Outsource Drone Survey Services

Drone Survey Services

Leverage our advanced drone tools to create immaculate drone mapping and surveying outputs at cost-effective prices

Struggling to reduce survey costs and field time while capturing aerial topographic data? Our surveying services is the solution to all your drone mapping requirements. When you outsource your drone survey requirements to us, we help you map inaccessible areas and provide you with highly accurate data outputs at reasonable rates.

Our advanced drone sensors and platforms produce clear 3D models and high-resolution mosaic data sets of the areas, which are difficult to access. This leaves you with highly accurate cadastral maps of complex and hard-to-access environments. Our drones can also be integrated into your surveying systems to carry out 3D mapping, land surveys, photogrammetry, topographic surveys and more.

Drone Survey Services We Offer

Being a professional drone surveying company, we extend our aerial drone surveying services to businesses across various industry sectors -

  1. Roof Survey

    Roof Survey

    Our drone roof survey services provide you with a clear view of your roof, which help you to plan your routine maintenance. We follow a highly accurate, non-disruptive and minimal risk process to provide you with accurate data.

  2. 3D Drone Mapping

    3D Drone Mapping

    At Flatworld, we use laser scanning, photogrammetry software, and aerial photogrammetry techniques to carry out drone 3D surveys.

  3. Analysis and Inspection

    Analysis and Inspection

    Our drone site survey professionals leverage high-resolution thermal cameras to perform asset inspection and analysis of solar panels, chimneys, transmission lines and towers, flare stacks and turbines.

  4. Project Tracking & Management

    Project Tracking & Management

    We can help you monitor various projects including highways, roads, railways, industrial corporations and more. We then create geotagged videos with volumetric calculations.

  5. Drone Data Processing

    Drone Data Processing

    If you already have drone data, then we are equipped to process that data and provide you with clear and accurate output formats such as contours, Digital Terrain Models, point cloud processing, orthophoto and 3D model.

  6. Digital Surface Models

    Digital Surface Models

    We convert drone images of the areas inspected into digital surface models, in which each pixel specifies the 2D information of the region examined.

  7. Contour Maps

    Contour Maps

    Our drone land survey services provide you with contour maps, which are accurate and make it easy to understand the surfaces captured by drones.

  8. Textured 3D Mesh

    Textured 3D Mesh

    If you already have data captured from drone mapping surveys, then we can help you to use that data and reproduce textured 3D mesh. This highlights the vertices, edges, texture and faces of the captured data, which is critical for inspections.

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Choose Our Survey Services?

Some reasons to choose us include -

  • Cost Efficiency

    By reducing your drafting, designing and turnaround expenses, we assure cost efficiency when you partner with us.

  • Advanced Surveying Tools

    At Flatworld, we leverage advanced drone surveying sensors and platforms to provide you with highly accurate and quality outputs.

  • Multi-Step Quality Assurance

    We adhere to multi-step quality assurance process to ensure the final output is clear and serves your purpose.

  • Experienced Technical Team

    Our team of drone experts are well trained and are capable of catering to complex projects that demand precision and accuracy.

  • Quicker TAT

    With multiple global delivery centers and world-class infrastructure, we assure the quickest possible turnaround time when you outsource your survey needs to us.

  • Stringent Data Security

    Committed to protecting your business data from unexpected intrusions, malicious activities, and unnecessary downtime, we have stringent privacy policies and confidentiality agreements in place.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering, Expediting, and Construction Consulting Company

FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering, Expediting, and Construction Consulting Company

A leading New York-based engineering, expediting, and construction consulting company wanted us to handle their radius mapping requirement. Our team of civil engineers completed the task within a month.

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FWS Provided UAV and LiDAR Mapping to a Canadian Company

Flatworld Solutions Provided UAV and LiDAR Mapping to a Canadian Company

A highly reputed client providing geomatics solutions required help with a LiDAR mapping project where we had to measure and highlight about 656k railyards. We provided timely and cost-effective services.

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Outsource Survey Services to Flatworld Solutions


We have used FWS to provide services that our competition cannot begin to offer. That has given us a decisive edge in our market.

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Offering a comprehensive range of civil engineering services, at Flatworld Solutions we can assist you with anything from true-to-scale drawings and 360-degree tours to drone and ortho-imagery. Delivering high-quality outputs across secure platforms and servers, you can be assured of utmost quality and uncompromised security when you choose us.

It's time to embrace the drone mapping revolution and make the most of this technology. Contact us to know more.

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