into account internal gains and building diversity.

    At FWS, we believe in modeling temperature changes accurately which is essential in designing stable geothermal heat exchanger systems.

  2. Thermal Conductivity Testing and Analysis

    Thermal Conductivity Testing and Analysis

    Measuring thermal conductivity is an extremely important quantitative technique for calculating the essential thermal properties. This in turn is necessary for designing efficient heat pump systems that account for all variables concerning the geothermal energy at hand. Armed with the correct equipment and state-of-art data analysis tools, we can perform comprehensive TC/TRT tests that provide invaluable information which in turn helps us design a geothermal loop field.

  3. Loop-field Sizing and Site Layout

    Loop-field Sizing and Site Layout

    The entire process of sizing a geothermal energy source is extremely complex. Therefore all the factors which go into determining its site layout must be accurately tested. One of the most important factors in sizing a geothermal source is based on the total heat gained and lost. Therefore, when piping is laid out for the same, careful considerations need to be made to calculate this piping, also known as the loop field. The size of a loop field depends on variables such as the size of the equipment, the type of soil, and surrounding climactic conditions.

    The larger your geothermal equipment, the larger the loop field has to be. Complications arise at this point since a larger loop field means you need to drill deeper, ensuring the field remains longer, and the transfer pipes must be installed in further apart loops so that more heat can move from the bottom to the ground. Our geothermal analysts help to perform an overall analysis of the heating and cooling demands of your property and then work backward while ensuring all variables are checked to calculate the correct size of the system. With our help, you never run the risk of utilizing over-sized or under-sized systems. This in turn means cost savings and a better lifespan for all your geothermal equipment.

  4. Soil and Ground Water Presence Evaluation

    Soil and Ground Water Presence Evaluation

    As your chosen geothermal engineering service providing company, we aim to specify and quantify the exact geological and hydrological characteristics of the land to create the best design for the ground loop in your site. Several ground factors such as soil composition and other nascent properties can affect heat transfer rates. The presence of rocks is also a hindrance in the same and therefore requires careful consideration. Soil with better heat transfer properties requires a smaller loop-field. The amount of soil available contributes to efficient geothermal system design as well, as it helps us to choose between horizontal or vertical loop fields.

    We also help to check for groundwater availability before deciding what type of loop to implement. Since this depends on several different factors such as depth, volume, and overall water quality we can help determine whether surface water bodies can be used as your source of water for an open-loop system, etc. Since groundwater is essential for open-loop systems, we also help to check the suitability of the water quality and whether all water discharge regulations are being met while construction proceeds.

  5. Heat Flow Calculations for Balanced Deployment

    Heat Flow Calculations for Balanced Deployment

    As and when geothermal fluids rise towards the earth's surface, it transfers heat to the surrounding soil and rocks. As a result, by the time it reaches the surface it has usually cooled down to some extent, sometimes even matching the surface temperature of the surrounding area. This heat loss, unless calculated properly, can render your geothermal setup ineffective.

    At FWS, we ensure proper heat flow calculations are made for you to comprehensively plan for an adequate loop field that retains the heat and prohibits excessive conductive heat transfer.

  6. Energy Savings Calculations for Multiple Geothermal Designs

    Energy Savings Calculations for Multiple Geothermal Designs

    Geothermal energy is extremely similar to a sterling engine in the way it remains a perpetual heat engine. As a result, they are extremely efficient and can't be beaten by other similar sources easily. In fact, in certain cases, geothermal average efficiency can go up to 100% too when utilized properly. This is because geothermal heat pumps can move 5X the heat energy as compared to electric energy.

    Our geothermal analysts can help you calculate the energy savings delivered by multiple geothermal designs, allowing you to choose one which suits your exact requirements.

Geothermal Engineering - Our Design Expertise

Over the years, we have worked with clients across the globe to develop systems that fall into one of the following categories, ensuring better mechanics and future stability for the system in place.

  • Direct Exchange Geothermal Systems

    We design these systems to exchange heat with multiple refrigerant lines that lie in direct contact with the ground or groundwater. While one of the oldest types of geothermal systems, they remain extremely popular because they have higher energy efficiency and lower installation costs as compared to most other geothermal installations. We design these systems while ensuring they never remain susceptible to leakages from refrigerants and prevent pipe corrosion. This system also ensures there are no groundwater leaks, allowing you to stay within regulations.

  • Closed-Loop Geothermal Systems

    Here we leverage available water to exchange heat between the refrigerant line and the underground. We design the system to circulate water through a series of underground loops before returning to the heat pump, thereby releasing or gathering heat based upon specifications as per the client's needs. Our closed-loop systems leverage a mix of water and antifreeze while ensuring every check is made to confirm zero leaks to avoid groundwater contamination.

  • Open Loop Geothermal Systems

    As per our client's requirements, we also offer geothermal engineering services where water is used to exchange heat. We ensure the design pumps groundwater back into the heat pump. We offer this design only in complicated cases where groundwater cannot be treated easily before circulating while using the heat pump. However, such open-loop geothermal systems are extremely common when groundwater conditions are accessible and suitable for development. If the property you want to install it in has a large amount of surface groundwater this becomes a viable solution.

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Geothermal Engineering Services to FWS?

We are a complete employee-driven enterprise and offer high-value and cost-effective engineering, design, and construction services among other civil and mechanical services to clients throughout the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Our multi-disciplined offerings combined with our geothermal expertise has helped several federal, state, and local government initiatives to move towards renewable sources of energy.

By partnering with us you can benefit from the following -

  • Best-in-Class Technology and Tools

    At FWS, we leverage our acumen and our strong geothermal knowledge combined with state-of-art tools and technologies to deliver the best quality geothermal engineering services. Our hassle-free services and innovative solutions further ensure our clients only look at us when planning any geothermal-related construction activity.

  • Talented Analysts and Engineers

    Our geothermal experts come from varied backgrounds such as geological studies, civil and construction engineering, statistical analysis, project management, etc. Our team is also highly experienced with individual experiences ranging between 5 to 16 years in various critical geothermal applications, ensuring we can back up our sound advice with real-life experience.

  • Time-tested Processes

    Over time, we have built a process tree that keeps in mind all client requirements while delivering what they need on the back of efficient product delivery workflows. We pride ourselves in creating modern solutions which befit your reputation. All our processes are designed from the ground-up to be flexible and scalable, helping you create independent strategic and systems devoid of conjecture and blind solution making.

  • Software Specialization

    Our specialization in geothermal engineering services is a direct result of our competence in working with modern software and high-quality 2D/3D CAD modeling, among others. Our solutions are innovative and help you make strategic decisions easily, allowing you to make the most of your investments.

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Partner with FWS for Geothermal Engineering Services

The geothermal services team at FWS takes pride in applying its knowledge and skillsets to create an interconnected, more livable world where modern solutions work hand-in-hand with soaring business requirements. We pursue solutions that can address the requirements that you raise tomorrow, a forward-thinking approach that makes our services invaluable to our clients. If you want to learn more about our passion to create high-quality geothermal solutions then get in touch with us now!

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