BIM Services

BIM Services

Leverage our building information modeling services for construction sequencing and collision detection. Contact us to reduce project time by 7%.

With reliable BIM consulting services, you can build cost estimation accuracy within 3% while reducing the time taken up to 80%. Over the years, the significance of BIM models has significantly increased across all phases of construction. The application areas include conceptual design support, construction document development, and pre-project planning services.

Leverage our BIM outsourcing services to increase productivity, reduce contingencies, and better engage project staff. Being an ISO-certified BIM services company, we develop impeccable architectural, mechanical, structural, and plumbing models. Reach out to us to save millions of dollars, otherwise wasted simply due to clashes in your construction schedule!

Our BIM Services

We partner with owners, general contractors, and design firms to support construction projects with efficient and 100% accurate BIM models. Our end-to-end offerings include -

  1. Clash Detection Service

    Clash Detection Service

    Our clash detection service utilizes advanced BIM technology to identify and resolve clashes or conflicts between different building elements within a construction project. By detecting clashes early on, we help prevent costly rework and minimize delays, resulting in smoother project execution, improved coordination, and enhanced overall project quality.

  2. BIM Coordination Service

    BIM Coordination Service

    Our coordination service focuses on ensuring seamless collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders involved in the construction process. We leverage BIM to facilitate effective communication, streamline workflows, and enhance project coordination. By eliminating miscommunication and reducing errors, our coordination service enables efficient project management, reduces rework, and improves project outcomes.

  3. Quantity Take-Off and Estimation Service

    Quantity Take-Off and Estimation Service

    Our quantity take-off and estimation service utilize BIM technology to accurately measure and quantify materials required for a construction project. By leveraging the intelligence of BIM, we provide precise quantity estimates, enabling accurate cost estimation, optimized procurement, and improved project budgeting.

  4. BIM Modeling Services

    BIM Modeling Services

    Our BIM modeling services encompass the creation of comprehensive 3D digital models that represent the entire building or infrastructure project. This service allows stakeholders to visualize the project in a virtual environment, facilitating better decision-making, improved communication, and enhanced project understanding. BIM modeling also enables efficient design coordination and aids in clash detection and resolution.

  5. 3D BIM Modeling Service

    3D BIM Modeling Service

    Our 3D BIM modeling service focuses on creating detailed and accurate 3D models of the building or infrastructure project. This service offers visual clarity and a deeper understanding of the project's spatial aspects, enabling stakeholders to identify design issues, optimize layouts, and visualize the final structure. The 3D models enhance collaboration, streamline construction processes, and enhance overall project efficiency.

  6. 4D BIM Modeling Service

    4D BIM Modeling Service

    Our 4D BIM modeling service combines the benefits of 3D modeling with project scheduling and sequencing. By integrating project timelines and construction sequencing information into the 3D models, we enable stakeholders to visualize the project's construction progress over time. This service facilitates better project planning, resource allocation, and construction sequencing optimization.

  7. 5D Cost Planning Service

    5D Cost Planning Service

    Our 5D cost planning service combines BIM technology with accurate cost data to provide comprehensive cost management throughout the project lifecycle. By integrating cost information into the BIM models, we enable stakeholders to visualize and analyze the cost implications of design decisions and changes. This service supports effective cost control, budgeting, and forecasting, resulting in improved financial management and project profitability.

  8. Visualization and Rendering Service

    Visualization and Rendering Service

    Our visualization and rendering service transforms BIM models into high-quality visual representations, including photo-realistic renderings and virtual reality experiences. This service enables stakeholders to effectively communicate design intent, market projects, and engage clients. By enhancing visualization, we facilitate better decision-making, improved stakeholder engagement, and increased project marketing potential.

  9. Documentation and Deliverables

    Documentation and Deliverables

    Our documentation and deliverables service focuses on generating accurate and comprehensive construction documentation, including drawings, reports, and specifications. By leveraging BIM data, we streamline the documentation process, improve accuracy, and ensure consistency across project deliverables. This service enhances communication, reduces errors, and supports efficient project execution.

  10. Consulting and Design Service

    Consulting and Design Service

    Our consulting and design service provides expert guidance and support throughout the BIM implementation and design phases of a project. We assist clients in developing BIM strategies, creating implementation plans, and optimizing project workflows. This service helps clients unlock the full potential of BIM, improving efficiency, reducing risks, and enhancing project outcomes.

  11. App Development Services

    App Development Services

    Our app development services focus on creating custom BIM applications tailored to the specific needs of clients and projects. By developing innovative BIM software solutions, we enhance project collaboration, automate processes, and improve data management. These applications empower clients with increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, and improved decision-making capabilities.

  12. Execution Planning Service

    Execution Planning Service

    Our execution planning service involves developing detailed plans and strategies for the successful execution of construction projects. By leveraging BIM technology, we assist clients in defining project goals, identifying potential risks, optimizing resource allocation, and developing realistic project timelines. This service supports efficient project execution, minimizes delays, and ensures project success.

  13. Component Creation Service

    Component Creation Service

    Our component creation service focuses on developing customized BIM components or families that accurately represent specific building elements or systems. By creating intelligent BIM components, we enable accurate quantity take-offs, clash detection, and streamlined design coordination. This service enhances project accuracy, improves design consistency, and facilitates efficient project collaboration.

BIM Conversion Services We Offer

 CAD to BIM conversion
 Scan to BIM conversion (include Laser scan to BIM)
 Point cloud to BIM conversion
 Revit to BIM conversion
 Sketchup to BIM conversion
 PDF to BIM Conversion
 Legacy Data Conversion

Building Information Modeling Services Process Flow

Our systematic and structured process helps us achieve a high level of accuracy. The following are the stages involved in our BIM process -


01. Requirement Analysis

We communicate with you to understand your construction requirements. We chalk out the project scope and give you cost estimates. We mutually agree on project timelines and the allocation of resources


02. Planning

We carefully put together a team of experts best suited for your project. We choose the project manager and design blueprints as per your needs


03. Implementation and Quality Check

We implement the plan; we run quality checks after the model gets ready. In this stage, we eliminate any errors or inconsistencies


04. Delivery

We send the final draft, wait for feedback, and make changes accordingly. After the final go-ahead, we hand it over to you

BIM Software We Use

Autodesk Revit Autodesk Navisworks Autodesk BIM 360 Autodesk Advance Steel Autodesk Auto CAD Autodesk Recap Synchro PRO Solibri Model Checker ArchiCAD Tekla Structure Trimble SketchUp

Why Choose Us as Your BIM Service Providers?

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner for all your BIM needs. The key indicators of our services include -

  • Enhanced Project Safety

    We prioritize safety in every aspect of our BIM services, ensuring that your construction projects adhere to the highest safety standards, minimizing risks, and promoting a secure working environment.

  • Improved Structural Integrity

    Our expertise in BIM enables us to deliver designs that focus on optimal structural integrity, ensuring the long-term stability and durability of your buildings and infrastructure.

  • Compliance With Regulations

    We have a deep understanding of industry regulations and codes. By choosing us as your BIM service provider, you can be confident that your projects will meet all necessary compliance requirements.

  • Accurate and Tech-Savvy Designs

    Leveraging cutting-edge BIM technology, we provide accurate and detailed designs that precisely capture the intricacies of your projects. Our tech-savvy approach ensures that you receive advanced design solutions that optimize functionality and efficiency.

  • Cost-effective and Sustainable Solutions

    We believe in delivering solutions that offer long-term value. Our services focus on cost optimization and sustainability, helping you reduce project expenses, improve resource management, and contribute to a greener environment.

  • Diversified Team Expertise

    Our team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, ranging from architecture and engineering to construction management. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to offer comprehensive BIM modeling services tailored to your specific project requirements.

  • Faster Turnarounds

    With our efficient workflows, streamlined processes, and optimized coordination, we ensure faster project turnarounds, enabling you to meet deadlines and achieve project milestones without compromising quality.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Civil Engineering Services

Our service focuses on designing and constructing infrastructure projects, improving connectivity, enhancing public safety, and supporting economic development.

Architectural Engineering Services

Combining design principles with engineering expertise, we create functional and aesthetically pleasing structures, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimized performance.

Civil Engineering Services

As the population expands, urbanization will continue to be on the rise. Leverage our services to optimize infrastructure rebuild and repair services.

MEP Engineering Services

We integrate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in buildings, optimizing performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort while reducing operational costs.

HVAC Engineering Services

Our expertise lies in designing efficient HVAC systems, providing comfortable and healthy indoor environments while minimizing energy consumption and costs.

Electrical Engineering Services

We design and install electrical systems in buildings and infrastructure, ensuring reliable power distribution, efficient lighting, and compliance with electrical standards.

Client Success Story

fWS Provided Point Cloud BIM Service to Create As-Built Model of 24-Floor Extension

FWS Created an As-Built Model of a Building using Point Cloud BIM Data

We leveraged point cloud laser scan data to create a model of a 24-floor residential space at cost-effective rates.

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FWS Provided 3D Walkthrough and Visualization Services to the Most Popular Brewery in Ireland

FWS Provided 3D Walkthrough Solutions to an Irish Brewery

FWS provided advanced 3D architectural walkthrough services to an Irish brewery at cost-effective rates.

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We are a premier BIM service provider with proven industry expertise, serving global enterprises in 160+ countries. Our client-centered approach prioritizes transparency in processes, costs, and methodologies. With our BIM consulting services, clients can leverage benefits such as improved visualization, centralized workflow management, precise 2D/3D CAD architectural drawings, and up-to-date information management.

We are committed to delivering excellence and helping you achieve your project goals with confidence. Our services streamline processes and enhance communication, leading to efficient project execution. Clients also benefit from dedicated project managers who provide personalized attention and expertise. Choose us as your trusted BIM partner for enhanced project outcomes and seamless collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose the right BIM service company?

When choosing a BIM service company, consider their experience, industry expertise, range of services, client testimonials, and technological capabilities.

What are the benefits of choosing a BIM service company?

Choosing a BIM service company offers benefits such as improved project visualization, streamlined workflows, accurate documentation, cost optimization, enhanced collaboration, and access to specialized expertise.

How much does the BIM service cost?

The cost of BIM modeling services can vary depending on project scope, complexity, and service provider. It's best to discuss your project specifics with BIM service providers to obtain accurate cost estimates.

How experienced is your team in BIM design services?

Our team has extensive experience in providing BIM modeling services, with a proven track record of successful projects and a deep understanding of BIM technologies and industry best practices.

Do you provide post-support and maintenance?

Yes, we provide post-support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of implemented BIM solutions, including assistance, training, and ongoing support.

How can I ensure the security and confidentiality of my project data during the BIM process?

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your project data by implementing strict data protection measures, adhering to access controls, encryption protocols, and non-disclosure agreements, and maintaining secure infrastructure and data handling practices.