Orthophoto Production Services

From aerial orthophotography to accurate, informative views of ground surfaces!

Orthophotos are a key tool in civil engineering. They allow precise calculations of planimetric distances with real-life representations of the ground areas being measured. They start as a series of aerial photographs, often at odds with each other because of differences in the camera angles and elevations at which the photos have been taken. Orthorectification allows elements such as roads, plan views of buildings, railway lines, woodland, rivers and lakes to be accurately positioned in two-dimensional maps. Digitization and analysis then means different cartographic layers and filters can be applied with consistent scale and geometry.

Flatworld's Orthophoto Production Services

We offer you industry-leading services in orthophotography and digitized planimetric map production as part of a larger dynamic civil engineering and construction management enterprise. Our orthophoto production services include:

  • Orthorectification of satellite images
  • Construction of orthophoto mosaics
  • Geo-referencing
  • Digitization and transformation between digital formats
  • Base layer maps for GIS
  • Orthophoto color balancing, seam-line editing and tile cutting

Associated services include:

  • 2D and 3D Rendering
  • CAD Services
  • Construction Drawings
  • GPS Surveying
  • Architectural Services

Sample Project

Team at Flatworld Solutions has successfully delivered several Orthophoto Production projects that demanded Black & White Orthophotography, RGB & CIR Orthophotography, Thermal Imagery Processing, among others.

aerial orthophotography sample

The Advantages Offered by Flatworld Orthophoto Production Services

  • Expert resources to outsource orthophotography with harmonization of aerial photos and planimetric corrections for up to date, detailed, measurable photo-maps
  • Capabilities to handle a wide range of formats including vector, raster, SOCET SET TIN, and 2D and 3D CAD
  • Creation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for different sectors, including civil engineering for public and private sectors, utility optimization and urban planning
  • Experience of collaboration with leading construction and land management organizations
  • Extensive international references for the quality and professionalism of Flatworld's orthophoto production services
  • Flexibility in generating color and monochrome orthophotos according to customer requirements
  • Update services for existing orthophotos as well as production of new aerial orthophotography
  • Proven ability to deliver both local and large-scale photo mapping with uniform scale, clarity and cartographic modularity

Outsource Orthophoto Production to Flatworld Solutions

We have been serving civil engineering teams with Orthophoto Production and related services for over a decade. Flatworld's professionalism and quality-driven approach to orthophoto production attracts clients from around the world. Our digital photography and photomapping skills have already contributed to the success of numerous projects, allowing accelerated yet higher precision construction planning and management.

Our specialized orthophotography personnel collaborate with Flatworld's own civil engineering staff as well as external customer engineering teams. Precise planimetric base maps from Flatworld's orthophoto product services have already served as design platforms for urban and rural construction, multi-modal transport networks, utility distribution networks, and water and waste management. Flatworld also uses leading edge technology to ensure that customers benefit from consistently high orthophoto production quality at advantageous rates. We make photomapping excellence accessible to you to give you a top-quality planning and design resource so that your projects can be world class too.

If you are looking to outsource Othophotography services to India, contact us today, we will be glad assist you.

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