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Are you looking to get a real-time dynamic representation of your construction model that enables you to make informed decisions about any changes to be made to the construction project? Are you looking to visualize the changes you make to your construction project in real-time, i.e., immediately? If so, you need to make use of our BIM and 3D virtual reality services.

Flatworld Solutions is a top provider of BIM and 3D virtual reality services. We allow users to take their 3D modeling to new heights by providing designers, architects, and project owners the opportunity to work with vivid and realistic structures rather than the old-generation scaled mock-up models. Our BIM and 3D virtual reality solutions deliver extensive virtual design, project management, and construction services by leveraging building information modeling (BIM), which is a technological process currently revolutionizing the construction industry.

Our BIM and 3D Virtual Reality Services

Virtual reality is a tool that can digitally immerse a person in a virtually constructed environment. Deploying virtual reality technology together with BIM allows architects to evaluate, change, and sketch designs in the virtual environment to deliver superior architectural design models. Architects now rely heavily on as-built BIM 3D models constructed using BIM objects. When these as-built models are used in conjunction with VR technology wearables, architects can objectively evaluate the material form, finish, feel, fit, and compatibility with the ambiance, among others.

As a top BIM and 3D virtual reality service provider, we provide an entire range of BIM and 3D virtual reality solutions that suit a variety of needs. Our services include -

Mastering the Design Brief

Mastering the Design Brief

We allow you to take advantage of the BIM right from the concept stage, where our tools make your concepts even better. We start with an excel spreadsheet to place and input dimension information on logical units in the project. We then work in 3D and validate the spatial relationships and sizes and update your design brief in real-time. We repeat this process until the right layout is achieved.

Coordinating in 3D

Coordinating in 3D

We create and detail all the parts in the project in 3D so that misrepresentations are eliminated. With our technologies, you can visualize the completed project without even breaking ground. Our 3D coordination services allow you to carefully plan your project and properly assess all your options.

Visualize More

Visualize More

A direct benefit of working with 3D BIM and virtual reality is that there is a dramatic improvement in understanding the complexity of the project. Now, communication no longer depends on professionals agreeing on complex 2D drawings since interactive and still visualizations can be obtained from rich 3D BIM models that include information on materials and finishes. In this way, all stakeholders can visualize the project and fall in love with it.

Automated Document Extraction

Automated Document Extraction

When working with BIM and virtual reality, construction drawings, and quantity take-offs become a by-product of the models. Their extraction can be automated, making them highly accurate. We help you work with templates and standards to expedite your submissions, while at the same time creating a consistent look across the project.

Increased Collaboration

Increased Collaboration

Our BIM and 3D virtual reality solutions allow your entire team to work within the same database fostering collaboration and making it non-optional and crucial. Transparency and coordination also improve. Instead of stakeholders having to exchange sheets and documents, data can now be shared in a structured manner, resulting in a more reactive and better project.

Cost Control Services

Cost Control Services

Working with a consistent 3D BIM database and virtual reality allows your objects to become computable, which is not possible when working with 2D drawings. We allow objects to be associated with classification systems so that the costs of the model objects can be obtained in an automated manner.

Why Outsource BIM and 3D Virtual Reality Services to Flatworld Solutions?

When you work with us, you will receive services that are on par with or supersede, the highest international standards. As a top BIM and 3D virtual reality service providing company, there are many benefits you receive when you work with us, including -

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Flatworld Solutions modified a client's existing Precast designs using BIM and Autodesk REVIT with 98% accuracy and fast turnaround time.

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Flatworld Solutions Transforms Building Scans into 3D BIM Models for Renovation

FWS converted scans of old buildings provided by a leading European architectural company into top-notch 3D models and 2D floor plans, sections, and elevations.

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Success Stories

Outsource BIM and 3D Virtual Reality Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions provides highly-accurate and reliable BIM and 3D virtual reality services at highly cost-effective prices. We also always provide our services well within the deadline and can add a lot of value to your projects. We use the latest software tools and technologies to deliver superior quality services.

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