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The deadly Coronavirus or Covid-19 has claimed many lives around the world and turned the economies of countries upside down. While we are practicing caution outdoors, we also need to secure our indoors from the virus that has created a pandemic. Smart MEP and HVAC designs can help thwart this infection. Here's how.

The pandemic of the century has hit us hard and forced us to stay indoors. Anxiety, social isolation, uncertainty, and a lot of negativity have crept into our lives. Surely, it's going to take a while to get back to the regular stuff that we were used to. This is if we aren't required to change our understanding of the 'old regular'. The least that the novel Coronavirus or the Covid-19 has done to us is scared us to bits.

So, irrespective of whether you are a business owner that is looking for options to secure the indoor air quality in his office or a building project owner who's interested in conserving the air quality of their residential/ commercial units, we can be of assistance! By partnering with us, you can apply the best practices to safeguard your property units and fortify them against the deadly virus infection.

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer state of the art engineering services to not just control the air quality of your installed units but also to make the place a classy and secured destination for your customers - at the most affordable price. We are your outsourced partners who are deft at providing an assortment of building services including smart MEP and HVAC design services.

So the question is, given the current scenario, can smart HVAC design contain deadly airborne diseases like coronavirus?

To find the answer, read on.

Can Smart HVAC Design help In Containing Deadly Airborne Diseases Like Coronavirus?

HVAC professionals can't stress enough on the importance of maintaining good indoor air quality. We, as preferred HVAC partners for business owners and construction project managers, understand how critical it can be to put in perspective this aspect right at the planning and design stage. We focus on not just eliminating germs and pollutants from your installed units but also workaround solutions that make those units secured against deadly threats and airborne germs such as the coronavirus.

Before we get on to how we do it, here's a quick recap of the safety measures that you'd been following so far and what you need to do irrespective of smart MEP and HVAC design installations.

Coronavirus Safety Measures - A Recap

By now, we have all learned by heart to -

  • Wear masks, especially when venturing outdoors.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and several times a day.
  • Refrain from touching the face - eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Sanitize hands regularly with a solution that has been approved by the authorities.
  • And most of all, maintain social distancing when we step outside of our homes, especially in crowded areas.

Well, these are guidelines to follow when you go outdoors so you reduce the chances of coming in contact with the virus. However, do you realize that you need to practice caution even while you are at home? After all, your home may not be as safe as you'd like to believe it to be. The same goes for you as a project owner - you need to assure that your delivered units are capable of maintaining a clean indoor environment while keeping viruses and infections at bay.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality During the Covid-19 Times

Observing the indoor air quality is very important, especially now when families are spending all the time at home. Even for people who are going to their workplaces, indoor air quality is on everyone's mind. So, how do you control the indoor air quality and make it secured enough to thwart off the Covid-19?

Well, this can be achieved by installing smart MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.) and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems) designs or making the most of the installed systems. This is where Flatworld Solutions can help.

Flatworld Solutions Provides Professional HVAC Services

With an experienced team of professionals comprising of draftsmen, quality analysts, managers, and skilled engineers, you know you can bank upon us to put your MEP Design and Drafting and HVAC services in order. To get you started, here are a few of our services in this portfolio -

  • Layout plan designs
  • Construction plan drawings
  • Control diagrams, schedules, and legends
  • Demolition and recreation of drawings and new plans
  • Design and drafting services for HVAC system
  • Calculations for HVAC heat load, duct design, and piping layout

So, coming back to answering whether our solutions are equipped to keep viruses at bay, here's what we want to state. You can certainly make the most of a smart MEP and HVAC design by following the installation guidelines as highlighted by the authorities concerned. By making a few tweaks to your designs you can easily achieve this.

But What Do You Do with Your Current Installations?

Well, by making a few tweaks here too, you can combat the deadly virus. But this will have to be done in steps and the tweaks will have to be made to the existing system. The different steps to attaining complete protection will begin with -

  1. Getting a Professional to Recheck Before Reopening Your Buildings

    Getting a Professional to Recheck Before Reopening Your Buildings

    The first and foremost service that Flatworld Solutions can offer you around this time is to get your buildings rechecked by a professional for any virus infestation after it has remained unoccupied for months. It is easier for molds and infections to spread during the shutdown - therefore, to avoid any harm, it is always recommended that you get your premises checked by a professional. Depending on the assessment, we shall suggest you proper fixes to deal with the situation.

  2. Balancing Air Humidity Levels to Keep Virus Infections At Bay

    Balancing Air Humidity Levels to Keep Virus Infections At Bay

    It has been proven time and again that a humid atmosphere helps to settle viruses as compared to a dry atmosphere where the infection can stay afloat in the air for longer. Therefore, by setting your HVAC system to a condition where the indoors are humid can help in thwarting the infection. However, to avoid the negative effects of a relatively high humid atmosphere and to optimize the HVAC disinfection advantages, you need the services of an expert who can balance this.

  3. Revisiting Ventilation Controls to Adjust And Boost The Safety Measures

    Revisiting Ventilation Controls to Adjust And Boost The Safety Measures

    Before delivering a residential or commercial unit, you may have set the Demand Control Ventilation to adjust as per the occupancy. Though in regular times you'd not need to revisit the settings, till there was a malfunction; to combat deadly viruses like the Covid-19, you will have to revisit the settings and re-adjust them as well. Reducing the indoor air re-circulation is advised during these times and a professional readjustment of the ventilation settings can put this in the order. Our experts can redo the settings and reassess the effects to optimize the same.

  4. Upgrading and/or Reinstalling Air Filters To Boost Security

    Upgrading and/or Reinstalling Air Filters To Boost Security

    Air filters are capable of capturing viral particles. So, for the units that have the 'standard' filters as per the pre-pandemic requirements, you may need to upgrade them as per the new guidelines. It's important to upgrade to a system that is in sync with an installed one - this can only be verified by experts with due precautions in mind. Installing a system that isn't supported by an existing HVAC design can lead to wastage of effort and money. To avoid this, trust the verification process of Flatworld Solutions experts and get your properties rolling.

  5. Optimizing the Advantages Of UV-C Lights To Kill Airborne Germs

    Optimizing the Advantages Of UV-C Lights To Kill Airborne Germs

    If you ask whether UV Light can kill the coronavirus or other such airborne germs, we would say that leading HVAC professionals and health advisers have widely recommended the use of UV-C lights to prevent the spread of airborne infections. UV disinfection systems for HVAC designs are in-built with technology that helps prevent microorganisms from entering the indoor air. The germs are mostly trapped within the filters and destroyed before they can intrude and cause diseases. The technology of HVAC UV lights aligns with the prevention tactics for combating the COVID-19.

    Besides the above, depending on your requirements, we can also help you set up local exhaust systems within your existing ventilation system to enable the exhaustion of harmful contaminants in the air. This is particularly for businesses that have areas like labs installed in their premises.

    We are with you in this fight against the deadly virus and using our expertise we hope to be able to make the surroundings for you safe and secure.

Get Smart MEP & HVAC Designs and Stay Safe

However, not everything can be driven by smart MEP and HVAC designs only. Rather, awareness of this infection is the key to ensure safety, primarily the non-HVAC and non-MEP ones.

  • Endorse the importance of maintaining proper hygiene. This is not just for one person but for everyone in the team.
  • Shared facilities such as washrooms and cafeterias at the workplace can be dens of infection. Everyone needs to be cautious while using these facilities.
  • Refraining from shaking hands or hugging people is as essential in this fight as is maintaining social distance.

So, while you are setting up the HVAC designs to combat the Covid-19, trust only the experts as the indoor air quality and ventilation system can go a long way to keep everyone aboard your facility safe. For a detailed overview of how we can approach this jointly, connect with experts from Flatworld Solutions, and stay safe.

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