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The Client

The client is based in the United States (Hawaii) and designs high-performance theaters for private use. They incorporate video, audio, and acoustical services and products in their activities. The client integrates home theater design with individual preferences and space planning parameters. They provide highly customized services that facilitate functionality and aesthetics for customers - demand has grown along with new home designs as well as changing consumer habits regarding home theaters.

Client Requirements and Challenges

The client wanted an experienced 3D walkthrough and layout designing firm with interior modeling expertise and ISO certification to enhance data security. They also emphasized the ability to scale up the size of the team as needed during the project and to work during their normal business hours. The client provided existing room lighting conditions and photographs.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • Inclusion of impact due to unwanted light sources
  • Original PDFs provided by the client did not provide sufficient lighting information
  • Matching the look and feel of the overall house design

FWS' Solution

After carefully analyzing the requirements of the client and the challenges involved, the Flatworld Solutions 3D modeling and design specialists developed this solution -

  • The team included a senior project manager and a dedicated quality analyst. Additional team members were added as required for scaling up the team to match the daily project needs
  • At an early stage, the team identified the need for higher quality images than the photographs initially provided. Upon request, the client supplied new PDFs to resolve this issue
  • Software used included 3DS Max for modeling support
  • The quality analyst ensured adherence to qualitative and safety requirements throughout the project
  • The final layout and walkthrough results delivered to the client reflected the lighting, rendering, and texturing required by the client

The Result

3D design projects such as this one routinely require meticulous and time-consuming dedication to architectural and aesthetic details. This 3D modeling and rendering project demonstrates the value provided by Flatworld Solutions in combining specialized long-term experience, 24/6 service hours, a fully staffed team of modeling professionals, and multiple ISO certifications.

Outsource 3D Modeling Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing quality 3D modeling and rendering services and a series of other architectural engineering services to its global clientele. We have a team which comprises of highly talented and skilled architectural engineers who are trained to work on the latest 3D modeling tools and technologies and caters to all your needs. Flatworld Solutions always provides high-quality results at cost-effective rates. Contact us today for our no-cost assessment and quote regarding your next project. Get in touch with us today!

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