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While residential drainage design might not be associated with the concept of aesthetic design, it remains one of the most sought-after engineering services around the world. The reason is simple, modern residential and commercial spaces require residential drainage design services which can combine form with function. Historically, residential and commercial builders have often found it difficult to strike this particular balance, but with our help, you can implement a cohesive, eye-catching drainage design that can blend seamlessly with both outdoor and indoor environments, while remaining easy to maintain.

Whether it's residential complexes, individual homes, office buildings, or large industrial facilities, FWS offers high-quality drainage and water management solutions that can stand the test of time. We have worked with companies around the globe to create complex residential drainage designs, including pipe and fitting designs which can be used to keep basements dry, implement downspouts, window swells, provide for drainage in low lying areas, create sidewalk underdrains, etc.

Our Residential Drainage Design Services

As your chosen residential drainage design service provider, we can help control excess runoff and eliminate standing water and sewage across a variety of residential and commercial architectural designs. Our services are attuned to your needs and requirements and ensure quick installation and innovative modern design solutions that work with multiple builder and zonal requirements. Our services include -

Catch Basin Design

Our advanced drainage design systems are created by experienced drainage specifiers and engineers who can build custom catch basin designs based on your requirements. our services are ideal for projects that require temporary collection and storage of stormwater runoff - from stormwater management systems. These services are ideal for residential and commercial projects, as our efficient and high-quality catch basin structure designs can ensure peace of mind and long-time service.

Catch Basin Inlet Filter Design

These filters are essential during the building phase of residential projects as well as commercial ones, and help to reduce flooding. We can help you design adjustable, effective, and affordable catch basin inlet filters which can significantly reduce the costs associated with clean-up while preventing silting and pollution of nearby water bodies.

Infiltration Design

By improving the infiltration capabilities of surrounding surfaces and groundwater catchment, we can help you design systems to leverage basins and piping for temporary rainwater storage. This is especially useful if you are designing complexes where the surrounding soil system cannot take on large swells of drainage at one time.

Inlet Structure Design

As part of our residential stormwater drainage design, we can develop multiple inlet structures to deal with impermeable, paved surfaces. Our designs allow you to create strong, dependable, and cost-efficient structures that meet your specifier's needs while facilitating easy installation for your team. Our services are ideal for residential, retail, commercial, as well as industrial surfaces such as parking lots, airports, etc.

Rainwater Harvesting Design

Rainwater harvesting is still one of the most efficient and economical methods of catching, diverting, and storing rainwater for further use. Most residential and commercial projects today require some form of rainwater harvesting to make use of reusable resources. We are one of the few residential drainage design service providing company's out there to design rainwater catchment areas from scratch. This is also useful in cases where runoff reduction is desired by the builder and infiltration may not be feasible due to multiple site restraints. Our rainwater harvesting designs can solve multiple drainage problems while providing free water for usage.

Stormwater Conveyance Design

Stormwater conveyance is exceptionally useful in many cases. Whether you run a town municipal corporation looking for the ideal road drainage system, a commercial builder looking to develop a stormwater management system, our stormwater conveyance products are not only incredibly powerful in their simple design, but also provide you with long-term solutions which can stand the test of time.

Lateral Connection Design

As part of our residential drainage design services, we offer advanced drainage system designs for water-tight solutions. We can create robust lateral connection systems that can tap into your piping system while ensuring a secure connection that is leak-proof and well connected. We custom design our lateral connections to fit the interior radius of your mainline pipe, minimizing interference with post-installation changes.

Culvert Design

We can design culverts which act as fully-enclosed channels to create cross drainage opportunities to avoid water or sewage pooling and property damage. We believe it is an integral part of residential drainage designs, and our solutions can meet the critical demands of residential builders and companies equally.

Why Outsource Residential Drainage Design Services to Flatworld?

At FWS, we are committed to focusing on residential drainage designs and services that deliver optimum results for even the most challenging water and drainage management problems. From creating safe water pre-treatment plant designs to helping you manage stormwater runoff; we focus on developing key solutions that make the residential land you build on more arable and liveable. By partnering with us, you can benefit from the following -

Client Success Stories


Flatworld Solutions Provided Construction and Elevation Drawings for Top European Architectural Consulting Firm

We provided 100% accurate construction and elevation drawings to Italian architectural firm. It accelerated the completion of the client's projects by saving time and money.

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FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering and Construction Consulting Company

We offered radius mapping services to a New-York-based Construction Company. Our team of highly experienced civil engineers proved their competence by delivering the service within a stipulated time.

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Success Stories

Partner with FWS for High-quality Residential Drainage Design Services

At FWS, we are proud of our success and the advancements we have made in the field of residential drainage design. Our work has allowed our global clients to rebuild and create new infrastructure while protecting water bodies and improving the overall quality of life for millions of homeowners.

We are committed to helping our clients carve a niche out for themselves and increase their market share while aggressively pursuing business opportunities and future expansions. To know more about our offerings, Contact us now!

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