Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a critical tool when it comes to product development. Simulation gives the product designer multiple performance conditions to test on the product designs; this reduces the product failures and provides measurable benefits in terms of lower manufacturing cost, reduced product development time and increased efficiency. In troubled economic times, outsourcing FEA Analysis can give manufacturing companies a competitive edge while lowering costs.

Often used in complex stress problems, finite element methods are commonplace in many industries. FEA is sometimes used in conjunction with structural analysis or stress analysis. Stress analysis can be applied extensively in a plethora of manufacturing scenarios where cost, material, weight, strength etc., need to be optimized or where safety factors need to be determined. Analysis is also a cost-effective alternative to experimental testing.

Through the use of finite element analysis and accelerated life testing, Flatworld Solutions helps companies build products that are more reliable and therefore more profitable. By incorporating FEA analysis and stress analysis into the design process as early as possible, product weaknesses and high stressed regions can be discovered. We utilize a powerful arsenal of engineering stress and other analysis software including Ansys, Hypermesh, LS-DYNA, CosmosWorks and MSC Nastran.

Finite Analysis Services by Flatworld Solutions

Working with firms across the globe, our team of engineers, analysts and quality systems work on advanced analysis tools to help you make your product design flawless. Our finite element analysis services cover:

  1. FE Modeling
  2. Design Optimization
  3. Mould Flow Analysis
  4. Linear and Non-linear Static Analysis
  5. Linear Dynamic Analysis
  6. Thermal Analysis (Steady State)
  7. Thermal Analysis (Transient)
  8. Structural Analysis
  9. Modal Analysis
  10. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  11. Stress
  12. Vibration
  13. Fatigue and Life Estimations
  14. Dynamics
  15. Heat Transfer

Client Success Story

Provided FEA Services for US Renewable Energy Firm

Flatworld Provided FEA Services for Solar Energy Solutions for US Renewable Energy Giant

A leading US-based renewable energy giant wanted the Flatworld Solutions' engineering team to provide them with accurate FEA analysis services. Our team fulfilled the client's needs within a quick turnaround time.

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Advantages of FEA analysis and Stress Analysis

Though analysis was used by larger companies previously, it is today used by even smaller manufacturing / engineering firms to perfect their product designs which enables them to be stay ahead of competition. Some of the advantages of conducting FEA analysis include:

  • Eliminate product iterations by incorporating all elements early in the product design process
  • Reduce costs that usually go with modification or redesign
  • Validate your design concepts and/or manufacturing processes
  • Test various failure models
  • It is a cheaper alternative to prototyping and destructive testing
  • Get your products to the market faster
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the design while accomplishing all of the above

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