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Are you looking to enhance the safety of existing and new structures by the advance discovery of any errors in your engineering design and blueprints? Are you looking for a reliable partner who could help your organization manage all tasks involving peer review requirements? Then, offsite peer review services by Flatworld Solutions is all you need!

Peer reviews are often a mandatory component in due diligence audits that examine various stages of a structural engineering project. High-quality peer review services can also help to optimize all project resources from start to finish - for construction companies, engineers, architects, public agencies and project consultants/vendors. We at Flatworld Solutions have the required expertise to provide you with customized peer review services in a cost-effective manner.

Customized Peer Review Services We Offer

Having been in the engineering industry for over a decade now, we understand the exact requirements of the client and provide the services accordingly. Here are the offsite peer review services offered by FWS -

  1. Design and Specification Criteria Review

    Flatworld Solutions identifies potential conflicts between design drawings and construction material. This helps to avoid gaps and problems in meeting building codes.

  2. Superstructure Design Review

    FWS conducts a comprehensive superstructure review of framing plans to determine if designations, section cuts, and dimensions are safety-compliant and meet project requirements. Our team also implements lateral load path system tests for monitoring the ability for a building to sustain seismic and wind forces.

  3. Foundation Design Review

    Flatworld Solutions supplies a review of geotechnical engineering details and foundation requirements to ensure compliance with building mandates. Our team measures building design capabilities to withstand high compression, tension, and shearing forces that can impact lateral load-resisting performance.

Our Peer Review Process Flow

Each peer review is unique hence we customize each peer review to meet the specific project requirements. Our team always ensures symmetry between our review process and the Engineer of Record (EOR). The steps included in our peer review process are -

Defining the Scope of Work  

Defining the scope of work

Understanding Building Mandates  

Understanding building mandates

Analyzing Building Codes and Drawings  

Analyzing building codes and drawings

Estimating Pricing to Include Resources and Time  

Estimating pricing to include resources and time

Setting up Team of Experts  

Setting up a team of peer review experts

Conducting Quality Checks  

Conducting quality checks

Obtaining Client Feedback  

Obtaining client feedback

Preparing Final Peer Review Report  

Preparing a draft and final peer review report

Benefits of Outsourcing Peer Review Services to FWS

Outsourcing peer review services to Flatworld Solutions can give you access to the following benefits -

  • Flatworld Solutions provides peer review expertise for projects located anywhere in the world. Our team of peer review experts helps you stay abreast of rapidly changing building regulations and construction standards.
  • Flatworld Solutions facilitates peer review processes that encompass multiple languages, so the due diligence process can be completed with ease in one or more preferred languages.
  • Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified outsourcing provider. This ensures that our peer review services comply with all international construction and engineering guidelines.
  • Flatworld Solutions operates on a 24/6 schedule that facilitates fast turnarounds for completing peer review requirements of any scope. This time flexibility also enables our engineering and modeling team to communicate during client working hours regardless of location and time zone.
  • Flatworld Solutions serves as a one-stop outsourcing provider that enables clients to fulfill a wide range of project needs in addition to peer review services without employing multiple firms - for example, data management, geotagging, and 3D modeling projects.
  • Flatworld Solutions routinely offers cost-effective rates for high-quality peer review services. This enables our clients to save money without compromising on quality.

Outsource Peer Review Services to Flatworld Solutions and Improve Due Diligence and Safety

Regardless of how big or small your organization is, Flatworld Solutions can help when you need customized peer review services and a host of other structural engineering services. In the past two decades, our international engineering design team has worked with a client list that includes architects, engineers, Fortune 1000 companies, construction firms, and government agencies. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, you can be assured that you will receive services which are compliant with international quality standards.

If you are considering ways to improve how you complete the all-important peer review process, contact us today to discuss our customized and cost-effective peer review strategies.

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