Outsource Mechanical Concept Design Services

Mechanical Concept Design Services

We design highly accurate concepts of mechanical components with 3D modeling software and analyze its performance at cost-effective prices

At Flatworld Solutions, we bring you high-quality mechanical concept design services. We have qualified professionals who provide robust designs for metal and plastic assembly. They also provide industrial and conceptual design, plastic product and tool design, as well as chassis design. You needn't look past us to find the best mechanical concept design services providing company to handle your design needs. We serve many industries from general appliances to naval and aerospace sectors.

With 20 years of experience in product development, we have no competition in mechanical concept design services. We design robust components by leveraging 3D CAD modeling software and run analysis to ensure the design is optimized. So you need a mechanical concept design provider, come to us to get the best concepts for your commercial and industrial projects.

Mechanical Concept Design Services We Offer

A highly capable team of mechanical engineers from FWS render mechanical concept design as per the client's specifications to fabricate components that are essential for critical and non-critical operation. Get the best results by choosing a mechanical concept design service provider like us. Our mechanical concept design services include -

  1. Design for Control Panel

    Design for Control Panel

    A human interface is essential for machinery used in plants. So if clients need mechanical concept design solutions to design interface components as per the specification, we have the required expertise and technology under one roof to accomplish the exact results. We provide a concept design for touch-screen applications, keypads, knob controllers, and so on.

  2. Concept Design

    Concept Design

    If our clients have an idea but no capabilities to turn them into a proof of concept, we help by prototyping the idea using 3D CAD modeling. We design a functional model that allows our clients to visualize their idea in action.

  3. Phase Out Management

    Phase Out Management

    Every component undergoes wear as it approached the end of life. So we ensure our designs have a longer mean time to failure and provide support like engineering change management, legacy drawing conversion, BOM management, RoHS services and more to ensure a controlled phase-out.

  4. Product Design for Plastic

    Product Design for Plastic

    We design plastic assembles and housing with the exact specification provided by the client. Every stage between design conceptualization to molding and fabrication we follow the best product design strategy to accomplish the best results.

  5. Thermal & Structural Analysis

    Thermal & Structural Analysis

    At FWS, we have expert analysts who use analysis tools to perform thermal and CAE structural analysis. If our clients aren't sure if their designs comply with the environmental regulations our analysis will reveal if they are on track. We also evaluate the reliability of mechanical concepts to estimate its life cycle.

  6. Industrial Design Solution

    Industrial Design Solution

    As your product matures, your company greatly benefits from industrial design. Using our expertise, you can leverage the advantages of design for mass production, which improves reliability while minimizing operational and production costs.

  7. Design for Sheet Metal Housing

    Design for Sheet Metal Housing

    We design cost-friendly yet functional assembly to house electronic components. We have the expertise to work with sheet metal to make enclosures lightweight and safe to encapsulate sensitive electrical circuits.

  8. Evaluation of Reliability

    Evaluation of Reliability

    We test the mechanical concepts to its limit to understand its tolerances in operating conditions. We perform DFMEA and FMEA tests along with warranty analysis to test the reliability. Our evaluation always reveal ways to improve the longevity of devices and troubleshoot hidden design flaws plaguing the system,

  9. Concept Design for Chassis

    Concept Design for Chassis

    When our clients outsource mechanical concept design Service, our design engineers will collaborate with them to understand the specifications and design chassis and frames of exact weight and strength. Our designs help lower the cost of fabrication and mass production.

Mechanical Concept Design Process We Follow

We are a reputed mechanical concept design service provider whom companies choose to get concepts designed with the shortest TAT. Our mechanical engineers are experts in mechanical concept design tools to improve design accuracy. Our Mechanical Concept Design solutions include the following steps -


01. Requirement Gathering

We collaborate with the client to collect the project specification and to determine what they expect from our mechanical concept designers


02. Drafting

We propose a design strategy based on a preliminary analysis of the client's needs. This includes steps we will follow in the full-fledged mechanical concept creation


03. Mechanical Concept Design

Once the client signals approval, we will assemble a team of mechanical engineers and provide project briefs to create mechanical concepts as per the specification


04. QC Testing

The model will be evaluated by the QA team to ensure it complies with the client's requirement


05. Reporting

We will prepare comprehensive reports on the entire project to help the client track our process from start to finish

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Mechanical Concept Design Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a top mechanical concept design service providing company, we've offered proven solutions to all our clients using Mechanical Concept Design. By joining hands with us, you stand to benefit from the following -

  • 100% Compliance with Data Security

    We promise to handle your data with extreme care and as per the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 guidelines.

  • Best-in-class Quality Control

    We have a dedicated QA team that assesses the workflow in mechanical concept design services and if changes are necessary for the quality, they would provide instructions to ensure compliance.

  • Rapid Prototyping using Best Tools and Infrastructure

    3D CAD software is among many high-end engineering software tools we use to meet the client's goal. Our infrastructure has the best technology and resources to complete the project as per the deadline.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We always aim to keep costs as low as possible by letting our clients customize the service as per their liking and project needs.

  • ISO Certified Mechanical Concept Design Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of mechanical concept design solutions, with 20 years of experience in a large number of mechanical concept design services.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    We support several projects at once because we have the bandwidth to devote time and resources to individual projects without affecting the other.

  • Rapid TAT

    We deliver the mechanical concept design services within the stipulated time. Quick TAT has been one of our signature traits.

  • Proficient Team

    Our mechanical engineering professionals are highly competent in mechanical concept design services and leverage sophisticated tools and technology to speed up project delivery.

  • All-round Support

    We can be accessed anytime as we have 24/7 contact centers that operate from various time zones. This helps you get help almost instantly.

Customer Success Stories

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Provided SolidWorks Detailing to a Top Marketing Agency

We used SolidWorks to create 2D designs for the provided specification. The results were robust and quickly delivered within the TAT.

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Detailing Services for Hydraulic Fixtures

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FWS has undertaken CAD project work for us for development in Florida. I must say I was surprised at the level of both competence and commitment that the team there delivered. The project was delivered on time and to a very higher level of both quality and satisfaction. I have every confidence in recommending FWS and intend to use their expertise again.

Procurement Company in New Zealand
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Outsource Mechanical Concept Design Services to FWS

At Flatworld Solutions, we work with a well-equipped team of mechanical engineers having the right qualifications and expertise in tools like 3D CAD. Our team creates robust mechanical concepts to extend the life of critical components in operation. With 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering services, we use a bespoke strategy to fix specific engineering challenges. We use the best conceptualization tools to accomplish the right results. Our precision solutions always shrink the cost and save time for all our clients.

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