Outsource Structural Design and Drafting Services

Structural Design and Drafting Services

Save time and expense by outsourcing structural design and drafting services to us. Our services are affordable and productivity boosters

Is your search for the best structural design and drafting services leaving you in a fix? Are you overwhelmed with deciding on the best available services at reasonable rates? Stop right here. Structural design and drafting are the fundamental planning necessary for construction. Based on the type of structure we design structural designs and drafts to determine the type and quality of the material to be used for building the structure.

At Flatworld, we have the right people who can bring their expertise to the table to ensure perfect stability, utility and design. In accordance with the guidelines, drafters precisely calculate and measure every dimension to provide a stable and functional structural design. Every component is intricately analyzed by drafters and the information is passed on to engineers helping ascertain that the structure has a strong, rigid core.

Structural Design and Drafting Services Offered by Flatworld Solutions

Structural design and drafting are mandatory procedures required before starting with the development of any infrastructure, be it high-rise or underground structure design and construction. Over the decade, Flatworld Solutions has established itself as the leading structural design company providing the services mentioned below -

  1. Feasibility Analysis

    Feasibility Analysis

    We assess the feasibility of the construct based on the detailed structural design and drafts generated. Not only will this save you time and valuable resources but also help you determine the practicality, feasibility, stability as well utility of your design before undertaking any constructional work which is even more crucial for seismic building design.

  2. Structural Design and Rebar Detailing

    Structural Design and Rebar Detailing

    This includes structural load calculations, beam, and column designs. Our rebar fabricators provide you with shop drawings based on rebar dimensions, accounting for a stable structure by enduring tension loads and an increase of overall strength.

  3. Structural Drafting

    Structural Drafting

    With a focus on the overall support system, we develop blueprints with complete details of columns, beams, roof and flooring, foundation etc. within the budget and guidelines provided to us.

  4. Types of Structures

    Types of Structures

    We replicate your architectural vision paying heed to every intricate detail. Be it residential complexes, commercial centers, dynamic industrial structures or government projects we have you covered.

  5. Designs Based on Environmental Conditions

    Designs Based on Environmental Conditions

    Our precise virtual depictions ascertain that you are left with zero mishaps during construction. We provide you with the best guidance on the type of architecture based on seismic engineering ensuring the stability of the structure during natural calamities.

  6. 3D Modelling and Drafting

    3D Modelling and Drafting

    Our experts perfectly develop 2D and 3D virtual drawings and drafts providing you with a clear view of all the designs in a virtual format. We deliberate on the best changes and/or additions that will give you the perfect aesthetic and functional structure.

Structural Design and Drafting Process We Follow

The methodology followed by us at Flatworld Solutions to provide you with the best structural design and drafting services -


01. Collaboration

Once approached, our team coordinates with you and accumulates all the information that requires structural designs and drafting.


02. Design Review

We then determine the scope/feasibility of the project. We strictly follow the rules and regulations based on which we guide you on aspects such as the best design as per utility, safety, stability, etc.


03. Expert Review

You will be provided with an extensive review of the virtual structural design. We create drafts as per specifications that are given by you and provide the necessary additional inputs on construction and installation such as improvisation of the design, usage of raw materials, choice of equipment etc.


04. Green Signal

Our presentation of the 2D as well as a 3D format of the structure will give you a glimpse into the future construct.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Structural Design and Drafting Service to Flatworld Solutions?

Outsource your structural design and drafting service requirements to us and we'll help you in the development of durable and sustainable structures fashioned to suit your tastes and needs. You can reach out to us for any clarifications at any stage of development. Here are the reasons why you should choose a structural design and drafting services provider like us -

  • Quality Assurance

    We painstakingly develop designs and drafts as per your specifications and accordingly improvise if need be. Our in-house experts provide you with regular updates of all changes.

  • Value for Money

    For the premier structural interior design services that we offer you are getting your money's worth.

  • State-of-art Technology

    We have the latest software to analyze the designs of your industrial structures.

  • Expert Professionals

    At your service is the best team of experienced architects, engineers, and technicians who are there to assist you at all stages of structural design, drafting and engineering.

  • Customization of your Choice

    Note that you have the privilege of customizing our services as per your requirement. We handle part of or the entire project without being biased.

  • Market Analysis

    You'll be provided with the precise industry market analysis with respect to the type of structure.

  • Swift Turnaround

    Our rapid analysis is based on proper planning and workflow. Hence you can expect smooth and rapid solutions to any of your setbacks.

  • Strict Confidentiality

    We are discreet with all our dealings. All information is secure with us and is in keeping with our non-disclosure agreement.

  • Compliance with Rules and Regulations

    We meticulously follow all terms and conditions with respect to structural design and drafting so you do not have to face any hurdle at any stage of development.

  • Error-free Designs

    Our structural depictions closely mimic the futuristic construction designs that are economical, eco-friendly, and environmentally safe.

  • All-round Support

    Our services are available to clients worldwide and our virtual team can be contacted via phone, email or across our social media platforms 24/7 throughout the year.

Customer Success Stories

FWS Created Bill of Quantity for Construction Contractor

Created Bill of Quantity for Construction Contractor

Our team of structural engineers quickly created a high-quality bill of quantity for a construction contractor at highly affordable prices.

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FWS Provided Structural Modeling Services and Seismic Load Analysis

Provided Structural Modeling Services and Seismic Load Analysis

Our team helped a US-based client with structural modelling and seismic load analysis services meeting ASCE codes requirements within a quick turnaround time.

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Outsource Structural Design and Drafting Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our structural design and drafting team can assure you unrivaled and unmatched structural engineering services. Availing our services will guarantee you with exact structural requirements within a short time-frame. We excel at the structural design and drafting as we utilize the latest software. We are adept at Limit State Design (LSD) and comply with it accordingly. We are particularly specialized and known for designing and drafting the most intricate structures.

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