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Virtual Staging Solutions

Outsource Virtual Staging Solutions

Make your property stand out from the competition with our virtual staging solutions

Are you looking to rent or sell an un-furnished property and are finding it hard to do so? Are you looking to increase the appeal of the property you are renting or selling? Are you interested in improving the online presence of your property which is up for sale or rent? Are you looking for virtual staging solutions to increase the appeal of your unfurnished property If so, you are at the right place.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a leading virtual staging solutions company and has expertise in using virtual staging technology to showcase your home in the best possible light. We use virtual staging to showcase not only the current features of your home, but also its potential features. Our virtual staging services are quickly gaining traction in the real estate industry due to their value-add nature.

Our Virtual Staging Services

Selling a house involves more than just selling a physical space - you are selling an aspiration. Potential buyers need to be excited and inspired about living in their new home. Since the majority of home buyers start their search online, it is crucial to ensure that the online property photos showcase your home in the best way possible.

Virtual staging is one of the easiest ways to make your property stand out from the crowd. Selling an empty house without any furniture or accessories is hard, as empty spaces are less appealing to prospective buyers. On average, there is a 30% increase in web traffic to an online listing of a furnished house as compared to those devoid of any furniture or accessories. Professional realtors know that well-placed furniture in an otherwise empty house can go a long way towards fetching a higher price. Our experts digitally add furnishings and furniture and décor to empty rooms to increase their appeal.

Flatworld Solutions provides an entire range of virtual staging services to help you position your property in the best possible light. Our virtual staging services include -

  1. Remodeling


    Our remodeling service is a great way for you to showcase the potential of your home or of individual rooms. Very often, sellers feel that they could sell their property more easily if only the property in question could be remodeled in a more aesthetic and pleasing manner. Our skilled editors can change elements in a property such as flooring, cabinets, wall colors, and countertops, and add new furnishings with better lighting and shading to make your property truly shine.

  2. Furniture Removal or Replacement

    Furniture Removal or Replacement

    The existing furniture in a house or room may not be bringing out the true aesthetics and functionality of a room. You may think that replacing the furniture with ones more suited to the room can increase the appeal of the room for prospective buyers. With our furniture removal and replacement service, you can change or remove furniture to enhance the appeal of your home, office, or room.

  3. Virtual Twilight

    Virtual Twilight

    Our experts can take any exterior photo, including photos clicked by aerial drones, and turn them into gorgeous masterpieces that look like they've been shot under stunning twilight conditions. Our virtual twilight services are much more cost-effective than actually performing a photo shoot of your property in the twilight. You can add our amazing twilight effect to as many photos as you like and cause more buyers to click on your photos.

  4. Restyling


    Virtually/digitally restyling your home, property, or rooms is a great way to increase their aesthetic appeal and can make them truly stand out from the competition. With our restyling service, you can add new elements to an existing furnished room or change the furniture around and remove individual furniture pieces. With restyling, you can change the character of the room to better match your target audience.

  5. Paint Color Change

    Paint Color Change

    We provide expert virtual staging services that help you virtually and digitally change the paint color in your house or in individual rooms. With our paint color change service, you can change strangely painted walls to more neutral colors to increase their aesthetic appeal. Our paint color change service can be ordered as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to our other services.

  6. Envisioning


    Our envisioning service is a great way for you to create realistic images for homes or offices that haven't yet been constructed. If you are looking to begin the process of renting or selling a property still under construction, you can use our envisioning service. Our skilled editors create photorealistic images that show your house or office as it would look if it were fully-furnished with the furniture and décor of your choosing.

Types of Virtual Staging Services Offered at Flatworld

Our virtual staging services cover staging for every type, including -

  • Contemporary

    A contemporary home usually features heavy use of stone, metal, and both clear and opaque glass along with bold furniture. Our skilled editors can virtually stage your home to make it look contemporary.

  • Traditional

    Our experts can create classic spaces through the appropriate use of furniture placed formally to encourage conversation in a balanced space. We use elements like richly decorative woven fabrics and velvets to create a traditional space.

  • Hamptons

    For Hamptons virtual staging, we try to create light and airy spaces that evoke coastal emotions through the artistic use of accessories and colors. We use natural textures to create a sense of comfort and warmth.

  • Modern

    Our experts will use furniture elements composed of steel, glass, metal, or unpainted wood elements as well as other features characterizing modern properties to make your house or room look sleek and modern.

  • Scandinavian

    The Scandinavian style usually features sophisticated and minimal furniture as well as indoor plants and warm wood tones that create a bright and light space. Our experts can help your property truly appear Scandinavian.

  • Urban

    For the urban/industrial style, we try to stage your property to make it look minimal with a vintage feel through the use of elements such as recycled and new elements. Deep black, gray, and brown colors may also be used.

  • Farmhouse

    We can virtually stage your farmhouse with elements that make your farmhouse stand out. We use plush couches, weathered woods, and items with rustic finishes to provide you with a vintage feel if you so desire.

  • Outdoors

    The appeal of outdoor spaces can be significantly improved by the addition of appropriately placed elements such as plants and outdoor furniture, creating a welcoming space inviting conversation and relaxation.

  • Bedroom

    Bedrooms with furniture always look much better than empty ones. We can help add virtual elements like a chest of drawers, bed, and side table to make your bedroom truly stand out.

  • Living Area

    The living area is often the first room one enters, and buyers are extremely interested in seeing how this space can be used. We help you stage your living rooms with aesthetic and functional items such as TVs, sofas, and coffee tables.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is usually the beating center of a house. We can help you declutter and restyle your kitchen to attract more attention to your property. A kitchen with modern styling can be more appealing to buyers as they imagine spending time in the kitchen.

  • Different Styles

    We can help you virtually stage your property using a wide variety of different styles and style elements. We have a wide variety of furniture and design elements for you to choose from. We customize our virtual staging solutions according to each room to make every room truly stand out.

Virtual Home Staging Vs Real Home Staging

The cost of hiring professional home stagers can be steep. Hiring interior staging services for an unfurnished house can, on average, cost between three and five thousand dollars! Staging a home yourself, with rented furniture, can also turn out to be pricey.

If the house is unoccupied, the cost of hiring a professional home staging company could be as high as seven thousand dollars! Add to this the cost of professional photos that you would need to list your property online, and you could be looking at a huge expense!

Virtual home staging services "digitally" furnish rooms with tasteful furniture and décor that can highlight the home's potential. And this comes at a fraction of the cost of conventional home staging!

Realtors are embracing virtual staging in a big way. It gives them the ability to creatively help buyers visualize what the space could be used for. Virtual home staging can help suggest where the dresser or couch could go, or what size of bed would fit in the bedroom. This information is highly valuable to buyers who can then imagine living in the home.

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Our Virtual Staging Solutions Process

One of the reasons so many real estate agents and sellers use our services is because our process is quick and efficient. We offer quality services at a low cost and a fast turnaround time.

What you need to do:

  1. Provide us with the images of the house that needs to be staged
  2. Choose from our extensive gallery of furniture images or give us your own
  3. Tell us about your target market and the kind of look you are aiming for
  4. Approve, and use your beautifully styled and staged home images

Our Process:

designers and graphic artists studies

Client provides property and furniture images along with instructions and preferred furniture placement

furniture and accessories

CAD professionals render these images in 3D

CAD professionals

QC teams review renderings files

examining light sources

We send the final images to the client for approval

The Quality Assurance

File sent back to rework (2nd stage) if required, or if client requests for revision

certified as perfectly executed

Once the image has been certified as perfectly executed, it is sent to the client for approval

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Choosing Flatworld Solutions for Virtual Staging Services

There are a host of reasons why you should choose Flatworld Solutions for your virtual staging requirements. These include -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    Our virtual staging solutions are extremely competitively-priced and affordable and suit a variety of budgets and requirements. Whatever be your virtual staging requirement, we can provide you with the highest-quality solutions at the lowest prices. Our rates are also flexible to suit different clients' different requirements.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    We endeavor to always provide our clients with the fastest turnaround times possible. Providing our virtual staging services quickly is something we take very seriously here at Flatworld Solutions, and all our clients can rest assured that we will always deliver their virtual staging solutions on time and within budget.

  • High-Quality

    We are committed to providing only the highest-quality virtual staging services to our clients. Our editors are skilled and experienced at providing virtual staging solutions and make use of the latest software tools and technologies to provide exceptional-quality services.

  • Skilled and Experienced Team

    At Flatworld Solutions, our team of skilled graphic designers and professional home stagers use state-of-the-art photo editing software and 3D rendering technology to get your home styled and listed online. We also have many years of experience in providing professional virtual staging solutions for clients all around the world.

  • Customized Virtual Home Staging

    Does your target market consist of young families looking for their starter home? Or are you looking at retirees who need a quiet and serene place to relax? Our talented team can style your property to appeal specifically to your target market.

  • Latest Software and Tools Used

    We use the latest software tools to style an empty room with just the right type of furniture and accessories. With the help of our home staging team, you can select couches, tables, dressers, curtains, carpets, lamps and many other virtual objects from our custom collections.

  • Photorealistic Virtual Staging Solutions

    Are you worried that virtually styled homes might look flat and unrealistic? Don't worry! We are a complete virtual staging solutions company and our designers and graphic artists create realistic looking reflections, shadows, and highlights so your home looks like it is actually furnished. We offer the best and most realistic imagery possible for your house staging photos.

  • Honest Virtual Staging Solutions

    Virtual home staging is a technique that is increasingly being used to attract buyers. It is NOT meant to mislead them. We only seek to highlight the full potential of your home. At Flatworld Solutions, we label online photos as "virtually staged" so that buyers are not surprised when they arrive at a listing and find an empty home.

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