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In the AEC industry, the success of a project largely hinges on effective communication between multiple subcontractors. Each intermediary is like the pieces of a mind-rattling puzzle; they must be in perfect sync for a project to pan out. However, as a company owner, you know only too well that seamless communiqué is easier said than done! It is precisely why Building Information Modeling (BIM) services are such a boon to the construction biz.

Unlike traditional paper-based approaches, BIM models offer unprecedented time and cost benefits throughout a project's lifecycle. In fact, after closely analyzing 32 BIM-assisted projects, the experts at CIFE, an arm of Stanford University, concluded that this technology decreases the time required to get an expenditure quote by up to 80% and eliminates 40% chances of unbudgeted changes.

The same survey also established that BIMs save up to 10% of the contract value owing to timely clash detections; they enhance cost estimation accuracy by up to 3%. At this point, are you wondering if outsourcing BIM services is the best move for your business? Read on to find out more!

BIM Maturity Levels and Their Implications Explained!

Are you new to outsourcing? Here, the key to success lies in knowing what you need. To that end, let us delve into the different levels of BIM models and understand their varied uses. The levels in a BIM model help ascertain the extent of collaboration promised in the real world. These levels range from 0 to 3 and beyond. They are defined in the following ways -

  1. Level Zero BIM Models

    Level Zero BIM Models

    These models make use of paper-based, 2D drafting techniques. The goal here is to generate product information. They promote no collaboration whatsoever between contractors. Such models are outdated and find less use in modern construction projects. But, if 2D drafting services are what you need, reach out to us to outsource.

  2. Level One BIM Models

    Level One BIM Models

    Level 1 BIM models use 3D CAD and 2D draftings. They allow data sharing using CED. At this level, the models promote low coordination between stakeholders while everyone creates and manages their own data. 2D and 3D BIM models fall under this category. To know more, check out our 3D Revit modeling services.

  3. Level Two BIM Models

    Level Two BIM Models

    Collaborative working is the distinguished aspect of Level 2 BIM models; these models are best suited for your projects if they need seamless coordination and streamlined information exchange. In this case, all parties work on their local 3D CAD models while information gets exchanged via a shared file format. If this is what you are looking for, leverage our 4D BIM modeling services and 5D BIM cost estimation services.

  4. Level Three BIM Models

    Level Three BIM Models

    The Level 3 BIM Models are also known as Open BIMs. They take the scope for collaboration to the next level, where all the participants work simultaneously on the same model. Such models go a long way to reducing and eliminating conflicts. For top-notch services by certified engineers, check out our 6D BIM modeling services today!

How Do BIM Models Help Achieve Cost and Time Effectivity?

Now that you know the various types of BIM models and their uses and implications, outsourcing BIM services should become fairly simple. To obtain the desired outcomes, one should look at real-time issues one is bound to face and seek tailored solutions. In this segment, let us look at how BIM models provide the most practical solutions to common construction problems -

  • Prefabrication

    In construction, time is of great essence, and prefabrication helps accelerate the process. It also ensures safety, consistency, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and green construction. BIM models facilitate prefabrication with more efficient workflows.

  • Automation

    One reason why most construction projects face unnecessary delays is poor coordination. BIM services help nip this issue in the bud. Advanced models help automate the communication process; they facilitate supervision and real-time collaboration among stakeholders.

  • Pre-visualization

    Using BIM models, it is possible to visualize the buildings before building them and identify inconsistencies and potential operational issues. Construction companies can save voraciously on time and costs by addressing such issues before the construction instead of doing it later.

  • Augmented Management

    Well-established BIM processes ensure a structured data flow throughout the design and construction process. As a result, an operator gets access to accurate asset information from day one. It, in turn, ensures a smooth workflow that saves both time and resources.

  • Waste Prevention

    The best way in which BIM models promote cost and time effectiveness is by reducing construction wastage. Using BIM models, one can incorporate design modifications in real-time. Hence, there'll be lesser reworks owing to drawing errors or omissions.

What to Look for In a BIM Service Provider?

Are you skeptical about outsourcing 3D modeling and drafting to an external vendor? Outsourcing is time and cost-intensive, and you can reap the low-cost advantage or benefit from business scalability only when you partner with the right service provider. So, when you make a choice, ensure you are well-informed! Here are a few things to look out for in an ideal outsourcing partner -

  • Look at Finished Projects

    In business, numbers speak a thousand words. How many years of industry experience does your service provider have? How many projects have they successfully implemented over the years? How many global clients do they cater to? What is the strength of their team? These are a few questions you must ask your vendor.

  • Look for Effective CAD Conversion Services

    Construction companies that have always worked with CAD find it hard to shift to BIM. Migration can be troublesome and time-consuming. That is one reason why such companies choose to outsource BIM services. However, to ensure the best outcomes, you must see to it that your service provider has the patience, training, and technical expertise to help your in-house team acclimatize to the changes.

  • Look at Customer Reviews

    Customer testimonials are the best way to ascertain a company's credibility. Encouraging reviews from prior customers helps cement trust while giving you a clear picture of what to expect in terms of outcomes. So, feel free to ask for client testimonials. Also, research your service provider on platforms other than the company website to form an unbiased opinion.

  • Look at the Core Team

    An established service provider will have a team of mixed talents; they will have engineers with rare yet in-demand specializations so that you get access to end-to-end services under one roof. Hire project managers at your end who can verify the technical knowledge of your outsourcing partner. Also, ensure that your service provider offers you SPOCs to ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication.

  • Look at the Turnaround Time

    In a competitive field like construction, turnaround times are of utmost importance. Your ideal service partner should provide you with a time zone advantage. They should leverage certified industry practices and global delivery centers to ensure quality outcomes within stipulated deadlines.

  • Look at Profitability

    In the end, it always comes down to the bottom line. Hence, consider the pricing modules offered by your prospective partner. The best outsourcing partner is one that provides a 100% transparent pricing policy. Also, it is best to choose one that offers customized pricing based on your specific needs and measurable cost advantage without compromising on caliber.

Outsource BIM Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading BIM service provider with 20 years of expertise. We cater to top-dollar, global construction companies in 160 countries. We adopt a client-centered and outcome-oriented approach; we make it a point to be absolutely transparent concerning our processes, costs, and methodologies. With our BIM consulting services, our clients can leverage the following benefits -

  • Centralized workflow management
  • International standards of delivery
  • Up-to-date information management
  • Streamlined processes and ease of communication
  • Dedicated project managers
  • 24/7 customer support

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