Outsource Matterport to CAD Conversion Services

Matterport to CAD Conversion Services

Process your Matterport models into compatible formats and import them into advanced CAD applications using our Matterport to CAD conversion services at cost-effective prices

It is the age of augmented and virtual reality and when most businesses are struggling tooth and nail to match up to the technological innovations, the real estate industry has long adopted smart practices. Matterport is one of them. Matterport is this industry's solution to make imagery and data representation more immersive and realistic. It is a three-dimensional camera system that can produce a processable and editable rendering of a location. However, to utilize these scans for effective engineering processes, you need a suitable intermediary, which is where obtaining a CAD (computer-aided design) format becomes crucial. And that is also where Flatworld comes in.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is one of India's most renowned Matterport to CAD conversion service providers and has provided back-office support to some of the leading real estate companies for floor plan conversions and related services. If you are looking for a reliable Matterport to CAD conversion partner, join hands with Flatworld and gain an edge for your business.

Our Matterport to CAD Conversion Services

Matterport to CAD conversion involves the use of a whole host of different technologies, approaches, and applications, thanks to the multiplicity of file format options available. At Flatworld, we believe that specialized real estate models require specialized approaches.

Our team of Matterport to CAD conversion experts specialize in the following key areas -

  1. Matterport to 3DS Conversion

    Matterport to 3DS Conversion

    3DS is one of the older CAD formats and still manages to be the most popularly employed one in modern real estate models. With Flatworld's support, you can have your Matterport models exported and converted to 3DS within minutes.

  2. Matterport to FBX Conversion

    Matterport to FBX Conversion

    FBX is an important proprietary format that is used by Autodesk and is accepted by CAD. We take pride in having a track record of numerous successful Matterport to CAD conversions catering to this file format.

  3. Black and White Floor Plan Preparation

    Black and White Floor Plan Preparation

    Black and White floor plans are a crucial component of CAD architectural drawing. Our team specializes in developing professional, precise, and compelling black and white floor plans from any kind of Matterport space model.

  4. Interactive 3D Tours

    Interactive 3D Tours

    The advancement in Matterport's technology has shed a lot of limelight on 360-degree real-estate video tours. Our virtual tour team specializes in developing 3D videos from Matterport models to further enhance the immersive property viewing experience.

  5. Other CAD Support Services

    Other CAD Support Services

    We offer additional back-office support to help you get started with your computer-aided designing process. Our team has hands-on experience with a range of CAD tools including ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, SketchUp, Rhino 3D, and more.

Our Matterport to CAD Conversion Process

At Flatworld, we believe in offering exclusively designed conversion plans to our clients that are specific to their business needs. Flatworld's work methodology is, therefore, reiterative and adapts accordingly based on your expectations and deliverables. Our generic framework, however, involves the following steps -


01. Requirement Analysis

We work out the foundation of our Matterport to CAD conversion projects by conducting a thorough requirement analysis through multiple team discussions and client workshops


02. Design and Format Mapping

According to the findings of the previous step, we determine the Autodesk file format that's best for your designs and map out the conversion process


03. Scans Conversion

Next follows the conversion using Autodesk. The basic protocol only requires you to hand over your Matterport embed URL to us and we take it from there


04. Quality Control and Accuracy Checks

We reserve a specialized step for employing CAQC (Computer-Aided Quality Control) checks as the precision and quality of the files we hand over to you is the most vital


05. After-Sales Support

Once you are satisfied with your CAD-compatible design formats, we can help you with support services like architecture design drafting, feasibility testing, and more

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Matterport to CAD Conversion Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our Matterport to CAD conversion services providing company has created an unshakable reputation for providing the best services to a global clientele. While we attribute our success to our relentlessly hardworking team, here are a few more reasons why our services can be an important asset to your business -

  • Expertise With All Types of Real Estate Models

    Regardless of what kind of property we are dealing with, whether it's a super-mall you are planning to build or an all-in-one spa and resort, our team of experts has extensive proficiency in catering to all kinds of Matterport conversions.

  • Economical Pricing Plans

    At Flatworld, we aim to make Matterport to CAD conversion easy for you. With some of the most economical pricing plans in our segment, you wouldn't have to stray away from your project budget.

  • 100% Quality Assurance

    With multiple quality checks at each level, you can rest assured that all the conversion work done by us is accurate and reliable.

  • Fastest Turnaround Time

    With years of experience and a strong team, we can provide the fastest solutions for all your CAD conversion requirements. We also take advantage of our teams spread across the globe to provide you with 24/7 services.

  • Ancillary Conversion Services

    We understand that every business has its own unique needs and that CAD may not be the only conversion you are looking at. That is why we provide ancillary services like Matterport to Point Cloud conversion, PDF floorplans conversion, and more so that you can have it all under one service package.

  • Global Prominence

    When you choose Flatworld as your Matterport to CAD conversion service provider, you choose a brand that is trusted by global industry leaders. Our presence in the international real estate markets proves our competence and prowess in what we do.

  • Confidentiality Guarantee

    We understand that your maps, plans, drawings, and renderings are confidential and we have advanced security and safety protocols to ensure that they remain safe in our hands.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Cabinet Vision Drawings to a Chicago-based Casework Manufacturer

FWS Provided Highly Precise Cabinet Vision Drawings to a US-based Casework Manufacturer

A leading US-based casework distributor was looking for high-quality and reliable cabinet vision drawings. We provided precise and reliable deliverables on time.

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FWS Provided 3D Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering to an Engineering Firm

FWS Provided 3D Modeling Services to an Engineering Firm

An internationally recognized engineering company required precise and reliable 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering services. We provided the highest quality services within a quick time.

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Outsource Matterport to CAD Conversion Services To Flatworld Solutions


This partnership brings value to both companies.

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There's no doubt that integrating 3D Matterport scans with your business models is the most immersive and resolution-compliant solution out there. It also drastically increases the accuracy of measurements and minimizes human error. But it is a CAD that can take the conceptual design offered by a Matterport forward to stages of strength and dynamic analysis, and further to a manufacturing work plan. Flatworld specializes in sound, efficient, and fast Matterport to CAD conversions that form a solid bedrock that adds value and viability to your plan.

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