3D Furniture Modeling Services

3D Furniture Modeling Services

Designing furniture is as important as designing your home or workplace, as improperly arranged and unsuitably sized furniture often consumes more space than it should. However, with the advent of 3D modeling and designing, this problem can be easily tackled. 3D furniture modeling helps in visualizing how the furniture will look and whether it will fit into the desired space. 3D furniture models are essential for producing quality furniture, as they offer realistic view of furniture designs with greater efficiency and flexibility. These models will be a projection of what exactly the designer has planned and visualized.

However, as creating these 3D models require technical proficiency, doing it yourself or maintaining a team in-house means pitching in additional time and money. Outsourcing these services to an experienced third-party service provider who can understand your exact needs will help you save enormous time and money. Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading 3D furniture modeling companies, which has been serving global clients for over a decade now.

Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, our professional 3D drafters and engineers are highly experienced in offering custom solutions. Leveraging their capability to work with cutting-edge software, our professionals develop life-like 3D furniture models that can effectively showcase the exact look and feel of real furniture. We carry rich experience and have successfully served numerous global clients with a variety of projects including commercial, industrial, as well as housing. Whether you are an individual with smaller requirements or an organization looking for large-scale assistance, we can help you with everything. No project is too simple or too complex for us.

Flatworld Solutions has made a name for itself in providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective 3D furniture designing services. Our dedication stems from the fact that we are aware of the benefits offered by 3D furniture modeling and understand the exact requirements of our customers. All our 3D furniture models are designed with extreme precision and strict attention to photo-realistic lighting and texture effects. We create customized 3D models for the following types of furniture -

  • Office Furniture

    Office Furniture

    Our team is skilled to ergonomically design and model furniture for office use. The main aspect we consider here is efficient space management and comfort. We have the required knowledge to incorporate all the aspects such as space and ergonomic constraints required to design elegant office furniture.

  • Home Furniture

    Home Furniture

    When it comes to home furniture, we carefully design aesthetically appealing, space-efficient models that are also comfortable for the user. We provide home 3D furniture designs for indoor furniture, garden and poolside furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. While modeling home furniture, our 3D designers also consider space constraints and ergonomics.

  • Storage Furniture

    Storage Furniture

    With the issue of space constraints constantly growing, we understand the importance of designing space-saving utility and storage furniture. Our experts have the required skills to efficiently design storage furniture that offer maximum storage space without compromising on the convenience.

  • Entertainment, Relaxation, and Recreational Furniture

    Relaxation Furniture

    Here, we help designers and architects in bringing their innovative and creative concepts to life. While designing recreational and entertainment furniture, we consider practicality, functionality, and usability and create models that precisely cater to our client's requirements.

  • Accent Furniture

    Accent Furniture

    Accent furniture is mainly used for accentuating the overall appeal of a space and hence it should match with the existing décor and complement the space to enhance its aesthetics. We have the required skills and resources to provide our clients with the most appealing 3D models of accent furniture that perfectly complement our client's space.

Our 3D Furniture Model Samples

Following are some of our sample 3D furniture models for you to take a look -

3D Modeling Software We Leverage

Similar to other tasks that require technological advancements, custom 3D furniture modeling also requires specific, high-end software programs that allow designers to collaborate, customize and create quality 3D models quickly and efficiently. At Flatworld Solutions, we cater to our clients using latest versions of the following software -

  • AutoCAD
  • CADopia
  • Chief Architect
  • DeltaCAD
  • eCabinet Systems
  • SketchList 3D
  • Autodesk 3DS MAX
  • SketchUp
  • Vector Works

Why Choose Our 3D Furniture Modeling Services?

At Flatworld Solutions, we take pride in providing exceptional 3D furniture models at affordable rates. Our work ethics and strict quality control measures implemented at every stage of the project allow us to differentiate our services from our competitors. By partnering with us you can avail the following benefits -

  • Quality Processes that are Standardized

    Our process is designed to not only save costs but also to deliver high-quality, lifelike, 3D furniture models that provide a clear picture of the furniture and help our customers impress their clients. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team performs multiple quality checks at every stage of the project to ensure that our clients receive the best services from us

  • Global Delivery Centers

    Our global outsourcing network allows us to conveniently align our services with the requirements of our clients, to ensure shorter turnaround times through our 24/7 customer services. In some cases, including urgent requirements, we leverage our global delivery centers to eliminate time differences and complete your projects well within time

  • Significant Cost Savings

    Our contract terms are extremely flexible, and are often a combination of hourly and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) rates, which can be customized according to the client's requirements, thereby providing a pricing advantage that is second to none

  • Custom Designs

    We understand that different clients have different requirements and hence offer customized solutions that precisely cater to the client's requirements. Our team can develop 3D furniture models from simple sketches, 2D images, or conceptual renderings

  • Skilled and Highly Trained Resources

    Our team consists of professionals who have graduated from prestigious institutions, with diverse experience in the field of architecture, animation and design, graphical art, etc. We also conduct regular training sessions to acclimatize our resources to all the latest 3D modeling trends, to provide our valuable clients with best possible services

Avail Professional 3D Furniture Modeling Services at Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions is a leading company providing 3D furniture modeling services in India and has been serving global clients for over 17 years now. With multiple successful collaborations with global businesses and numerous satisfied clients, we, at Flatworld Solutions, leverage our expertise in this field to provide you with quick and efficient services. We equally value small, big, and medium sized projects and offer innovative services, which sets us apart from the rest.

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We undertake preliminary, conceptual, and detailed furniture modeling projects and our domain expertise ensures the project is delivered within short turnaround times. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective 3D furniture modeling service provider, then get in touch with us to discuss your project needs.

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