Outsource Plant Design Management System Services

Plant Design Management System (PDMS) Services

Reduce time-to-market and costs, shorten development cycles, and improve product design at cost-effective prices

All the product development, design, and manufacturing companies require an automation solution to manage and utilize the 3-D CAD design data. However, for most of them, choosing an appropriate Plant Design Management system (PDMS) can be tricky. PDM, which is a design-led technology, essentially centers on maintaining design data related to the product development process. It can improve its efficiency by refining the product-related design data. Are you in the need of an expert PDMS service provider to help you with your PDM system? Or, are you looking for a robust industrial plants design and management solution provider that can cater to your current and future needs of a PDM system? If so, you are in the right place.

At Flatworld Solutions, our core PDMS services team comprises of experienced and highly skilled draftsmen, project managers, designers, and senior engineers who help us offer timely, high-quality, and cost-effective PDMS Solutions within a quick turnaround. Our experienced mechanical engineers create the most efficient plant designs which allow our clients manufacture to different types of products with ease without facing any bottlenecks.

Our PDSM Service Expertise

Our PDSM team can provide complete plant design engineering services and has extensive work experience on many PDSM tools such as SolidWorks PDM, CADWorx, Autodesk Vault, PTC Windchill, Siemens Teamcenter, etc. You can collaborate with us when you must introduce advanced machinery, expand your business, increase efficiency, reinvigorate your manufacturing capabilities, reduce operating costs, etc. Our team is always geared up to bring the newest developments in plant design.

Our engineers have the experience of working for more than 25,000 hours on plant design engineering projects for companies across the globe. Our PDMS expertise includes -

  1. Pre-bid Proposal Engineering

    Pre Bid Proposal Engineering

    Our team is well-versed with the process of creating pre-bid engineering proposals. Our proposal engineering solutions team has successfully helped several international contractors by performing the following important tasks -

    • Preparing initial concept designs as per the bid parameters
    • Offering estimates for engineering
    • Proactively anticipating the bill for quantities
    • Enabling the collection of data from the site
  2. Bid Evaluation Support

    Bid Evaluation Support

    We offer detailed insights into the technical nature of the bids received. To authenticate the legitimacy of a bid, we analyze factors such as the qualification and skill level of personnel, the price of products & raw materials, and the track record of projects managed by a bidder. We evaluate all the bids cautiously so that our clients save significant time and money and can focus on performing business-critical functions.

  3. Detailed Engineering

    Detailed Engineering

    As part of our engineering services, we help our clients conduct engineering studies in detail to mine the required information from plenty of basic engineering drawings and calculations. Some of the services that we offer prior to plant construction and piping include the following (not restricted to) -

    • Material Take Off (MTO)
    • Bill of Materials (BOM)
    • Support drawings and piping isometric
    • Developing 2D and 3D plant models
    • Piping routing and piping GA drawings
    • Preparing the list of equipment that needs to be purchased
    • Using 2D drawings to develop a 3D plant model
    • Preparing cause & effect diagrams
    • Preparing all types of electrical and civil diagrams
    • Devise necessary procedures required to get started
    • Making instrument and piping diagrams along with isometrics and stress calculations
  4. Drafting and Design Services

    Drafting and Design Services

    You can collaborate with us when you have to introduce advanced machinery, expand your business, increase efficiency, reinvigorate your manufacturing capabilities, reduce operating costs, etc. Our team is always geared up to bring the newest developments in plant design. As a part of our plant design management system services, we also -

    • Develop 3D parametric CAD designs
    • Prepare detailed drawings based on the available data
    • Validate all the ready drawings
  5. 3D Modeling and Design

    3D Modeling and Design

    Our 3D modeling and design services are provided by our team of plant designers and engineers who have in-depth knowledge of 3D design software. This allows them to create accurate plant models and designs with smooth & consistent workflow integration. Our plant design management system services and 3D modeling and design service portfolio encompasses -

    3D Modeling
    3D Modeling
    • Equipment Modeling
    • Pipe Rack Modeling
    • Support Modeling
    • Piping Modeling
    • 3d Models in Plant Design Management System
    • Arrangement of Equipment Safety
    • Datasheets and Specifications
    • Elevation of Structure
    • General Arrangement
  6. As-built Drawings Documentation

    As Built Drawings Documentation

    We provide accurate documentation for your as-built plant. Engineers in our team have the experience of working on various document management systems like ProArc and PDS. They organize surveys at the plant site, capture important measurements and markups, update 3D models and perform a host of related tasks.

  7. On-site Engineering Assistance and Consultation

    On Site Engineering Assistance and Consultation

    We complement your in-house development team by providing engineering consulting services at your plant location. We consult on different aspects related to the plant engineering lifecycle, which includes, but is not limited to -

    • Consulting before seeking the required permit
    • Offering consulting throughout all the phases of the contract
    • Performing due diligence activities
    • Consulting for relocation as well as efficient project management

    Also, by outsourcing PDMS services to us, we will proceed to render essential pieces of training on modern tools and industrial capabilities to ensure plug-and-play (PnP) professional integration that will help keep your projects fresh.

  8. PDMS Inputs Assistance

    PDMS Inputs Assistance

    FWS is among the leading plant design companies with over a decade and a half of experience in serving global clients with their PDSM needs. Thus, when you develop PDMS input(s), we will be there to assist for the following -

    • Floor plan
    • Safety equipment layout
    • Project description
    • Software for execution
    • Electrical drawings
    • PFD, P&ID, equipment list, line list
    • Provide documentation of work
    • Project implementation method
    • Customer specifications and standards
    • Instrument connections and drawings
    • Construction and design drawings
    • Platform for executing projects (2D / 3D)
  9. PDMS Deliverables Assistance

    PDMS Deliverables Assistance

    As 3D CAD intensifies the amount (and difficulty) of design data, it needs a robust PDM tool to prevent overwriting, data corruption, association loss, and data errors. Moreover, since the trend has now shifted towards migrating to 3D CAD application systems, an exhaustive plant design engineering service has become a necessity for most manufacturers. Thus, by choosing Flatworld solutions to outsource plant design management system services, you can avail our niche expertise in plant design services to reduce cycle times, save cost, improve quality, etc. Moreover, we can support you with PDMS deliverables, including -

    • Isometrics
    • Layout development
    • Pressure key line list
    • Pipe rack detail
    • General piping layout drawings
    • Stress analysis and reporting
    • Pipe rack layout
    • Connection plan
    • Pipeline request, parts list/MTO (material takeoff)
    • Pipeline modeling, etc.
  10. PDMS Review and Acceptance Support

    PDMS Review and Acceptance Support

    Our core design team consists of engineers with experience in the design and maintenance of industrial process equipment. They serve the businesses involved in key industrial processing, including, treatment, waste disposal. By choosing us as your plant design management system services provider, you can get PDMS verification and acceptance support services and configuration management, including -

    • Create reports (MTO, parts list, weight, interface, and COG)
    • Specification and catalog development
    • Isometric and spooler isometric drawings
    • MDS
    • Project setup
    • GA drawings
    • Progress tracking
    • Progress Control
    • Manage databases, backup
    • 3D modeling
    • Collision detection and resolution
    • Template creation
  11. Piping Engineering Solutions

    Piping Engineering Solutions

    By deciding to outsource PDMS engineering services to us, you can avail a plethora of plant design services, including support services from the quotation and evaluation phase, pipeline layout, 2D and 3D layout planning, network analysis, stress analysis, and other on-site technical support services. Our piping engineering support solutions will help you in ensuring adequate flow and pressure distribution for all assets. In detail, we offer support services for the following -

    • Material handling research and reporting
    • Insulation and paint specifications
    • Equipment (Static) design and drawings
    • Pipe and valve specifications
    • Stress Analysis
    • Site master plan
    • Pipeline plans and sections
    • Nozzle alignment
    • Specifications and data sheets
    • Procurement assistance
    • Support package engineering
    • Pipe support drawings
    • Plot plan
    • Factory layout
    • Isometrics
    • Drawings for legal approval, etc.

Other Services You May Be Interested In

Benefits of Collaborating with Flatworld Solutions for PDMS and Plant Design Services

As 3D systems generate more data, and its references include individual links, and links to different data, such as parts, drawings, parts lists, assemblies, configurations, documentation, and NC programming. Therefore, our team of PDMS engineers can serve you to manage, maintain and protect these connections. A few of the many advantages you can avail from our PDMS plant design management system services include -

  • Affordable PDMS Services

    Our plant design engineering services start at cost-effective prices. Also, the rates are depended on many factors, including the expertise of hired resource, project deliverables & complexity, contract terms, etc.

  • ISMS Compliant Solutions

    Flatworld Solutions has been certified with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certification. Thus, you can rest assured that our processes, employees, and systems are completely safe and stringently follows all the ISMS norms.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team of draftsmen, senior designers and engineers have over 10 to 20 years of industry experience. Also, our team undergoes periodic professional training in all areas related to engineering design, work standards, tools, and other industrial skills.

  • State-of-the-art Software/Tools

    We use the latest tools, technology, and software like CADWORKS, AUTOPLANT, PDMS, BENTLEY, and PDS for creating plant designs. We use review software extensively to closely track the progress of all the projects that we undertake and do away with clashes in terms of time and resources (if any)

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

    We reduce the number of iterations and turnaround time by using Macros for drafting and modeling. Also, with a dedicated team of experienced designers and engineers, we can help optimize your plant design for a better workflow that will reduce operational costs and time.

  • Ready-to-hire Expert

    Our team is flexible to work at your location or an offshore development center to produce the desired plant designs and equipment specifications.

  • Adherence to International Standards

    As a leading provider of plant design services in India, we are also compliant with other standard regulatory codes such as EPA, OSHA, NFPA, and UBC.

  • Scalable PDMS Services

    Our services are easily scalable irrespective of the size of your project. We leverage our skilled resources available in our multiple global delivery centers.

  • In-house PDMS Database

    Our team uses an in-house PDMS database which consists of draft libraries and component catalogs.

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Companies in the plant engineering and design industry are slowly embracing the most advanced technology in terms of planning, modifying, designing, installing and maintaining different types of systems, plant facilities, plant equipment, and related infrastructure. Plant Design Management System (PDMS) is one such service which aids in better designing of mechanical, instrumental, structural and piping designs.

As a major PDMS service provider, Flatworld Solutions can deliver the best plant design solutions and many other mechanical engineering services to you. Our clientele spans across industries such as industrial equipment, piping, electrical & instrumentation, and civil & structural.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our PDMS services and Piping Design and Drafting Solutions.

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